Haunted Hotel: Eternity: General Information & Tips

Look to our Haunted Hotel Eternity Walkthrough to help you complete this mysterious and adventurous hidden objects game. Wealthy philanthropist Kevin Reynolds has gone missing due to his involvement with a confidential medical research project that has gone terribly awry! With so many enemies and so little answers, you will be happy to know we have included informative screen shots, mini game and hidden object area solutions and step–by–step instructions to help you solve this case! We hope you enjoy your journey as you race the clock to save the day!

Our Haunted Hotel Eternity Walkthrough is a handy resource to help you solve the mystery of what has happened to wealthy philanthropist Kevin Reynolds. Due to his involvement with a confidential medical research project, he has created a long list of enemies and has suddenly gone missing.

Refer to our customized screen shots, step- by- step instructions and our hidden object and mini game solutions to help you along the way to save Mr. Reynolds from his demise and uncover the truth in this heart-pounding hidden objects adventure!

We hope you enjoy our Haunted Hotel Eternity Walkthrough!

Haunted Hotel Walkthrough