12 Labours of Hercules: Achievements

Trust our 12 Labours of Hercules Walkthrough to help you battle your way through ancient Greek mythology as you attempt to help the legendary Hercules save his wife from the evil god Hades. Rely on our detailed instructions and video solutions of each and every level in order to achieve your coveted gold times as you furiously click your way through this intense time management game.

Complete list of Achievements for 12 Labours of Hercules


  • Beat record - Beat your own gold record 
  • Trickster - Servant collects one resource after mission completed. Send a worker out just before final task is completed
  • Manual Dexterity - Tapped 100 times
  • Strategist - Complete a level in gold time without using any bonuses (level 1.6)
  • Juggler - Use 3 workers at one time
  • Gold Reserve - Complete 2 levels in gold time with at least 10 seconds remaining
  • First Gold - Complete 3 levels in gold time
  • Diligence - 3 servants work together quickly 
  • Perfection -You’ve completed the mini-game perfectly. Not only do you need to get 3 stars, you need to not make any mistakes which drop down your green bar
  • Persistence - Bonus Extended. You need to click on the bonus button again before the first one runs out.  If this does not happen while playing, replay Level 2.8 and go for this one and Double Bonus
  • Athlete - Call upon 4 servants with the Run Faster.  Try Level 2.6  After Hercules clears boulder in the first boulder in the midle middle, clear down to the 2nd minotaur and 2nd boulder, while leaving something for your servants to get.  Make sure you have enough resources to do all of the following at once.  Send Pegasus to a stone, Hercules to a boulder, Medusa to a minotaur, and 2 workers to get something and press the run faster bonus. 
  • Commander - Five characters working together
  • Builder - Collect 100 supplies
  • Homage to Homer - 4 servants in the house
  • Croseus - Collect 100 gold -- Try Level 3.8.  Build all stores to maximum capacity.  Pick up first batch of gold at 10 units.  Do not build the Obelisk to speed up.  Use Hercules to clear 3 boulders but don't clear the last one until you collect the gold.  Wait out that last renewable gold and clear the last boulder.  
  • Timekeeper - Stop the clock three times
  • The Golden Mean - You completed 20 levels in gold time
  • Merchant - Collect 30+ resources using the More Resources bonus
  • Excellence - Complete all mini-games perfectly.  Return to each mini-game until you get the achievement.  You need to keep the green bar filled throughout.  This means nothing hits you and you didn't pick up the wrong resources on Level 3.10
  • Gold chain -- All levels in gold time
  • HIDDEN BONUSDouble Bonus - Use 2 different bonuses together.  Try Level 2.8.  Wait for the bonus bar to fill, click on the Extra Worker bonus and then Run Faster right after.
  • Champion of Champions - All achievements.  Can't get this without the hidden bonus.