Azada: Elementa: Chapter Three: Fire World

Rely on our Azada: Elementa Walkthrough to see you through this mystery as you journey through magical lands searching for the lost elements of Azada. Use our custom screenshots, detailed instructions, and puzzle solutions in order to rescue this troubled world and learn the truth behind what's really happening in the land of Azada.


  • Collect the bowl.
  • Zoom into the flowers; select the spoon to remove them.
  • Collect the pin.
  • Zoom into the device.
  • Click the button and then click the spider.
  • Clear the dirt using the duster.
  • Collect the fan.
  • Move ahead.



  • Examine the turtle; collect the key.
  • Zoom into the manhole cover; collect the glove.
  • Place the metal eaters onto the manhole cover.
  • Insert the pin into the lock; collect the crowbar.
  • Examine the metal sheet and use the crowbar to tear it.
  • Collect the drum skin.
  • Move down one time.



  • Examine the icicle; collect the glove.
  • Examine the owl; insert the puzzle part to activate a puzzle.
  • Switch the puzzle tiles as follows: (F – B) (K – G) ( I – J ) ( D – B ) ( C  - E ) ( I – K ) ( H – D )
  • Then turn the tiles by placing them onto the arrows as follows:
    • C: 4x’s
    • H: 5 x’s
    • K: 4 x’s
    • I: 5x’s
    • J: 5 x’s
    • G: 5x’s
    • F: 4x’s
    • D: 4x’s
    • B: 5x’s
    • E: 5x’s
  • Insert the key into the keyhole and collect the turtle eyes.
  • Move ahead.


Turtle Eyes

  • Zoom into the turtle; insert the turtle eyes.
  • Drape the drum skin onto the drum to trigger a puzzle.
  • Click the drums in the correct sequence.
  • The solution is random.
  • Once the puzzle is completed, move ahead.



  • Speak to the fairy.
  • Give the fairy the amulet; collect the healing rib grass.
  • Zoom into the ground; collect the mushroom.
  • Zoom into the tree base; collect the recipe half.
  • Move to the right.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the backpack; collect the crystal.
  • Click the pocket; collect the ring.
  • Select the knife and slice the apple; collect the apple half.
  • Insert the symbol onto the bag; collect the paintbrush.
  • Collect the crystal.


Crystal Flowers

  • Pour the magic bottle onto the crystal flowers.
  • Collect the note and the bull’s head.
  • Move down one time.


Gold Chest

  • Examine the gold chest.
  • Click the chain and insert the bull’s head.
  • Collect the crystal.
  • Move to the right.



  • Examine the crystals; insert the 2 crystals.
  • Select the magic bottle to pour onto the crystals; collect the green ball.
  • Move down one time.



  • Examine the volcano.
  • Click the branches and insert the green ball to trigger the puzzle.
  • To solve the puzzle click the balls as follows:
  • A – E – D – B – A –E –D – C – B –A – E – D – B- C – F –D – B- C –F –D
  • Collect the amulet piece and the spool.
  • Move down one time.



  • Place the magic bottle onto the furnace door; click it open.
  • Connect the half recipe to its other half.
  • Select the fan and use it on the coals.
  • Place the bowl into the furnace.
  • Put the following items in this order into the bowl.
  • Icicle – flowers – mushrooms – healing rib grass
  • Pout the magic bottle contents into the bowl; collect the plant-revival potion.
  • Move ahead and turn right.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Connect the 2 map pieces; collect the map.
  • Click the wrapper; collect the chocolate.
  • Select the brush and scrub the pot; collect the swan.
  • Click the thermos; collect the tea.
  • Collect the scoop.
  • Move down twice.



  • Examine the furnace; use the scoop to collect the scoop with coal.
  • Move ahead.



  • Examine the base of the tree.
  • Place the scoop with coal onto it; collect the shovel.
  • Pour the plant-revival potion onto the roots.
  • Collect the fire flower.
  • Move down once.


Scoop 2

  • Examine the furnace; use the scoop to collect the scoop with coal.
  • Move ahead 2 times.



  • Examine the dragon; click it and give him the fire flower.
  • Examine the railing; collect the clue and the shutters moon.
  • Move ahead.



  • Examine the shutters; collect the bellows.
  • Examine the window; collect the nameplate.
  • Place the magic bottle onto the peacock and then again on the close-up.
  • Collect the peacock.
  • Click the crate.
  • Examine the lantern and click it.
  • Place the scoop with coal into it and collect the lamp.
  • Move down 2 times.



  • Examine the cage; insert the nameplate.
  • Collect the spider.
  • Move ahead 2 times.



  • Examine the spiders; insert the spider to trigger a puzzle.
  • Click the spiders in the following order to solve the puzzle.
  • Collect the spider web.
  • Move down once.



  • Examine the pole; insert the spider into its mouth.
  • Insert the bellows into the hole above; collect the shutters sun.
  • Move ahead.


Shutter Moon

  • Examine the right window.
  • Insert the shutters moon and shutters sun.
  • Enter the window.
  • Move through the lower door when inside.



  • Click the window open.
  • Zoom into the stand; collect the handle.
  • Click the top; collect the cookie.
  • Click the jar 3 times.
  • Move down one time.