House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame: Chapter Five: Down the Earth

Our House of 1000 Doors Serpent Flame Walkthrough is your survival guide as you attempt to discover what ancient evil unleashed a slew of powerful serpents onto the world. Make use of our detailed chapter-by-chapter directions, our custom screenshots, and our puzzle solutions to ensure that these are not the end of days for the world as we know it.

Old Man

  • Speak to the old man; collect the gem.
  • Collect the 34th beyond object.
  • Collect the hook.
  • Collect the grain.
  • Tie the hook to the rope and collect the rope with a hook.
  • Throw the rope with a hook at the fallen tree and pull it to the shore.
  • Move to the Cave Entrance.



  • Collect the 35th beyond object.
  • Arrange the firewood into a pile; collect the firewood.
  • Insert the stones into the arch.
  • Select the lighter to remove the cobwebs; collect the backgammon pieces.
  • Move into the Cave.



  • Insert the gem into the pedestal.
  • Collect the 36th beyond object.
  • Click the machine; collect the cube.
  • Zoom into the archway; click the buttons as follows to guide the ball through the path.
  • B – A – D – A – B – C –D – C – B – C – B – A – D – A –B – C – B – C – B – A – B – A –B –C – D – C – D – C – B –A
  • Move into the Chamber.



  • Collect the 37th beyond object.
  • Lay the firewood near the ice.
  • Clear the debris from the slot; collect the cube.
  • Move into the Hall of Fame.



  • Collect the 38th beyond object.
  • Select the planks to create a bridge.
  • Click the pieces of broken glass; insert the lens.
  • Move to the Incubator.



  • Collect the 39th beyond object.
  • Assemble the scattered parts.
  • Zoom into the device; collect the cube.
  • Move to the Main Hall.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Place the items where they belong.
  • Zoom into the bin and place the needle, the gem, the glasses and the coin.
  • Collect the lighter fluid.



  • Zoom into the cage and place down the grain; collect the ruby eye.
  • Move to the Garden.



  • Zoom into the cane and insert the ruby eye.
  • Click the cane and collect the unlock code.
  • Move to the Incubator.



  • Zoom into the celled screen and enter the unlock code; collect the liquid nitrogen.
  • Move to the Inner Chamber.



  • Zoom into the firewood and pour the lighter fluid onto it.
  • Select the lighter to ignite it; collect the seal key.
  • Insert the seal key into the Archives door.
  • Move into the Archives.



  • Collect the 40th beyond object.
  • Zoom into the top of the stairs; collect the cube.
  • Insert Rafael’s locket into the slot.
  • Zoom into the well and clear the trash; collect the bureau lever.
  • Move to Simon’s room.



  • Zoom into the bureau; insert the bureau lever.
  • Click the 2 bottom drawers and click the lever; collect the glass tube.
  • Move to the Cave.



  • Insert the glass tube into the mechanism.
  • Collect the pole.
  • Move to the Archives.



  • Zoom into the stand and insert and click the pole.
  • Collect the knowledge disk.
  • Move to the Inner Chamber.



  • Zoom into the machine and insert the knowledge disc.
  • Read about the snakes.
  • Move to the Hall of Fame.



  • Throw the liquid nitrogen at the Naga.
  • Collect the glass ball.
  • Move to the Cave.



  • Zoom into the area on the right and insert the glass ball.
  • Assemble the protective dome.
  • Collect the sphere.
  • Click the fountain and clear the trash and collect the tokens.
  • Move to the Archives.



  • Zoom into the wall and insert the tokens.
  • Move the tokens to the color matched slots.
  • Collect the glass plate.
  • Move to the Incubator.



  • Insert the sphere into the mechanism.
  • Insert the glass plate into the mechanism; collect the 5th element layout.
  • Move to Simon’s room.



  • Give Sammy the 5th element; collect the ladder.
  • Move to the Hall of Fame.



  • Select the ladder to collect the glove of the light one.
  • Move to the Cave Entrance.



  • Select the glove of the light one to collect the model of the exo-planet.
  • Move to the Slope.



  • Select the glove of the light one to collect the model of the earth.
  • Move to the Outside Tower.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the clock hands and place them onto the clock; collect the clock.
  • Zoom into the barrel and place sign plate on the red sign backing; collect the sign.
  • Also in the barrel, collect the goose, the fishing reel and the paper airplane.
  • Move to the Slope.



  • Give the old man the boat; collect the puzzle pieces.
  • Move to the Passage.



  • Zoom into the hole in the floor; insert the puzzle pieces.
  • Arrange the puzzle pieces to recreate the images of the snakes; collect the cube.
  • Move to the Outside Tower.



  • Click the statue.
  • Place the exo-planet and the earth into its hands.
  • Collect the cube.
  • Move to the Hall of Fame.



  • Zoom into the wall and insert the cubes.
  • Arrange the cubes by color and collect the machine part.
  • Move to the Incubator.



  • Zoom into the assembled machine and insert the machine part.
  • Collect the Earth element.
  • Move to the Mechanism.



  • Speak to Gabriel.
  • Collect the 5th element layout and the sun.
  • Place the Earth element into the mechanism.
  • Move to the First Room.