Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Masque of the Red Death: Chapter One: Voyez le Lumineux

Our Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Masque of the Red Death Walkthrough contains all the cheats, hints, and tips you need to solve this troublesome mystery and discover who the real villain is in this tiny French hamlet. Rely on our easy-to-understand, chapter-by-chapter instructions, comprehensive puzzle solutions, and custom screenshots marked with all key item locations to learn the true nature of the mayor and the man in the red mask who stalks him.


  • Speak to Dupin.



  • Collect the ladder.
  • Click the cat; collect the 1 / 2 wheel.
  • Click the panel; collect the 1 / 2 announcement piece.
  • Place the ladder into the fountain.



  • Click the statue; collect the 2 / 2 announcement pieces.
  • Move to the right.



  • Click the crow.
  • Click the birdhouse twice; collect the newspaper.
  • Move to the right.



  • Speak to the man.
  • Click the crow; collect the 2 / 2 wheel.
  • Move down once and go forward.



  • Speak to the man.
  • Click the painting; collect the fishing line and hook.
  • Click the desk; collect the train carriage and the article.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Click the watch 2 times; collect the watch hands.
  • Collect the honey dipper, place it into the honey jar; collect the honey.
  • Select the corkscrew insert it into the bottle; collect the cork.
  • Select the candle, place it into the holder; collect the candlestick.
  • Collect the milk.
  • Move down 2 times.



  • Click the door.
  • Insert the 2 wheels and the train carriage.
  • Click the fountain.
  • Place the fishing line and hook into the water; collect the screwdriver.
  • Move ahead.



  • Zoom into the broken window.
  • Click the bench and then click the bag; collect the bowl.
  • Click the floor and click the rope 2 times; collect the note and the stone.
  • Click the wall; collect the note.
  • Move down once.



  • Click the bench and place the bowl down.
  • Pour the milk into the bowl; collect the cat.
  • Collect the note and the screw underneath the cat.
  • Move ahead.



  • Click the table and insert the screw into the pruners.
  • Select the screwdriver to tighten the screw; collect the pruners.
  • Move down once and go right.



  • Click the bushes; use the pruners to cut them.
  • Collect the glue.
  • Move down and go forward.



  • Click the wall.
  • Select the glue and use it on the paper and attach the 2 announcement pieces to it.
  • Click the clocks to access a mini-game.
  • Solve the puzzle clicking the buttons in the following sequence:
  • A – A – C – C – B – B –E-  E – D – D –E
  • Collect the justice scale.
  • Move down once and go right.



  • Speak to the man; collect the blank permit.
  • Go forward.



  • Give the man the blank permit.
  • Collect the notarized permit.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the 2 coins and place them into the purse; collect the coin purse.
  • Click the bell; collect the bell clapper.
  • Click the coffee grinder; collect the ground coffee.
  • Select the nut cracker and use it to crack the nuts; collect the cracked nuts.
  • Collect the flour.
  • Move down one time.



  • Collect the dachshund.
  • Move to the right.



  • Give the man the notarized permit.
  • Move ahead.