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General Tips

- Water - You don't want to get nearly completely through a level then find you are dehydrated. Try to collect 2 or 3 extra waters in the beginning.

- Scrolls - Pirates will randomly drop scrolls which can make it much easier to achieve silver and gold, so make you get them!

- Warehouse - upgrade the warehouse sooner than later. Also, note that unlike with the potion maker, you do not need to do anything else once you purchase warehouse upgrades.

- Crabs - obviously click them before they get your stuff, but on the harder levels, if you don't need what they drop ignore it so you can focus on what you do need.

- Diver - keep sending out the diver to get the crayfish so you don't run out of food.

- Infrastructure before Goals: Do not always work on reaching the goal for an item before you use it. On some levels, it is worth spending some of these items to build your infrastructure so that you can produce more faster over the long run. For example, you may need to spend energy to create more puddles of water so you have more birds to make eggs, or you may need to create energy potions early on with raw materials to upgrade machines before you meet the goal for that particular raw material. If you are having trouble with a level, experiment with different combinations or spending raw materials early.

- Tornados: When you see a torado icon, that means there is a wind storm happening that will allow for random items to be blown in for you to collect.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!