Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart: Chapter 3: The Farm and the Lighthouse

Our Fierce Tales: The Dog Heart Walkthrough is your trusty companion as you investigate the recent attacks by packs of marauding dogs on the town of Houndspoint. Explore this snowy mountain town and rescue your own beloved dog by relying on the clear instructions and custom screenshots of this Fierce Tales Walkthrough brought to you by CGG.

[LIST] [item]Click down until you return to the crossroad on the other side of the bridge. [/item] [item]If you’ve done everything required up until this point, the bridge will collapse. [/item] [item]If the bridge still stands, retrace your steps to find what you’ve missed.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/57-chapter-3-farm-fence.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the fence. [/item] [item]Open the gate with the FARM KEY. [/item] [item]Enter Sherman’s farm.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/58-chapter-3-grave.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the grave. [/item] [item]Take LOCK PART 1. [/item] [item]Zoom into the barrel on the porch. [/item] [item]Take the SHORT HORSE. [/item] [item]Play the HOA behind the cart.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/59-chapter-3-cart-hoa.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Assemble two pieces for the slingshot. [/item] [item]Open the small box to get the doll. [/item] [item]Receive the CANDY JAR. [/item] [item]Proceed down the path to the cliff.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/60-chapter-3-cliff.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the dead tree. [/item] [item]LASSO the FISHING REEL. [/item] [item]Zoom into the door mechanism of the shuttle. [/item] [item]Zoom in and replace the broken hose with the SHORT HOSE.[/item] [item]Bend the metal bar into shape with the STONE. [/item] [item]Play the HOA at the end of the pier.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/61-chapter-3-pier-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Assemble two parts of the windmill. [/item] [item]Feed the bird some bread to get the NUT. [/item] [item]Enter the shuttle.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/62-chapter-3-shuttle.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the wall beside the door. [/item] [item]Take the first of five MAP PIECEs. [/item] [item]Click on the wall symbols to insert them into your journal. [/item] [item]Take LOCK PART 2 from the chair at right. [/item] [item]Click down twice to go to the farm. [/item] [item]Zoom in on the door. [/item] [item]Place LOCK PARTS 1 and 2 on the door to initiate a mini game.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/63-chapter-3-door-game.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click the first handle until the bottom left circle shows flowers; the second until it shows a horse; the third until it shows a man. [/item] [item]Enter the farm.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/64-chapter-3-farm.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the tray of letters on the chair. [/item] [item]Sort through them until you find the first of two MOSAIC PIECEs and a SMALL VALVE. [/item] [item]Zoom into the wall frame. [/item] [item]Break the glass with the STONE. [/item] [item]Take the FISHING LURE. [/item] [item]Proceed upstairs.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/65-chapter-3-farm-bed.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the chair. [/item] [item]Take the NEEDLE AND THREAD and the second of five MAP PIECEs. [/item] [item]Play the HOA on the bed.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/66-chapter-3-bed-hoa.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Pour tea in the cup and put a slice of lemon in it. [/item] [item]Cut the belt with the scissors to get the POLE. [/item] [item]Receive the POLE. [/item] [item]Go outside and head forward to the cliff.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/67-chapter-3-cliff-fishing.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the water. [/item] [item]Lower the POLE with the FISHING REEL and FISHING LURE on it to catch a FRESH FISH. [/item] [item]Enter the shuttle, draw aside the curtain and enter the cockpit. [/item] [item]Place the SMALL VALVE on the control panel to initiate a mini game.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/68-chapter-3-cockpit.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]The object of the game is to turn the valves to move all levers left. [/item] [item]Each valve controls one or more levers. [/item] [item]When all levers are left, the puzzle resets and you repeat the process getting the levers to the middle position. [/item] [item]A final reset has you moving the levers to the right. [/item] [item]The sequence for all three sets is 5,6,1,5,6,4,5,6,2,5. [/item] [item]Upon successful completion, you will be taken to the lighthouse.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/69-chapter-3-birdhouse.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the birdhouse. [/item] [item]Give the squirrel the NUT. [/item] [item]Take the MEDAL. [/item] [item]Catch termites in the CANDY JAR to get A JAR OF TERMITES. [/item] [item]Click down three times to the crossroads. [/item] [item]Proceed to the bridge.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/70-chapter-3-bridge-statue.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the statue. [/item] [item]Pin the MEDAL on the jacket. [/item] [item]Take the CANE. [/item] [item]Return to the farm.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/71-chapter-3-cart.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Get the wheel unstuck with the CANE. [/item] [item]Take the TARPAULIN and the GLOVE underneath the tarp. [/item] [item]Sail the shuttle back to the lighthouse.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/72-chapter-3-shrub.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the shrub. [/item] [item]Use the GLOVE to get the DOOR HANDLE. [/item] [item]Open the lighthouse door with the DOOR HANDLE. [/item] [item]Enter the lighthouse.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/73-chapter-3-lighthouse.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the gas canister at left. [/item] [item]Take the NAIL PULLER. [/item] [item]Zoom into the painting. [/item] [item]Take the SMALL KEY. [/item] [item]Now, use the JAR OF TERMITES on the painting. [/item] [item]Take the TONGS and the second MOSAIC PIECE. [/item] [item]Click down three times to return to the farm.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/74-chapter-3-farm-fence.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the fence. [/item] [item]Remove the BOARD with the NAIL PULLER. [/item] [item]Play the HOA by the cart. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/75-chapter-3-cart-hoa.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Replace the antlers on the stag. [/item] [item]Receive the GEAR. [/item] [item]Enter the farm.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/76-chapter-3-fire.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the fire. [/item] [item]Pluck out a BURNING COAL with the TONGS. [/item] [item]Move aside the bear rug to reveal a mosaic. [/item] [item]Zoom into and place the two MOSAIC PIECES on the mosaic to initiate a mini game.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/77-chapter-3-mosaic.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]The object of the game is to restore the mosaic. [/item] [item]Click to select a piece and move it over the board. [/item] [item]When it’s above the board you can click to rotate it. [/item] [item]If a piece is the correct position and correct orientation, it will click into place automatically. [/item] [item]Note the screenshot which indicates the position for each piece. [/item] [item]Note that the red arrows indicate where the missing pieces from the inventory will be placed automatically. [/item] [item]When finished a compartment will open, take the PART OF KEY and BIG LEVER. [/item] [item]Go upstairs.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/78-chapter-3-farm-up.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the book on the desk. [/item] [item]Place the PART OF KEY with the other half. [/item] [item]Take the ZEPPELIN KEY. [/item] [item]Return to the lighthouse interior.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/79-chapter-3-lighthouse.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the mechanism on the right. [/item] [item]Take the third of five MAP PIECEs. [/item] [item]Place the BIG LEVER on the mechanism and pull. [/item] [item]Climb the stairs.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/80-chapter-3-lighthouse-up.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Place the BOARD across the gap. [/item] [item]Proceed to the landing zone.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/81-chapter-3-landing.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Feed the cat the FRESH FISH. [/item] [item]Zoom into the tool box on the left. [/item] [item]Take the GIRL FIGURINE. [/item] [item]Zoom into the big hole in the balloon. [/item] [item]Cover it with the TARPAULIN and sew it with the NEEDLE AND THREAD. [/item] [item]Take the EMPTY SACK next to the ladder. [/item] [item]Enter the zeppelin.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/82-chapter-3-zeppelin.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Take the EMPTY OILER and the EMPTY GAS TANK. [/item] [item]Unlock the heart-shaped lock with the ZEPPELIN KEY. [/item] [item]Return to the cliff. [/item] [item]Play the HOA on the pier behind the shuttle.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/83-chapter-3-pier-hoa.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Put the weight on the hook to get the diving helmet. [/item] [item]Cut the net with the glass shard to get the fish skeleton. [/item] [item]Receive the TAP. [/item] [item]Return to the farm.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/84-chapter-3-farm-porch.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the barrel on the porch. [/item] [item]TAP the barrel. [/item] [item]Place the EMPTY OILER under it. [/item] [item]Turn the handle to fill the oiler. [/item] [item]Take the FULL OILER. [/item] [item]Enter the farm and go upstairs.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/85-chapter-3-windowsill.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the box on the windowsill. [/item] [item]Place the GIRL FIGURINE on the box. [/item] [item]Open it with the SMALL KEY. [/item] [item]Take the LENS inside. [/item] [item]Play the HOA on the bed.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/86-chapter-3-bed-hoa.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]String the mandolin. [/item] [item]Move the cloth under the table to get the skates. [/item] [item]Receive the fourth of five MAP PIECEs. [/item] [item]Return to the lighthouse and go in.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/87-chapter-3-lighthouse.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the gas tank at left. [/item] [item]Place the EMPTY GAS TANK in the holder. [/item] [item]Attach the rubber hose. [/item] [item]Turn the red valve. [/item] [item]Take the FULL GAS TANK. [/item] [item]Zoom into the red device in the middle of the room. [/item] [item]Place the EMPTY SACK under it. [/item] [item]Place the GEAR in the mechanism. [/item] [item]Oil it with the FULL OILER. [/item] [item]Click the lever. [/item] [item]Take the SACK WITH SAND. [/item] [item]Go upstairs.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/88-chapter-3-telescope.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the telescope at left. Replace the broken lens with your LENS. [/item] [item]View a scene through the telescope. [/item] [item]Take the last MAP PIECE. [/item] [item]Proceed to the landing. [/item] [item]Place the SACK WITH SAND by the door. [/item] [item]Enter the zeppelin.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/89-chapter-3-zeppelin-int.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Oil the valve at the top with the FULL OILER. [/item] [item]Place the FULL GAS TANK in the holder. [/item] [item]Turn the red valve at the top. [/item] [item]Turn the valve you just oiled. [/item] [item]Zoom into the dashboard. [/item] [item]Place your MAP PIECES to initiate a mini game.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/90-chapter-3-map.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]The object of the game is to move the balloon to the green area on the right by clicking on the arrows. [/item] [item]If you hit a red zone the balloon will return to its starting point. [/item] [item]When finished, a compartment will open. [/item] [item]The game is easy enough, but to save trial and error, think of the trip as a three stage journey. The first part leads to the spot just below the volcano in five stops. Choose the blue arrow, then the next blue (which will leave you near the centre of the map) followed by a short red arrow towards the volcano, then the long blue arrow, finally finishing off at the spot below the volcano via the short blue arrow. For the next stage, click on the long red arrow arching in toward the center of the map (which should automatically skip over one hole along its journey) then click on the red arrow arching to the left, which finishes at a spot just below the start point. Stage three is easy – click on the long blue arrow curving close by the volcano, and finally click on the red arrow leading to the green spot. [/item] [item]Take the GAS VALVE. [/item] [item]Click down twice and zoom into the lighthouse light.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Fierce-Tales-Dog-Heart/images/91-chapter-3-light.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Open the hatch. [/item] [item]Light the fire with the BURNING COAL. [/item] [item]Place the GAS VALVE on the right and turn it. [/item] [item]Close the hatch. [/item] [item]Enter the zeppelin.[/item] [/LIST]