Grim Tales: The Stone Queen: Chapter Four: The Palace

Our Grim Tales The Stone Queen Walkthrough will provide key insight into why this once kind benefactor has turned her back on the people of Stoneville. Armed with solutions to countless puzzles, custom screenshots clearly marked to show you exactly what to do, and detailed instructions that will guide you from start to finish, you'll have no problem uncovering the truth that's brought this tiny mining town to its knees.


  • Click on the cage in front of the gate to zoom in.
  • Take the VALVE; zoom out.
  • Click on the water to zoom in on the right.
  • Take the 1/3 DIAMOND.
  • Go back one screen.


  • Click on the sewage drain to zoom in.
  • Use the VALVE on the drain.
  • Take the AMULET.
  • Go forward one screen.


  • Click on the cage to zoom in.
  • Use the AMULET on the cage.
  • Take the HEART KEY.
  • Go back to the Square.

Heart Key

  • Click on the stall to zoom in.
  • Use the HEART KEY on the lock.
  • Go back to the castle.


  • Click on the cage again to zoom in.
  • Use the STONE QUEEN EMBLEM on the face.
  • You will then get the help of the GOBLIN.


  • Click on the crack on the left to zoom in.
  • Use the GOBLIN on the crack so he can widen it.
  • Take the BUTTON.


  • Click on the gate of the castle to zoom in.
  • Use the two BAS-RELIEF gems on the empty slots above the puzzle.
  • Take the two BUTTONS that pop out on the right.
  • Go back to the square.


  • Click on the safe to zoom in.
  • Use the 3 BUTTONS on the keypad.
  • Click 1, 3, 5 to open the safe.
  • Take the NET.
  • Go back to the castle.

Bas Relief

  • Click on the water to zoom in.
  • Use the NET to retrieve the final BAS-RELIEF.
  • Click on the gate to zoom in again.

Final Gem

  • Use the final BAS-RELIEF on the empty slot.
  • This will start a mini-game.

Gate Puzzle 1

Gate Puzzle 2

Gate Puzzle 3

Gate PUzzle 4

  • The goal of the game is to move the pearls to the targets on the left.
  • Placing pearls on the gems will open the gates of that color.
  • See the screenshots above for the solution.