Donna Brave: And the Deathly Tree: Chapter 1 Villa

Our Donna Brave and the Deathly Tree Walkthrough has tons of simple instructions and vibrant screen grabs to help you solve this challenging hidden objects adventure!


  • Collect the special flower – click
  • Collect the map & examine the note.
  • Speak to Kathi.
  • Move ahead.






  • Collect the twig, wooden wheel & rock.
  • Examine the note – collect the old rag & use it with the rock to collect the sharp glass.
  • Use the glass to collect the long rope & iron handle – place the iron handle.
  • Collect the screwdriver & use it to collect the lantern.
  • Use the lantern to trigger a hidden objects area.






  • Find the items.
  • Collect the shovel.
  • Use the shovel to loosen the wheel.
  • Place the rope onto the wooden wheel – collect the impoverished hook & use it to get to the other side.





  • Select the special flower – collect the car keys & use them
  • Click the racket – open the bag; collect the matches.
  • Collect the playing card, special flower & tweezers.
  • Move down once.






  • Use the match to ignite the twig.
  • Use the torch to collect the axe.
  • Use the tweezers to collect the patterned tile.
  • Examine the note.
  • Move ahead.






  • Pan down – use the axe to collect the metal tunes, special flower
  • Place the patterned tile to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by creating a continuous path from start to end.
  • Collect the garden shears.
  • Move down once.






  • Use the metal tubes on the garden shears – collect the lengthened shears & use it with the shovel to collect the special flower.
  • Move ahead.





  • Use the special flowers – collect the villa key & use it.
  • Move inside.






  • Click the man.
  • Collect the teacup.
  • Move to Kathi’s Room.






  • Speak to Stefan - collect the playing card.
  • Collect the wooden leaf & green crystal.
  • Click the cats – place the green crystal; collect the hair comb & use it.
  • Collect the blue necklace.
  • Move down once & move to the Dining Room.





  • Speak to the man – collect the piano ornament.
  • Speak to the lady – collect the ballerina.
  • Give her the blue necklace – collect the harp part.
  • Collect the corkscrew & windmill blades.
  • Place the wooden leaf – collect the tape & locking mechanism.
  • Collect 6 scraps.
  • Use the tape – collect the photo of Kathi.
  • Collect the water carafe.
  • Place the locking mechanism & photo of Kathi.
  • Click the buttons – collect the old pot.
  • Move down once.




  • Place the windmill blades – collect tincture.
  • Place the piano ornament – collect the playing card.
  • Move to Kathi’s Room.







  • Place the ballerina – collect the blue cuckoo.
  • Attach the harp part – collect the golf club.
  • Move down once.






  • Select the golf club – collect the ceramic egg.
  • Place the blue cuckoo – collect red shoe.
  • Place the ceramic egg – collect the herbal liquid.
  • Move to Kathi’s Room.







  • Place the red shoe solution – click the lever.
  • Collect the playing card.
  • Move to the Dining Hall.







  • Give the playing card to the gambler to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by combining the card values correctly.
  • The solution is random.
  • Collect the glass key & use to collect the mint leave.
  • Examine the recipe and recreate it.
  • Go to Kathi’s Room.






  • Give Kathi the cup of tea.
  • Collect the study key.
  • Move down once.







  • Insert the study key and move ahead.