Howlville: The Dark Past: Chapter 4: The Café

Howlville: The Dark Past Walkthrough is your guide to helping Rachel solve the mystery of her father's disappearance. With easy to understand instructions on how to beat the game and custom screenshots clearly marked with key locations, it's all you'll need to find Rachel's father and save the world in Howlville The Dark Past.

[gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-01-Elevator.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]There’s another LAMP to grab here.[/item] [item]Press the down arrow.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-02-Cafe.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Pick up yet another LAMP.[/item] [item]Pick up the RECORD.[/item] [item]Click on the wall to the let of the jukebox and grab the SPARK PLUG.[/item] [item]Zoom into the floor under the fallen barstool to pick up a second SPARK PLUG.[/item] [item]Go to the left.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-03-Car.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Grab the LAMP.[/item] [item]Gather the second and third RECORDS.[/item] [item]Access the top of the booth seat to find the third SPARK PLUG.[/item] [item]Zoom into the floor and pick up the fourth SPARK PLUG.[/item] [item]Zooming into the pile of junk will trigger an HOS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-04-JunkHOS.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]All the items are green, so collect them to receive the SMALL GOLD KEY.[/item] [item]Go back to the right.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-05-Jukebox.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the register and open it with the SMALL GOLD KEY. Pick up the COIN.[/item] [item]Place the three RECORDS in the top of the jukebox and the COIN in the slot.[/item] [item]Zoom into the buttons, and then solve the puzzle by repeating the pattern (think Simon Says).[/item] [item]Grab the SCREWDRIVER. [/item] [item]Zoom into the vent, open it using the SCREWDRIVER, and pick up the STARTER HANDLE.[/item] [item]Clicking on the urn will activate an HOS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-06-UrnHOS.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Touch the urn with the brush to reveal the CAMERA.[/item] [item]Use the knife to open the sugar bowl to find the AWL.[/item] [item]Open the hand using the safety pin to get the FISH.[/item] [item]Shake the can to get the Q out.[/item] [item]Gather the remaining items to receive the AWL.[/item] [item]Go back to the room with the car (left). [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-07-CarMove.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Use the AWL to flatten the tire.[/item] [item]Click on the engine, then grab the MAP and place the four SPARK PLUGS.[/item] [item]Place the STARTER HANDLE and spin it to move the car.[/item] [item]Click on the ceiling fan to knock the METALIC HANDLE off.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-08-Trapdoor.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Grab the METALIC HANDLE and put in on the trap door. [/item] [item]Open the trap door and follow the path.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-09-Outside.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Pick up the LAMP.[/item] [item]Click on the bench and grab the MOUNTAINEERING BUCKLE.[/item] [item]Go left to the rope bridge.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-10-Stone.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Pick up the STONE.[/item] [item]Zooming into the crates will activate an HOS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-11-CrateHOS.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Shake the pipe to find the CAN.[/item] [item]Move the tool belt to reveal the COMPASS.[/item] [item]Use the net to catch the BUTTERFLY.[/item] [item]Knock the items off the DISH.[/item] [item]Move the cloth to get the BULB.[/item] [item]Gather the remaining items to receive the VERY LONG ROPE.[/item] [item]Go back one scene.[/item] [item]Smash the car window using the SOTNE; pull the trunk release. [/item] [item]Accessing the trunk will trigger an HOS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-12-TrunkHOS.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Use the crowbar to open the paint can; grab the paintbrush, dip it in the paint, and paint the bucket to get the RED BUCKET.[/item] [item]Place the two pieces in the ROULETTE WHEEL.[/item] [item]Move the gas can to find the LUNCH BUCKET.[/item] [item]Gather the remaining items to receive the SPADE.[/item] [item]Go back to the rope bridge.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-13-Spade.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom in to the CLIMBING HOOK and free it using the SPADE.[/item] [item]Clicking on the junk pile will trigger an HOS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-14-Junkpile.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]All of these items are green, so just gather them to receive the EXPLOSIVE CHARGE. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-15-Launch.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the spear launcher and load the VERY LONG ROPE, THE EXPLOSIVE CHARGE, AND THE CLIMBING HOOK. [/item] [item]Use the MOUNTAINEERING BUCKLE on the rope to get across the canyon.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-16-Town.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Pick up the LAMP.[/item] [item]Clicking on the bench will trigger an HOS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-17-BenchHOS.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Place the eyeglass on the SPYGLASS.[/item] [item]Put the brick on the scooter peddle to get the KNIFE.[/item] [item]Use the billows on the horn to find the SEASHELL.[/item] [item]Put the strings on the guitar to complete the MUSICAL SCORE.[/item] [item]Put the bells on the ALARM CLOCK.[/item] [item]Put the handle on the lunchbox in order to get the FLASHLIGHT. [/item] [item]Gather the remaining items to receive the INSULATION TAPE.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-18-Iron.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the church door to gather the IRON PIECE.[/item] [item]Click on the post base and use the IRON PIECE to get the SMALL KEY.[/item] [item]Access the fuse box; use the SMALL KEY to open it; next repair the wires using the insulating tape. Turn the switch. [/item] [item]Enter the streetcar. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-19-InsideStreetcar.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Grab the BUTTON WITH PROTRUDING WIRES and another LAMP.[/item] [item]Clicking on the junk will trigger an HOS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-20-UmbrellaHOS.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the basket; grab the BUTTERFLY, and then place the vegetables in the box to get the VEGETABLE BOX.[/item] [item]Place the three pins with the SET OF BOWLING PINS.[/item] [item]Place the heart to complete I LOVE NY.[/item] [item]Put the handgrip on the JUMP ROPE.[/item] [item]Move the hat to find the SLINGSHOT.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-21-Darts.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Put the darts with the dartboard and zoom in; arrange the arrows according to the screenshot to get 360 points. [/item] [item]Gather the remaining items in order to receive the SCISSORS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-22-Release.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the door release, and then use the SCISSORS to cut the rope. Pull the lever.[/item] [item]Clicking on the door will activate an HOS.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-23-DoorHOS.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Use the awl to open the lock.[/item] [item]Open the face shield to find the eye; place the eye in the skull. Put the second eye in the skull to get the GUN.[/item] [item]Cut the net with the knife to find the PROPELLER.[/item] [item]Use the tweezers to remove the glasses from the container. Pick up the glasses.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-24-HorseDomino.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the horse and arrange the items according to the screenshot to get the DOMINO and the HORSE.[/item] [item]Gather the remaining items to receive the BLOW TOURCH.[/item] [item]Leave the streetcar.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-25-Rocks.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the rocks, and then on the puzzle box. [/item] [item]Place the BUTTON WITH PROTRUDING WIRES. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-26-Puzzle.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Arrange the connections as shown in the screenshot. Push the button.[/item] [item]Grab the HEX DRIVER.[/item] [item]Go back into the streetcar.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Howlville-The-Dark-Past/images/Chapter-4-27-Hex.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Use the HEX DRIVER to open the cabinet, and then pick up the HAMMER.[/item] [item]Exit the streetcar and then click on the church door.[/item] [item]Use the BLOW TORCH to heat the chains, and then break them using the HAMMER. [/item] [item]Enter the church.[/item] [/LIST]