Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden: Chapter Four: The Hotel Gate

Our Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Walkthrough will help you traverse the inky depths of the ocean and explore the mysterious underwater city of Eden, where your fiance Robert has been trapped for weeks. With the city crumbling under your feet and supernatural creatures haunting the grounds, can you get to the bottom of this mystery before it's too late? With our detailed screenshots, clear instructions, and puzzle solutions to help you, solving the mystery of the Abyss The Wraiths of Eden will be a quick swim in the shallows.


  • Click on the pile of books to zoom in.
  • Click on the book to open it.
  • Take the MAP PIECE 3/4.
  • Go back to the elevator and then to the Corridor.

Corridor Valve

  • Click on the pump on the right to zoom in.
  • Click on the valve to turn it.
  • Go forward to the tree.


  • Click on the file on the right to zoom in.
  • Open the file.
  • Take the MAP PIECE 4/4.
  • Take the SHOVEL.
  • Click on the sparkles to start a hidden object area.

Tree HOG

  • Find the items on the list.
  • You will receive the WIRE.
  • Go back to the Photographer's Studio.

Map Pieces

  • Click on the desk to zoom in.
  • Use the MAP PIECES 4/4 on the desk.
  • This will start a puzzle.

Map Puzzle

  • The goal of the puzzle is to reassemble the map.
  • Take the SCISSORS.
  • Put the map together.
  • See the screenshot for the solution.
  • Take the Map.
  • Go back to the Tree and then forward to the Greenhouse.


  • The next little bit is a puzzle.
  • You need to choose the correct path in order to get to the next area.
  • Using the map you found, go Left, Right, Right, Left, and then Right.

Dirt Shovel

  • Click on the rock to move it.
  • Click to zoom in on the dirt.
  • Use the SHOVEL on the dirt.
  • Click to zoom in on the box.


  • Use the MEDALLION on the slot.
  • This will start a puzzle.

Medallion Puzzle

  • The goal of the puzzle is to rotate the rings to the right symbols are lined up.
  • The first symbol is fire. The solution is: Candle, Dragon, Sun.
  • The second symbol is water. The solution is: Umbrella, Fish, Drop.
  • The third symbol is air. The solution is: Helicopter, Bird, Cloud.
  • The final symbol is earth. The solution is: Shovel, Mole, Diamond.
  • When you are done, click on the note and take the EXPLOSIVES.
  • Go back to the Fountain.

Teddy Bear

  • Click on the grate to zoom in.
  • Use the SCISSORS on the teddy bear to cut it open.
  • Go back to the gates of the Albion Hotel.

Gate Explosives

  • Use the EXPLOSIVES on the gate.
  • Use the WIRE on the explosives.
  • Go back one screen.


  • Use the DETONATOR PART and the DETONATOR HANDLE on the end of the wire.
  • Click the handle to blow up the gate.
  • Go forward to the gate.


  • Use the Flashlight on the dark hole.
  • Watch the cut scene.