House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside: Chapter Four: Parisian Twist

Turn to our helpful House of 1000 Doors Evil Inside Walkthrough whenever you have trouble moving forward in this thrilling hidden object adventure game. Help Emily use her power to stop a deadly darkness that's quickly devouring the world with our detailed game instructions, custom marked screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions!


  • Click the cover on the statue.
  • Collect the tool kit.
  • Collect the casino tokens.
  • Collect the tool kit key and insert it into the tool kit.
  • Collect the putty knife and use it to scrape the painting.
  • Enter the painting.



  • Collect the axe.
  • Collect the key of diamonds.
  • Move up the stairs to the Boulevard.


Broken Car

  • Select the chronograph to repair the broken car.
  • Collect the key of clubs.
  • Collect the hook and the tube of red paint.
  • Move to the Cable Car.



  • Select the cat and place him on the lower shelf.
  • Select the yellow chalk to color the cable car sketch.
  • Select the green chalk to color the ticket booth sketch.
  • Select the blue chalk to color the railway and the sky sketch.



  • Collect the magic wand sticker.
  • Collect the tube of purple paint, the rabbit sticker and the key of hearts.
  • Select the axe to cut the roots of the flower.
  • Collect the tube of green paint.
  • Select the tubes of paint and place them onto the chest to trigger a mini game.


Painting Game

  • Solve the game by completing the paintings in the number of attempts shown.
  • Collect the steering wheel and 1 /2 masks.
  • Move to the Boulevard.



  • Give the mime the steering wheel.
  • Collect the film reel and place it onto the projector; click the handle.
  • Move to the Museum of Magic.



  • Collect the case with the card suits.
  • Click the 3 playing cards.
  • Collect the bowtie sticker.
  • Place the magic wand, rabbit and bowtie stickers onto the poster; collect the dragon eye.
  • Collect the old book and click it once; insert the dragon eye.
  • Click through the pages; collect the casino invitation.
  • Collect the castle tower.
  • Move to the Boulevard.



  • Place the casino invitation onto the pitchfork.
  • Move into the Casino from Hell.



  • Heal the slot machine.
  • Collect the key of spades.
  • Collect the castle tower.
  • Collect 2 /2 masks.
  • Move to the Museum of Magic.


Keys Suits

  • Insert the keys of clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts into the case with card suits; click the keys.
  • Collect the playing cards and place them onto the table.
  • Click the correct combo in the cat’s mouth.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the items.
  • Collect the magic veil.



  • Place the magic veil onto the tank; click the tank.
  • Collect the handcuffs.
  • Move to the Casino from Hell.



  • Click the safe wheel and secure it using the handcuffs.
  • Collect the slot machine lever and attach it onto the slot machine.
  • Click the handle 3x’s; collect the violin bow.
  • Move to the River Seine.



  • Place the masks onto the gate.
  • Collect the rope.
  • Place the violin bow onto the violin.
  • Click the chest; click the sheet and collect the tube of magic glue.
  • Click the hook and attach the rope.
  • Toss the grappling hook towards the boat.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the items.
  • Collect the empty drinking vessel.



  • Dip the empty drinking vessel into the water.
  • Move to the Cable Car.



  • Pour the cup of water onto the withered flowers.
  • Collect the licorice blossom.
  • Move to the Museum of Magic.



  • Place the licorice blossom into the cauldron.
  • Collect the roulette turret.
  • Move to the Casino from Hell.



  • Attach the roulette turret and place down the casino tokens.
  • Click the wheel.
  • Collect the fountain figurine.
  • Move to the Boulevard.



  • Place the fountain figurine.
  • Collect the star-shaped key.
  • Move to the River Seine.



  • Insert the star shaped key.
  • Collect the castle tower.
  • Move to the Louvre.



  • Attach the tower pieces.
  • Click the coach 2x’s; collect the comb shaped key.
  • Place the magic glue onto the box with the disassembled figurine.
  • Assemble the Anubis figurine and place it onto the sarcophagus.
  • Collect the bundle and click it 2’x.
  • Click the tag “Stairway to Heaven.”
  • Click the ladder 4x’s.
  • Move to the Main Hall.



  • Place the ladder against the book shelf.
  • Zoom into the door.
  • Heal the door and click the lock.
  • Move to the Terrace.



  • Zoom into the table; collect the 1/2 glass tiles.
  • Insert the comb shaped key.
  • Move into the Loft.



  • Click the stove; collect the fishing rod.
  • Heal the chest of drawers.
  • Move to the Terrace.



  • Give the fisherman the fishing rod.
  • Collect the palette shaped key and insert it into the painter’s case.
  • Collect the glass tile, the black paint and the paintbrush.
  • Click the black paint 2x’s and dip the paintbrush into it.
  • Move to the Loft.



  • Select the brush with paint and use it on Amanda’s portrait.
  • Collect the doll and the lantern; place the lantern near the bats.
  • Click the chest of drawers; collect the sheet music.
  • Insert the glass tiles.
  • Move to the Terrace.



  • Place the doll onto the swing to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by assembling the shape correctly.
  • Zoom into the swing; place the sheet music onto the harp.
  • Click the notes in the correct pattern.
  • Collect the whistle.
  • Zoom into the kite.
  • Click the mask on the table to match the kite.
  • Collect the firewood and the snake head.
  • Move to the Loft.



  • Insert the firewood into the stove and use the lighter to ignite it.
  • Select the snake head to use on the faucet.
  • Click the buttons on the chest of drawer in the correct order.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the items.
  • Collect the canvas part.
  • Move to the Louvre.



  • Insert the canvas into the frame.
  • Click the items inside the canvas.
  • Click the red case.
  • Collect the true vision device.
  • Move to the Casino from Hell.



  • Point the true vision device behind the table.
  • Locate the red imp and give him the drinking vessel.
  • Play the cup game.
  • The solution is randomized.
  • Collect the gold coin.
  • Move to the Cable Car.



  • Blow the whistle.
  • Give the mime the gold coin.
  • Collect the cable car ticket and insert it into the cable car door.
  • Click the cable car door.
  • Move to the Hall of Art.



  • Zoom into each mime.
  • Select the true vision device to use on each mime.
  • Click the matching symbols to remove the barrier.


Heal Mime

  • Heal the mimes.
  • Collect the gears and place them onto the lift.



  • Click the lever.
  • Select the chronograph to use on the hole in the floor.
  • Heal Amanda.
  • Collect the paintbrush of emptiness.
  • Move to the Main Hall.



  • Zoom into the bookshelf.
  • Select the true vision device to locate the keyhole.
  • Move to the Dark Tower.


Paint Brush

  • Select the paintbrush to use on the Dark Tower.
  • Collect the portal key.
  • Move to the Portal Room.



  • Insert the portal key into the center portal.
  • Heal the portal door.
  • Enter the portal.