Bluebeard's Castle: Son of the Heartless: Chapter One: The Curse

Our Bluebeard's Castle: Son of the Heartless Walkthrough is an all-inclusive guide to helping you find the three tokens that can put an end to the dark heart's evil. Rely on our detailed directions, our custom marked screenshots, and our hints and solutions to all the mini-games and puzzles you'll encounter as you explore Bluebeard's foreboding castle.

  • Take the Swallow. 
  • Take the Letter B. 
  • Use the Letter B on the Statue. 
  • Take the Eye. 
  • Use the Eye on the gate. 
  • Click the sparkles to play the HOG. 

  • Find all the items on the list. 
  • You will receive the Brush and the Glove. 

  • Use the Glove to take the Red Hot Key. 
  • Go forward. 
  • Take the Lightning. 
  • Take the Flower. 
  • Go forward. 
  • Take the Metal Rod. 
  • Click to zoom in on the nest. 
  • Take the Nut. 
  • Try to take the ring. 
  • Click to zoom in on the grate on the left. 
  • Use the Brush on the moss. 
  • Go back one screen.
  • Use the Metal Rod to get the Star. 
  • Use the Nut on the squirrel to get the Sword. 
  • Go forward one screen. 
  • Click to zoom in on the grate on the left. 
  • Use the Sword on the knight. 
  • Take the Candle and the Dry Bread. 
  • Go back one screen. 
  • Use the Dry Bread on the Owl. 
  • Take the Ring. 
  • Go forward one screen. 
  • Click to zoom in on the skeleton hand. 
  • Use the Ring on the skeleton hand. 
  • Take the Handle. 
  • Use the Handle on the cage. 
  • Take the Casket Key. 
  • Go back one screen. 
  • Use the Casket Key on the box on the left. 
  • Take the Rooster. 
  • Click to zoom in on the lantern. 
  • Use Rooster, Star, Flower, Lightning, Swallow, and the Candle on the empty slots. 
  • Play the mini-game. 
  • You need to rotate the symbols by clicking on the middle symbols. 
  • The three red symbols will end up in the middle. 
  • The other symbols are related to the larger middle symbol. 
  • See the screenshot for the solution. 
  • Take the Empty Jar and the photograph. 
  • Go back one screen. 
  • Use the Empty Jar to get the Acid. 
  • Go forward two screens. 
  • Use the Acid on the roots. 
  • Click to open the door. 
  • Enter the Hall.