Dark Dimensions: Somber Song: Chapter Five: Inside Lydia’s Room

Our Dark Dimensions Somber Song Walkthrough is live and waiting to assist you in your next investigation of the paranormal phenomenon known only as a Dark Dimension. You'll be glad you have our custom marked screenshots, detailed instructions, and helpful puzzle solutions as you head deeper into Seven Oaks, North Dakota in search of what's causing the dark smoke that's snatching people from the very streets of the city.


  • Click the chair.
  • Give the monkey the cymbal.
  • Place the doll and the music box part onto the music box; click the box.
  • Collect the throwing star and toss it toward the ceiling.
  • Click the dolls aside; collect the baby photo.
  • Move down once.


Baby Photo

  • Place the baby photo onto the table.
  • Align the photos correctly.
  • Collect the paper doll.
  • Move ahead.


Paper Doll

  • Zoom into the book.
  • Place the paper doll.
  • Click the dolls toward the stairs.
  • Click the door.
  • Click the dolls; click the arrows.
  • Click the water cannon to douse the flames.
  • Click the arrow; collect the fire tile.


Fire Tile

  • Insert the fire tile.
  • Click the piano keys based on the clue.
  • Place the doll onto the symbol.
  • Collect the small key and the Elijah figure.
  • Move to the Fire Station and click the hidden objects area.



  • Select and attach the plier parts.
  • Select the pliers to dislodge the knife.
  • Select the knife to slice the bag; collect the tape.
  • Select the tape to fix the saw.
  • Select the saw and use it to remove the lid; collect the key.
  • Insert the key into the lock; collect the handle.
  • Attach the handle onto the device.
  • Collect the glass cutter.
  • Move up the pole.


Glass Cutter

  • Select the glass cuter to collect the valve handle.
  • Move down 2 times and go to the right.


Bicycle Chain

  • Click the tangled chain 2 times; collect the bicycle chain.
  • Move to the Fire Chief’s Office.


Small Key

  • Place the small key into the lock.
  • Click the folder.
  • Read 2 notes; collect the paper clip.
  • Zoom into the photo.
  • Place the newspaper clipping onto the torn piece; collect the newspaper.
  • Select the paper clip to open the drawer.
  • Click the folder; collect the newspaper.
  • Click the package; zoom into the note.
  • Collect the handle.
  • Move to Lydia’s Garden and click the hidden objects area.



  • Select the propeller and attach it to the tree top.
  • Select the match to place into the lamp and use it on the tree; collect the key.
  • Select the key and place it into the lock.
  • Attach the knife handle onto the knife blade; use it to slice the drum.
  • Collect the tire iron.
  • Move right.


Tire Iron

  • Select the tire iron to collect 1 /2 concert tiles.
  • Attach the handle onto the trap door and click it once.
  • Speak to the man.



  • Click the compartment and collect the gun.
  • Collect the walking stick.


Walking Stick

  • Select the walking stick to move the manhole cover.
  • Attach the valve handle.
  • Move ahead.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Select the rake to clear the soil; collect the handle.
  • Place the handle onto the screw; collect the corkscrew.
  • Select the corkscrew to use on the bottle; click the bottle upside down; collect the button.
  • Place the button onto the box and click it once; collect the spring.
  • Attach the spring onto the garden pruners and use them to open the cage.
  • Select the candle to light the darkness.
  • Collect the bell.


Bell Game

  • Place the bell into the door to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by clicking the bells in the correct sequence.
  • Move to the right.


Fish Food

  • Click the box; collect the fish food.
  • Collect the angel and place it onto the mailbox.
  • Collect the letter and the note and the bent key.
  • Place the bent key into the crack; collect the straightened key.
  • Find the 9 silhouettes.
  • Collect the window piece.
  • Place the straightened key into the lock.
  • Move to the right.


Fire Bucket

  • Collect the fire bucket and the ski pole.
  • Collect the chain.
  • Move down 2 times.


Ski Pole

  • Select the ski pole to knock the bag down.
  • Collect the door piece and the smoker.
  • Move to the right 2 times.



  • Select the smoker to use on the hove.
  • Collect the carrot and 1 / 3 empty sacks.
  • Stack the crates.
  • Place the carrot onto the snowman.
  • Click the jar; collect the tower piece and the empty jar.
  • Move up once and move left 2 times.