Weather Lord: The Successor's Path

Our Weather Lord: The Successor’s Path Walkthrough is the perfect gaming companion to help you claim your kingdom. As the heir of Flaywind, you must harness the power of the elements to help secure your throne, save your people, and battle ruthless enemies. Refer to our customized screen shots and easy detailed instructions to help you achieve those desired expert times! Claim your power in this electrifying time and resource management game!

As the heir to Flaywind, it is up to you to secure your throne, protect your realm and defeat all enemies that abound. Along with a small group of trusted allies you must harness the power of the elements to rebuild pillaged lands and crops, navigate through perilous terrain and obstacles while combating swarms of enemies.

Hone the power of rain to replenish lands and crops, thunder and wind to remove obstacles and adversaries of all kinds. Your subjects are counting on you and the future of your kingdom is in peril! Help Victor reclaim his birthright and prove himself as the worthy leader of Flaywind!

We hope you enjoy our Weather Lord: The Successor's Path Walkthrough!

Weather Lord Walkthrough