Dark Dimensions: City of Fog: Chapter 4: The Farmhouse

Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Walkthrough steers you through the once-vanished, now-reappeared village of Silvertown, Maine. Assembled by the CGG staff with full details and custom screenshots from actual gameplay, the Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Walkthrough will be your fog-busting GPS guide through this haunting hidden object adventure game.

[gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/39-chapter-4-tractor-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Burn the pile of twigs with the matches to get the embers.[/item] [item]Open the can with the can opener to get the sardines. [/item] [item]Brush the mirror to get the words “Behind You!” [/item] [item]Pry the grate with the crowbar to get the car. [/item] [item]Carve the pumpkin with the knife to get the jack-o-lantern. [/item] [item]Receive the third GEM.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/40-chapter-4-pumpkin-patch.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the pumpkin patch and take the second ANGEL. [/item] [item]Click on the gate and place a RAM in the empty spot to initiate a puzzle. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/41-chapter-4-ram-puzzle.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]The object of the puzzle is to move the dogs to the blue spots on the left and the rams to the red spots on the right. [/item] [item]Assuming the spots are numbered, left to right, one to seven, click in this order: 5, 3, 2, 4, 6, 7, 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 3, 4. [/item] [item]When finished, proceed through the gate to the Farmhouse. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/42-chapter-4-farmyard.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the rowboat and take the CROWBAR and the ROSE. [/item] [item]Place the LADDER on the tree trunk. [/item] [item]Zoom into the treehouse. [/item] [item]Take the KEROSENE.[/item] [item]Examine the pulley and note that it’s missing a weight. [/item] [item]Look at the symbol written on the paper. [/item] [item]Leave the treehouse. [/item] [item]Zoom into the cellar door and note that a thin object will be required. [/item] [item]Return to the Cemetery. [/item] [item]Play the Hidden Object Area near the front of the piano statue. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/43-chapter-4-cemetery-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Receive the SCALPEL. [/item] [item]Return to the Cemetery. [/item] [item]Place the ROSE in the space on the gravestone at the right. [/item] [item]Take the fourth GEM. [/item] [item]Return to the Farmyard. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/44-chapter-4-cellar-door.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the cellar door. [/item] [item]Use the SCALPEL on the center latch. [/item] [item]Enter the cellar and play the Hidden Object Area located at the butcher table on the right. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/45-chapter-4-butcher-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Grind the cubed meat to get the ground meat. [/item] [item]Place the fly in the web to get the spider. [/item] [item]Get a pickle from the jar with a fork. [/item] [item]Clip the turkey with the scissors to get the baked apple. [/item] [item]Strain the soup to get the pasta. [/item] [item]Receive a PULL CHAIN.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/46-chapter-4-cellar.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the floorplan to the right of the stairs. [/item] [item]Zoom into the barrel in the corner. [/item] [item]Take the directions for developing photos, which will update the journal. [/item] [item]Take the DEVELOPER. [/item] [item]Zoom into the glowing symbols on the stair riser. [/item] [item]A code is required. [/item] [item]Zoom into the lock on the door at the top of the stairs. [/item] [item]Something is required to remove the lock. [/item] [item]Return to the Photo Studio and play the Hidden Object Area near the trunk at lower left. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/47-chapter-4-photo-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Wrap the box to get the gift. [/item] [item]Place the wand on the top hat to get the rabbit. [/item] [item]Open the serving plate to get the cake. [/item] [item]Lace the corset. [/item] [item]Wrench open the grate to get the rat. [/item] [item]Place the clock weight on the clock to get the cuckoo bird. [/item] [item]Receive a SPINNING REEL. [/item] [item]Go into the darkroom on the left. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/48-chapter-4-darkroom.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Place the PULL CHAIN on the red light. [/item] [item]Zoom into the table on the left. [/item] [item]Move the page and take the third ANGEL. [/item] [item]Zoom into the glass cabinet and take the FIXER. [/item] [item]Zoom into the developing trays. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/49-chapter-4-darkroom-table.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Place the DEVELOPER and FIXER in their proper containers. [/item] [item]Use the pipette to place developer in the developer tray and fixer in the fixer tray. [/item] [item]You may now develop the photos as follows. [/item] [item]Place NEGATIVE #1 in the developer tray (1). [/item] [item]Place the photo in water to the left (2). [/item] [item]Move the photo to the fixer tray (3). [/item] [item]Place the photo in the final water tray (4). [/item] [item]Take the photo to add to your journal. [/item] [item]Return to the Bridge to play the Hidden Object Area by the baby carriage. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/50-chapter-4-bridge-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Receive a PEN. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/51-chapter-4-fishing-rod.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the fishing rod. [/item] [item]Place the SPINNING WHEEL on the rod. [/item] [item]Click to reel in the line. [/item] [item]Take the COUNTERWEIGHT from the end of the line. [/item] [item]Return to the Farmyard. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/52-chapter-4-treehouse.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the treehouse. [/item] [item]Place the COUNTERWEIGHT at the end of the rope. [/item] [item]Take the fourth ANGEL. [/item] [item]Return to the Cellar. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/53-chapter-4-cellar-stair.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the glowing symbols on the stair riser. [/item] [item]Take the code from the journal which is on the photo you developed. [/item] [item]Click the symbols until they match the code. [/item] [item]See Screenshot for proper order. [/item] [item]Take the fifth GEM. Return to the Cemetery. [/item] [item]Zoom into the mausoleum. [/item] [item]Place the SHINING STAR in the center of the stone.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/54-chapter-4-star.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Place the five GEMS on the five points of the star. [/item] [item]The object of this puzzle is to light up the points and the paths using each path just once. [/item] [item]See screenshot for solution. [/item] [item]Beginning at the top point of the star, follow the arrows this way: red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple to white to black to red to orange to yellow.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/55-chapter-4-coffin.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the open coffin. [/item] [item]Click on the stitching. [/item] [item]Pry the exposed boards with the CROWBAR. [/item] [item]Take the NEWSPAPER. [/item] [item]Click on the ladder and note the body has been removed. [/item] [item]Return to the House. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/56-chapter-4-front-door.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the front door. [/item] [item]Place the NEWSPAPER under the door. [/item] [item]Zoom into the keyhole. [/item] [item]Use the PEN to push the key from the keyhole. [/item] [item]Pull out the NEWSPAPER and take the DOOR KEY. [/item] [item]Open the door with the KEY. [/item] [item]Enter the House and play the Hidden Object Area to the left of the staircase. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/57-chapter-4-stairs-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Use the awl on the grain bag to get the grain. [/item] [item]Use the brush on the glass to get blue water. [/item] [item]Place the bow and arrow on the statue to get the cupid. [/item] [item]Place the canvas on the frame to get the painting. [/item] [item]Scoop the lemon out of the teacup with the spoon. [/item] [item]Receive a PUZZLE TILE.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/58-chapter-4-house-interior.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Take the ROPE and the fifth ANGEL from the table on the right. [/item] [item]Zoom into the panel to the right of the elevator door. [/item] [item]Note a missing button. Return to the Train Station exterior. [/item] [item]Play the Hidden Object Area on the left side of the stairs.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Dark-Dimensions-City-Fog/images/59-chapter-4-stairs-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Use the needle and thread on the embroidery hoop to get the rose. [/item] [item]Smash the hourglass with the hammer to get the sand. [/item] [item]Cut the apple with the knife to get the worm. [/item] [item]Place the cheese outside the mousehole to get the mouse. [/item] [item]Place the sail on the boat to get the ship. [/item] [item]Receive an UMBRELLA. [/item] [item]Return to the Photo Studio’s alley. [/item] [/LIST]