Fable of Dwarfs: General Information and Hints

Our Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough is live and ready to guide you through more than 50 levels of intense time management gameplay! Consult our step-by-step instructions and video solutions for each and every level as you travel throughout the magical land of the dwarfs in this fast-paced game.

Welcome to our Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough.  We have provided you with step-by-step directions and video walkthroughs for each level so you can get 3 stars on every level in Expert mode.



To play the expert level, you need to check the expert circle (see above)

The game does not pause if you click or alt-tab out of it.  You need to to pause hit but hitting escape.

You cannot queue up tasks.

Costs increase for everything as you progress through the game.



You need to play through the game in regular and expert mode to get all achievements.

There are 3 achievements you might need to replay a level to get:

Earn 10,000 wood in a level

Earn 10,000 food in a level - You just need to earn it, not finish the level with that much

Complete a level with 3 laboratories (Level 36 is good for this)