Hidden Expedition: The Crown of Solomon: Chapter Three: Into the Deep

Our Hidden Expedition: The Crown of Solomon Walkthrough will play the part of your faithful companion as you travel the world in search of the scattered pieces of King Solomon's Crown. Trust in our expert guidance, our simple puzzle solutions, and our custom marked screenshots as you race against time to find the crown's fragments before a nefarious criminal gets his hands on it.


  • Speak to Sam.
  • Click the suitcase; collect the helmet.
  • Collect 7 /20 fact cards, the sickle and the empty oxygen tank.
  • Attach the oxygen valve and the empty oxygen tank; collect the full oxygen tank.
  • Move to the Airlock.



  • Attach the helmet and the full oxygen tank onto the suit; click it once.
  • Toss the flare.



  • Collect the trident.
  • Insert the doubloon; collect 1 /3 golden weights.
  • Clear the leaves; collect 1 /3 relief pieces.
  • Insert the bronze amulet piece into the locket; collect the bronze octopus locket.
  • Collect the shark tooth.
  • Insert the bronze octopus locket to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by connecting all the points while only crossing each line only once.
  • Move ahead.



  • Select the sickle to slice the brush; collect the old bag.
  • Click the old bag; collect the swan and empty the old bag.
  • Move down once.



  • Collect the glowing jellyfish using the empty old bag.
  • Clear the items; collect 2 /3 golden weights.
  • Move to the Underwater Library.



  • Release the glowing jellyfish; click the 3 jellyfish.
  • Collect 2 /2 swans and the crown symbol.
  • Move down once.



  • Insert the 2 swans; collect 2 /3 relief pieces and the continent plate.
  • Move to the Underwater Library.



  • Insert the continent plate to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by arranging the continents correctly.
  • Collect 3 /3 relief pieces.
  • Insert the 3 relief pieces and click the lever.
  • Move to the Vault to trigger a hidden objects area.





  • Find the items.
  • Select the statue head and attach it onto the body; collect the griffin.
  • Select the lens and attach it onto the tripod; collect the telescope.
  • Click the statue head; collect the shovel.
  • Collect the dagger.



  • Collect the clay tablet and the bag of ancient coins.
  • Move down once.



  • Place the dagger and the tent cord onto the statue.
  • Click the cord; collect the incomplete scepter.
  • Place the clay tablet into the slot; collect 3 /3 golden weights and 8 /20 fact cards.
  • Move to the Vault.



  • Place down the 3 golden weights; collect the diamond.
  • Place the diamond onto the incomplete scepter.
  • Insert the scepter; click the mirror.
  • Insert the crown symbol; collect the crown fragment.
  • Move to the Submarine Bridge.