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Well, strap on your chaps and grab your boots because this here guide is going to help you play Westward IV... ok no. I promise... that's it. I got it out of my system and I will not say giddy up or sugar or any of that western stuff for the rest of this guide. I will behave myself!

So let's begin shall we?

Westward IV has you pick between two very capable characters: Anne Turner or her brother Henry. I, of course, choose to be the lovely Anne, so this guide is written with that in mind. So once you choose your player, it's time to begin!

Ticket Home

Now if you've never played any of the Westward games, you'll definitely want to spend some time with the tutorial. This will show you how to move and perform some basic tasks in the game. If you've played the games before, Westward IV is very similar to Westward III in terms of basic play.

Anne begins the story by trying to get money for a train ticket back home. She will perform various odds and ends about the town in order to scrape together that $25 for her ticket. This will also teach you how to chop wood, gather food and wood, pick up and drop items, and dig for supplies. Once you have all the money, you are joined by her brother Henry who rides the train back to Ma Turner and the old Turner farm with you.

Home Sweet Home

Once you and Henry arrive home, it seems the old farm has seen better days. Old Ma Turner needs your help so you and Henry get to work immediately by searching for supplies and repairing the farm.

  • Repair the farmhouse
  • Demolish the old house
  • Build a farm
  • Build a well
  • Build a Lumber Camp
  • Rebuild the Brumble Brothers home
  • Employ the Brumble Brothers at the farm
  • Head out west to check on Pa Turner


Bandit Holdup

On Anne's way out west, the train is held up by bandits! But that's ok because Anne comes out shooting! She and the sheriff on duty make quick work of those bandits, and you get a lesson in how to fight for the law too! However, the train tracks are not blocked and Anne must figure out a way to get the train moving again.

Restore the train route

Head north toward the old mining camp. The men there say they can help you, but first you need to help them mine coal! Makes you want to sing! Oh my darling oh my darling... no... I promised... sorry about that. Back to the game. Anyhow, help mine the coal vein for as long as you can. Then search out the camp's missing supplies. You'll find these just a bit to the east. You'll also discover the blueprints to building a coal mine. Now you can purchase this building in the store page. You can find the store page by clicking on the button at the top.

Now you're ready to help build the coal mine. Once the mine is built, put the boys to work again and wait till they collect 60 pieces of coal. Gather any coal lying around to help speed up the process. Once they have the coal, then they give you the dynamite!


They give you as much as you want so don't worry about wasting it. Try it out first by placing the dynamite next to the boulder by that sparkling diamond to the east of the mine. Once you blast it, you'll be free to collect. From there, you can place the dynamite near the boulders blocking the tracks to blow that obstacle to smithereens.


Of course now... the tracks are blown up too, but wouldn't you know Anne's been working on the railroad since she was a little girl. Just have Anne repair them and you'll be on your way!

Up and Running

Anne finally makes it to town only to discover... her father is missing, the town is in ruins, and no one knows what to do... well except Anne of course. Once you get into town, help Sam Hill repair the tracks. Once you finish, he'll tell you a little bit about what's been going on in town. Then it's up to Anne to roll up her sleeves and get to work.

The first thing you need to do is retrieve the supplies from the warehouse. However, before you can do this, the warehouse is destroyed by a dogzilla... ok well it was just a dog... but seriously, how does a dog destroy a warehouse? Gather up what supplies are lying around and keep an eye out for piles of dirt where the dog could have buried your supplies.

Now, rebuild that warehouse and while you're at it, build a house for your workers.


You're going to need a lot of resources to rebuild this town, so build a lumber camp and get your worker cutting down some trees right away. You're also going to want to feed your workers, so if you don't want to have to pick berries all of the time, build a well and a farm and employ workers.

Farmer's Plight

Now that things are up and running, head to the south and find the coal mine. There you'll find a farmer who has broken his cart and ruined all of his radishes. He will let you use the mine if you help him out. He needs 20 pieces of wood and 5 crates of radishes. If you have your farm up and running and your lumber mill going, this should be easy peasy.


Once you gather the supplies he needs, he'll get going and now you have a coal mine ready to start supplying your train yard with fuel... that is... as soon as you build one.

Gold Mine Cave in

A little to the east of the coal mine, is a gold mine. As you head in that direction, the mine caves in with one of the mines trapped inside! Help his brother get him out of there lickety split!


Once you free the miner, he is going to need some food and water. Give him 5 water and 10 food to help revive him. Then the only thing left to do is build them a house, a gold mine, and put them boys to work!

Rebuilding the Train Station

Now that you have a lumber mill, a gold mine, and a coal mine, you're just about ready to rebuild the train station and get it up and running again. Gather the needed supplies. This is also a good time to walk around and explore your little bit of earth and see what extra goodies you can find. You'll need 50 pieces of coal and 100 pieces of wood to start your repairs.


In Need of Supplies

Around this time, a couple of outsiders will show up at your town. Their town is starving and they need food and wood right away. If you get them what they need, they will pay you 200 gold. You need to collect 30 food and 100 wood. This can be a serious drain on your resources so be careful you don't put your own town in jeopardy.


Extra Help

When the train comes rattling into town, on it are your brother Henry and the Brumble brothers. They are looking for work, but not just any job will do. Hoff wants to be a gold miner, and his brother wants to farm anything but radishes.


Now, the gold mine is easy enough to employ the one brother at, but you need to purchase the tomato and corn upgrades in the store page before you can grow anything but radishes on your farm. You may want to also upgrade to a larger farm so you can harvest three rows of crops instead of two.

Railroad Bypass

In order to expand the railroad, Anne has to travel to the next spot on the map. Unfortunately, this area is overrun with bandits who keep blowing up the tracks. They've holed up right where the train tracks should go and no one can get by them. So now Anne has to come in and build the tracks around the bandit camp. But it's not going to be easy.


First things first. Gather up your supplies. Then talk to the lumber jack, feed em 15 pieces of food, and then put him to work. There's a berry bush near the shop, so don't worry about running out of food in the beginning. Just have Anne pick some berries and you'll be fine.

From there, it's time to set up base. Build a well, a farm, and some houses to bring in workers. In the north part of the map is a gold mine. In the east is a coal mine. Get them up and running so you have a steady supply of resources pouring into your town.

You'll probably also want to build another lumber mill as the one you have won't last long. Thinking ahead will help you avoid any issues later on. Now, also in the north, right by the coal mine, is a blockade of boulders. Blast this with some dynamite, and you now have a hired gun to help Anne with the bandit issue.

Hire a worker to lay down the tracks while Anne and the hired gun guard the rail's progress. Or if you just want to get rid of the problem once and for all... barge in there and start shooting. Once those bandits are out of the way, it's easy peasy getting the rest of the track laid.


The hidden object on this board is also yours for the taking now. Just grab some sticks of dynamite and walk through the water toward the railroad bridge. Blow up the boulders blocking the ramp and walk north to claim your prize.


Noise Ordinance

Moving right along... or not. As you move to the next part of the map to lay the next set of tracks you find that there is of all things... a noise ordinance that threatens your whole operation! It appears the mayor of the town needs to fall asleep in the middle of the street... ok. Anyhow, the only way to finish the project is to get super TNT. But that's across the bandit strewn countryside... but it's not too big a job for our Anne.


Grab a worker and head out into danger, although it is possible to get through without a fight. Watch the bandits closely. When they begin to move away from you, move toward the left side of the map. Pick up any supplies you find and keep moving, staying to the left. Once you get to the area where the explosives are, leave your worker to mine that section of gold and head north. There you will find three gunslingers who will come in handy on the way back. Hire them! If you don't have enough money, employ your worker at the trade store and sell some wood for gold. When you have all three, now you are ready to head back to town.


Of course, in all honesty, you don't really need these guys... it's just cool to have them. It's really not hard to sneak past the bandits... this part just gets a bit tedious since you have to do it three times... ultimately... it's your decision whether to do stealth or just blast your way through each time.

The hidden object on this board is back over by the explosives and you may want to take a gunslinger or two with you. Cross the bridge and walk into the stream and then come back up on the other side. Walk north, until you find two bandits. Shoot em and then take the hidden object... couldn't be easier.


Finally, you reached the next town, except of course, they have a problem. They have run out of wood to harvest and they need help. They have to upgrade their lumber mill so they can reach the rest of the few trees they have yet to plunder. Walk around and gather all of the wood you can find. If you see any rats, shoot them. And not just because I don't like rats... if you kill five rats, you'll get a worker and 20 pieces of wood. When you have collected enough wood, you will be able to upgrade your lumber mill. And there was much rejoicing...


Once you have upgraded the lumber mill, it's a lot easier to harvest wood. Once you have enough, it's time to build a bridge to the other side of the town where there are a lot more trees left to kill... maybe these guys should think about tree farming...

Oh well, once you're over there, you'll find two hungry people. Feed them and then put them to work. Build your first lumber mill and employ it and then build a well and farm quickly in order to keep everyone fed. From here on out... it's just a matter of build, harvest and repeat. When you have enough resources to build another bridge, build one on the west side of your new island area. There you'll find two more able bodied workers to employ at your mills. Build your second mill.

There are several gold mines around that will also come in handy. Don't bother with the one on the west side... unless you have dynamite to blow up that tree that's in the way. There was instead one right where you started the map and another just to the south of the main island. This should supply you with enough gold to complete the board.

The third bridge needs to be built right by the little pond with fish in it and the small crate. You'll have to go walk in the water for a bit to come out on this side of the river. Again, once you get across, build another lumber mill and then a house to get people to work the last mill.

There's really nothing much to it... just sit back and relax till you get 800 wood collected. Oh and if you want to find that hidden object... you're so close. It's just north of the tracks on the east side of the map.


Rodent Flu

Uhhh.... Can you say ewwwwwww. The next town Anne wanders into is struck by the plague... there are rats everywhere and it's going to take the Pied Piper to get rid of them all... or maybe just Anne's shotgun...There is a doctor in town thank goodness... so whenever one of your townspeople gets sick... which is every 5 seconds, just drag them to the doctor's office... of course if your doctor gets sick, you need to employ someone else as the doctor. In the meantime,


Anne needs to find the source of the rat problem. And what could that be? Cheese... duh!

Apparently there used to be a cheese factory in this here town and there's still cheese wheels lying around. So Anne needs to find all the cheese wheels in the area and bring them to a canyon in the southeast.

There is a gold mine to the west of town just before you enter. Get that up and running as soon as you can. Next, build a general store, because you're going to want to buy some dynamite to get to the canyon. Upgrade your farm as soon as you can and keep as many people on there as you can. Your warehouses will eventually be destroyed no matter what you do so you won't be able to store a lot of food.

Your first piece of cheese is in the park. Take it and travel southeast till you come to a boulder blocking a canyon. You'll see some logs on the side. Purchase dynamite from the store and blow the boulders up. Drop the cheese in the canyon and the rats will start to gather for the feast. You need to find 10 cheese wheels and continue to drop them in this canyon... all the while making sure your citizens stay healthy.

  • The cheese is on the way to the canyon... just to the north before you enter. It's by a bunch of gold.
  • One is near the lumber camp by a berry bush
  • One is near the right of the town right by a tree near the river
  • Another is up and to the right by the river
  • One cheese is in the river, but you will have to build a bridge to get to it (this means upgrading the lumber camp)
  • You also have to build a bridge to get to the cheese across the river in the north.
  • After you cross the river, you have to blow up more boulders to get to the cheese in the north
  • There is a group of bandits in the southeast that has one
  • One is above the goldmine on the other side of the river


Once you have all the rats in the canyon, all you need to do is trap them there. Buy a stick of dynamite and blast the dead looking tree that is opposite the stack of logs. That will seal them up nice and tight!

After that, you'll head back to your town. Take a little bit of time to make improvements to your town and get mines on any gold and coal mines you can find.

Defend the Coal Mine

The next stretch of rail goes through a town full of coal... and bandits. Anne needs that coal in order to keep the railway running, so it's time for a battle to defend the coal! This board can be a bit stressful, so get yourself ready for some fast work.

First thing is to assign the sheriff and the deputy to the left coal mine. This one will be hit first. Next, have Anne build a house so you can employ more workers. Once the workers start showing up, you'll need to have one assigned to find food until you can get a farm up and running. In the meantime, deputies will start showing up. Keep assigning them to guard each of the coal mines. There are also several gunslingers in the area that you can hire and trust me... they will come in handy in the fight.

Anne is also a great person to keep in the fight since she keeps regenerating. Draw some of the shots on her to preserve your deputies. Build a lumber mill, and harvest any supplies that are around... you'll need all you can get.


Keep fighting. When you start getting three bandits at a time, you know you're at the end. Once the bandits are driven out of town, you can either move to the next board, or establish the town a bit more.

Repair the Tracks

Apparently to take two steps forward... you really have to take one step back. Who knew? The tracks in this area are in need of repair. However, bandits are moving into the area and attempting to attack the train as your try to get everything in order.

You should hopefully have a decent sized army of deputies at your disposal by now so set them up around the locomotive and get to work. They should have no problem guarding the train while Anne sets up base and repairs the tracks.


Have Anne scavenge for supplies while one of your workers mines gold. Build a lumber mill in either the top or bottom right sections of the map. Build a well and a farm and a couple of houses so you can start bringing in workers. Build a gold mine and a coal mine.

Hire the engineer to repair the bridge as soon as you can afford it and have Anne repair what tracks she can while you wait for money and supplies to build up. Next build a general store and employ it. Buy a couple of sticks of dynamite and get rid of the boulders blocking the tracks. Repair the mess after the blast.


Finally, build a blacksmith. You don't even have to employ it, you just need to have one so you can build the missing tracks.

Once all of the repairs are completed, you'll go back to your own town.

Kidnapped Sibling

When you get back to town you find out that the bandits have kidnapped your dear old brother!!! Oh no! They want $500 for his ransom. Anne decides to play along for now. If you don't already have the money, get it. Once you're ready click on Anne. Now the plot thickens. Anne wants to disguise three deputies in normal clothes in order to surprise the bandits. For this plan to work though, you need a clothes shop, which you can buy in the shop page. If you don't have enough experience then you can do the marketplace quests until you do.


Once you're ready with the clothes shop, employ a citizen there and drag three deputies to the shop. They will change clothes and with you party in tow, head over to the southwest corner where they are holding Henry. It should be no trouble at all for the four of you to make quick work of those bandits.


Next town on the list is Brockway and it needs some serious revamping. Anne walks into the middle of a worker strike. All of the factory workers are striking for different reasons. The easiest one to handle is the first two workers you meet when you enter the town. They just want a place to sleep so build them a house.

From here, it gets a little trickier. The factory in the west is overrun by wild animals. There are several wolves and a big bear! This is the next factory to tackle though because it's right near the only real available lumber mill site. Build a couple of houses to get some workers and get the coal and gold mines working. Then head in there and start shooting. It's going to take a couple of times to kill everything in there... Concentrate on the bear first if you can, but try to only take on one animal at a time.


The next factory only wants $500. That one is easy enough. Just make the money and pay them off. As each factory gets back up and running, they will drop a crate of supplies. Pick up the crate and deliver it to the train station each time.

You're also going to want to build a hospital, when you can. The factory workers demand better healthcare and they will continue to get sick, wasting time and money. Get a hospital set up and employed.

Now for the final factory, you need to find all of the barrels of toxic waste and dump them in the south canyon. To get to the canyon, you will need to blow up the fence with dynamite. Employ a worker at the general store and buy two sticks of dynamite. One to blow up the fence and another to blow up the well.

  • The first barrel is right outside the factory
  • Inside the well. Blow it up to get the barrel out.
  • Buried in the cemetery
  • Next to the building by the cemetery
  • In the pond. Fish in the pond until it is empty. You can then walk in and get it.
  • In the bushes by the factory in the east. Pick all the berries to get it.

Real Estate Rampage

The next board finds Anne in a town with a mayor who refuses to let the railway through! However, the mayor has a secret... he's got half the town for sale because of bad dept apparently... So Anne needs to try to buy up the town as fast as she can.

You start off with one worker. Have him start digging up gold to the east, but don't buy anything yet. Then have Anne go around and pick up as much supplies as she can. The first things you are going to want to buy are the gold mine and the lumber mill. Then the fish hut to try to keep food coming in. Establish your own buildings as much as you can to keep yourself self reliant because the mayor will begin buying back all the properties. You need to focus on gaining resources and workers in order to purchase all of the buildings.


Landlord Loopholes

This rugged land needs conquering and who better to help out than Anne! It's going to take a lot of irrigation and blasting to get this land in shape for a real town so get started right away by gathering up all the supplies you can. Have your worker start digging at the gold mine to the west. Blast the rocks to the right of where you started and irrigate the land so you have room to build a lumber mill and a house.


There's plenty of food around, so you don't have to stress too much about that. There's a great place to fish so irrigate and blast so you can build a fishing hut by the river to the south. From here on out, it's just a matter of collecting resources and building up the town. Make sure you build a general store pretty early though because you'll need plenty of irrigation tools and dynamite to finish this board.

Father Ransom

Once you're back to town you need to make a decision. The bandits have your father. You can either try to pay the ransom or fight. If you choose to rescue your father instead of ransom, go to the next section called Father Rescue.

Before you start either quest make sure you have plenty of gunfighters who are at full health and ready to go. Also, make sure Henry and Anne or healthy. They can't use med kits but they can get healthy at the doctor's office.

Buy plenty of health kits before you leave town as well, because you are going to need them!

Now when you get to the meeting place, leave your gunslingers behind and approach the bandit with the money. After you finish talking to him... you'll discover... that the no good bandit took the money and still won't give you your father back. He wants even more money.

Now it's time to save Pa. He's tied to the railroad tracks and you need to stop the train from running him over and making him flatter than a pancake. The key is to switch the train from one track to another and quickly! Walk along the bottom of the screen, keeping out of sight of the bandits. You'll see a weight, grab it.

Next, you should see a place with a bunch of rats. Keep going along the right until you a stockade with some TNT, a bandit guarding some cheese, and two bandits guarding some super TNT. You should overhear the two bandits admit that they are afraid of rats.

Now go to the stockade with the TNT. You'll see a pressure plate that your weight will work perfectly for. This opens the stockade and lets you get the TNT. Grab the weight and head on down to the middle of the screen where two train tracks come together. You should see another pressure plate. Place your weight on it and voila! You have now switched the track!

But of course it's not that simple... now you have to actually fix the tracks. Blow up the rocks that are blocking them with the TNT and repair them. Now you need some super TNT... where could that be? Oh yeah, that stockade that was guarded by the two bandits who are afraid of rats.

Go back up to the bandit guarding the cheese. Watch carefully... the bandit will walk off to the left. When he does this, go over and snatch the cheese. Who likes cheese I wonder... rats? That's right! Go back to where all of the rats are and drop the cheese. You have now made a friend and can control a rat just like you can control a dog.

You and the rat now need to make your way back up to the two bandits guarding the super TNT. Make the rat go on by itself toward the bandits. They will run away and you'll be able to rush in and grab one Super TNT. Head back down to the center and drop the TNT near the end of the tracks right by the wooden fence.

Repeat this process until you have all three Super TNTs set up.

Ok, once you are done with that, go back to where you started the quest and confront the original bandit who took your money. The train will crash and then the rest of your gunfighters will join in. Defeat all the bandits and save the day!

Father Rescue

Ok, if you didn't want to pay the money and preferred to go in guns blazing then you will have to do this quest instead. You'll find yourself imprisoned in the bandit's hideout and your gun fighters are all stuck in another section of camp. For now, you're on your own. And, unlike other quests, if your hero dies, this quest is over! So make sure your health is at its maximum.

There's a place to dig in your prison cell, and guess what? It's a tunnel. Watch for the guard and time your escape when he walks off to the left.

Now, go to the right and fight the bandit in that stockade. There's TNT there. Pick it up. Fight the other bandit as well. Your posse is over to your right. Go over there and talk to them. They need guns and you need to figure out how the heck to get them out of there.

Find the gate that leads to the upper right area of the screen. There is a pressure plate that will open that gate. Stand on that and carefully run to the first left you can make. You should see some boulders blocking the path to the guns. Use the TNT on the boulders and grab the guns.

Now go back to the long corridor and head up and to the left making sure you stay out of the bandit's sight. There you should see a weight. Grab it and sneak back down to where your fighters are. Place the weight on one pressure plate and stand on the other. You now have your posse back.

Now, all you have to do is fight your way to your father and free him!


Ok, on this stage of the game you'll be timed to find wood and coal. It helps to destroy some of the buildings like the bakery and the doctor's for extra materials, but make sure you keep the general store because you'll need to buy some TNT.

Have all of your villagers go around and forage for food and resources. Have them start on collecting coal and chopping wood and mining for gold. If you're low on food, you should have a deputy in town who can hunt for rabbits and deer.

After you've collected the first set of materials it's time to focus on collecting money. Build some warehouses to keep up with food storage for your villagers and add a factory for extra gold production.

Great Train Race

Now that you're back in town, you have a chance to save your family railroad once and for all. First things first... get your town in shipshape condition. Repair all buildings and raise your town happiness to 200. Make sure you have upgraded your pick axes and your train yard.

Once you're ready, go to the map and start the mission.

As soon as you can, start gathering gold and wood. You'll need a gold mine and a lumber camp. You'll also want to build a well and a farm and a couple of houses to attract more people to work for you.

Have one of your villagers help Anne build the tracks. They can work on blowing up any rocks or obstacles that are in your way as well as actually building tracks. Have them start on one side and Anne on the other. Keep building tracks as fast as you can. Don't feel you need to build them in order either. Just make sure you build them as the resources come in.

Once you complete the track, then the game is won! Wooooohooooo! Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug-a... Woooohoooooo!

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