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Overview: This is the 3rd installment of James Patterson's Women's Murder Club PC games. Jacobi finds a mysterious folder with an even more mysterious note. Lindsey Boxer is on the case, is it a prank or is it real?

Notebook: This lists the objectives, including items or evidence you need to collect.

Hints: You get 5 hints at the start of each investigation, use them wisely. If you do not use any of them, you won't get any hints for the next investigation.

Items that Sparkle: Click these objects in order to advance the game.

Hidden Objects/Items: I have circled only the items you need as the extra items vary for each player.


Investigation 1: Who Am I?

Lindsey's Office
1.       find the hidden objects
2.       click the street guide – puzzle
·         the street names are answers to the riddles
·         when you solve the riddle – click the street name
·         solution: Jack Kerouac Alley



Jack Kerouac Alley
1.       fix the light - puzzle
·         move the bench beneath the lam post
·         pile 2 boxes on top
·         take the ladder and put it on top of the boxes
·         turn the light bulb until it's fixed
2.       find the hidden objects
3.       click on the area behind the dumpster
4.       examine the body  - use the UV light
5.       find the 5 clues on the body





Investigation 2: Don't Fear the Ripper

SF Register
1.       find 12 red CD's
2.       click the CD holder – puzzle
·         place each CD in the correct spot
·         the CD's match the pattern on the case
·         you may need to rotate them to line them up correctly
·         to remove a CD click and drag
3.       click on the computer
4.       enter the keywords: Mary and Nichols



Lindsey's Office
1.       read the fax
2.       read the sticky note


1.       find the hidden objects – I circled all 4 envelopes


Lindsey's Office
1.       click on the street guide – puzzle
·         solve the riddles
·         solution: McAllister & Octavia


Motel Room - Lindsey
1.       remove tablecloth  from table beneath window
2.       pick up the table and break the window
3.       examine the room – find the hidden objects



Motel Room – Claire
1.       examine the bodies
2.       use the UV light to find 4 clues


Forensic Lab
1.       click on the computer
2.       put the chemicals in order – puzzle
·         this is just like previous games
·         look at the clues on the bottom of the bottle
·         the clues tell you where each bottle goes
·         click the bottles to swap positions
·         solution:  N F B Q C
3.       click the computer screen to read the lab results


Investigation 3: Dead End

SF Register
1.       click on the computer
2.       enter the keywords: Pitezel and 1893
3.       find 12 gold CD's
4.       click the CD holder – puzzle
5.       click the computer



1.       examine the ledger – click on the highlighted name
2.       find all 12 coupons
3.       examine the coupons on the wall – puzzle
·         highlight 1 letter on each coupon to spell out the message
·         green letter = correct; red letter = incorrect
·         it is the first letter of the first work on each coupon

·         solution: PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP S
4.       ring the desk bell


Home Turf Weapons Store
1.       find the weapons


Police Station
1.       click the computer
2.       type in the 2 names – they are listed on the left
3.       now rearrange the letters in both names to make a word/phrase – puzzle
·         solution:  DEAD END

Investigation 4: Addicted to Murder

1.       follow Browning – puzzle
·         keep an eye on which door Mr. Browning goes through
·         as soon as you see Lindsey, click the door Browning's just disappeared through
·         continue this until you reach the archives
2.       click the kiosk in the back
3.       find all the hidden objects as the 3 rows move in different directions

Murder on the Market Bookstore
1.       drain puzzle
·         turn the knobs to direct the green cleaner through the pipes


Lemond Boyd's Victorian
1.       finding the hidden objects all scattered around the various steps
2.       use the rag to take the paint of the steps to find the correct house

Herbert Smythe's Apartment
1.       find the hidden objects
2.       click the puzzle box on the table – puzzle
·         place the pieces in the correct order
·         the pieces go down, not across
·         they consist of the person, the crime, and the place
·         examine the contents


Investigation 5: Tied with a Bow

Orpheum Theater
1.       find the hidden objects
2.       find 12 pieces of costume and dress the mannequin


SF Register
1.       find the hidden objects
2.       read the letter
3.       solve the coded message – puzzle
·         the clues are "spaced-out" and "sevens"
·         type in every 7th letter
·         solution: 1964useasternseaboard
4.       type in the keywords on the sticky note
5.       read the article


Lindsey's Office
1.       click on the computer
2.       type in the names of all the "Strangler's" victims
3.       solution: Mary Sullivan

Mary Sullivan's Apartment
1.       find the hidden objects
2.       examine the desk
3.       use the letter opener on the lock
4.       take the library card
5.       examine the body
6.       use the UV light to find 4 clues



Forensic Lab
1.       put the chemicals in order
2.       read report


Investigation 6: Down in the Depths

Lindsey's Office
1.       read the sticky note
2.       click on the computer – pick profiling
3.       check all the items that we know about our killer so far

Jack Kerouac Alley Dumpster
1.       find the hidden objects

1.       find the 12 items written down
2.       click the computer and enter the correct password
3.       solution: SANFRANSICO
4.       look at your case files – suspects
5.       enter them all into the library computer
6.       solution: Rick Davies


1.       use the code you found to navigate your way to the archives – puzzle
·         always count clockwise from LEFT
·         i.e. first door left = 1, next door clockwise is 2 and the next door clockwise is 3 and so on
·         solution: bottom; bottom right; top left, top right, bottom left, bottom middle, middle, top left, top left, bottom middle

Investigation 7: What the Agent Knew

Deadlines Coffee
1.       find the hidden objects
2.       play the Cup O Joe game – puzzle
·         put a coin in the machine
·         try and guess the missing letters
·         you have to put a token in for each letter
·         solution: DAILY GREENS


Americo Daley's Office
1.       find the hidden objects

Lemond Boyd's House
1.       find the hidden objects


Actors Café West
1.       find 12 molasses cakes
2.       find 12 moths – these fly around so I did not circle them


Investigation 8: Secrets & Lies

Jill's Office
1.       find the hidden objects
2.       find 10 envelopes


Law Archives
1.       find 1987 and 1972
·         go up 2  from start and right 8  to find 1987
·         go up 3 from start and right 3 to find 1972
·         watch out for the interns!

Police Station – Lobby
1.       find the hidden objects


Lie Detector
1.       ask the suspects questions
2.       if the meter jumps +3 of in zig zags it's a lie
3.       click truth or lie after each question
4.       ask T. C. Browning if he works for the zoo and select lie – it will be his ONLY lie
5.       ask Mr.  DaKree if he drives a porch and select lie – he will lie on questions related to him being arrested or hurting animals

SF Register
1.       pick up the letter from the killer – same place as last time
2.       find the 21 scattered pieces of letter
3.       assemble the letter
4.       decode the message – puzzle
·         choose every 5th letter
·         solution: thenextonedies11pmoct24


Investigation 9: The Mirror Cracked

Dudley's Day Care
1.       click on the stone arrow
2.       click on the tree – hidden object area
3.       use the flashlight to find the hidden objects
4.       find the folded note and read it



SF Register
1.       click the computer
2.       enter the keywords: Doctor and Kratzen

Deadline's Coffee
1.       find the hidden objects
2.       play Cup O Joe Game again
·         solution: ON THE MAP


Dr. Kratzen's Home
1.       clear the rose brambles – they are either pink or white
2.       click rapidly to clear all the fireflies
3.       show Dr. Kratzen the letter from "Sally"

T. C. Browning's Office
1.       remove the broken mirror
2.       click on the safe – enter the code
·         press each key until you have the letter you want
·         then press the arrow key to advance
·         solution: RICHARD
3.       enter Stephanie Thomas into the computer
4.       basement – puzzle
·         make your way to the NE corner and fire alarm
·         avoid the rats, steam, and of course, the killer
·         follow the patch up, to the right, down, to the right, and back up
·         note: there is no screenshot due to the fact the puzzle is in total darkness – just aim for NE!



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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!