Green City 2: Levels 51 - 54

Our Green City 2 Walkthrough is the cure for your frustration as you attempt to help beautify your cities through 54 grueling levels of exhilarating time management fun. Here you'll find video solutions to each and every level so you'll always have a quick answer for when you run across a particularly troublesome level.

Note: This page may take a few moments to load since we've included videos for every level.

Level 51
Goal: Own 1 Bank, Total Money 1,000,000, Population 455, Eco Rating 100


Level 52

Goal: Own 1 Bank, Population 650, Total Money 500,000, Eco Rating 90


Level 53

Goal: Own 2 Mansions, Population 500, Income 100,000, Eco Rating 250


Level 54

Goal: Build AquaPark 3 Times, Total Money 1,000,000, Population 535, Eco Rating 70