Virtual Families

Our Virtual Families Walkthrough is a complete guide to everything you need to know in this fun and addicting sim game. Get the help you need for House Repairs and Puzzles, Trophies, Easter Eggs, Chance Cards, the Store, Finances, Collectables, and much, much more!

General Information

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  • Virtual Families is a real-time game; meaning the game is progressing even when you quit the game. Pause the game by pressing the space bar or by choosing the pause option under the options menu.
  • The time in the game coincides with your time. If it's 8 AM your time it's 8 AM game time unless you select the "reverse day/night" option under the options menu. If you reverse the day/night schedule; 8 AM your time will be 8 PM game time.
  • You can leave your little friends alone for a couple of days usually without too many detrimental issues as long as there is enough food in the refrigerator. Should you need to abandon the game longer than 2 days; it's best to pause the game.
  • Let your little friends sleep on their own for a full continuous 6-8 hours at night by quitting and exiting the game for 6-8 continuous hours.
  • You can cycle through some of the behavior options for your little friends by selecting them and then releasing them until you receive the behavior/action you're looking for.
  • Your adult friends have to have a child in order for the game to continue...the game ends when there is no next generation to pass the house and bank account to.
  • It will take several to many generations to complete all the trophies.
  • If you're playing more than one family at a time in the game, your little friends must complete their actions for those actions to take effect before switching to a different family. If your family is in the middle of sitting down to meal and you switch to a different family or exit the game... the family sitting down to a meal will not increase their "fed" level.
  • Virtual Families is a non-linear game; meaning most of the goals don't have to be completed in a specific order.
  • It's recommended to not leave your family without your direction until the house and weeds are picked up; they have plenty of food in the refrigerator and the adults have completed several work cycles.


Choosing Your First Adoptee:

  • There are many people to choose from for adoption. Once you pass a possible adoptee/candidate by choosing the "try again" button, he/she will no longer be a possible candidate to adopt. The adoptee candidates do not recycle.
  • Each adoptee will be between 20 and 30 years old. It's best to choose a candidate that is between 20 and 27 years old for your first adoptee.
  • Each adoptee already has a job making $15 - $105 a day. You may want to adopt a candidate with a high daily salary initially of $70 or more per day initially. The candidates will either be a beginner or novice at their jobs.
  • Each adoptee will also have some money in the bank $15 - $200. An adoptee candidate that has $200 or more in the bank is considered rich. When choosing your first adoptee for your first generation it's best for your adoptee to have at least $100 in the bank.
  • Each adoptee candidate will have one of the following desires for children. An adoptee that has a "No Way" desire for children can still have children with enough persistence.
    1. Definitely
    2. Would be nice
    3. Maybe
    4. Not Really
    5. No way
  • Each candidate may also have some likes and dislikes. The likes and dislikes slightly impact the game when a dislike involves his/her job. Such as your adoptee or candidate dislikes computers but has a job that requires using the computer. You may find it more difficult for this adoptee/candidate to work at his job. The likes and dislikes may also have a very slight impact on choosing a spouse for that adoptee/candidate. You can purchase a desensitization kit from the store when available to cure a random dislike when used on an adoptee. Should you want your adoptee to have a like or dislike, you can purchase the encyclopedias at the store and a random like or dislike will appear.

Your First Home:

  • Have your adoptee pick up all the wrappers as the cleanliness of the house greatly impacts their happiness. A pop-up window will appear after a while stating the house is free of debris and dirt when all wrappers and the TV remote is picked'll receive the Spring Cleaning Trophy.


  • Have your adoptee pick all the weeds in the yard as this also greatly impacts their happiness. Some weeds may be difficult to look closely. You will receive a pop-up window stating the yard is free of weeds and you'll receive the Weed Obliterator trophy.


  • Have your adoptee pick up the TV remote that is placed randomly in the house. The adoptee will return the TV remote to the living room coffee table.


  • Pick up any random collectables in the yard. The adoptee will place them in the Collections Chest.



  • It is important to keep the house picked up to keep your families happiness up.
  • It is equally important to keep the weeds pulled as this also has influence on your family's happiness. You will also avoid paying fines for having weeds in your yard. And who knows...your family might receive a financial reward for having a nice yard!

Taking Showers:

  • Place your adoptee in the shower when they start to "not feel so fresh".
  • Washing their hair, brushing their teeth, flossing, applying deodorant or washing their hands will also have a slight impact on their personal hygiene...the shower works best.
  • If you praise your new friend while taking a shower they might take the initiative and take a shower on there own when they start to get "stinky" again.

Getting Married:

  • You'll probably receive an email alert shortly after your new adoptee enters the house. Your adoptee will have an unorthodox marriage (email) proposal without any romance. The adoptee may choose to get married or wait for another proposal later. Getting married has a HUGE positive impact on their happiness.
  • If you choose to marry someone with less than $100 in the bank you marry for love. If you choose to marry someone with $200 in the bank, you marry for money.
  • Marriage proposals will become more infrequent as time you may want to take this into consideration before rejecting a proposal.


Opening the Shed:

  • Select one of your people and transfer them to the top right of the sandbox to pick up the shed doorknob. The sandbox is outside the house and to the right of the office at the front of the house.


  • After the doorknob is on the shed, transfer one of your friends to the welcome doormat outside the front door where they will pick up a key and open the shed door.


  • The shed contains fire extinguishers and watering cans.


  • The fire extinguishers are used to put out oven and clothes dryer fires.
  • The watering cans are used to water the flower boxes after the leaking hose has been repaired.

Repairing the Cracks in the Floors:

  • Purchase a floor repair kit from the store.
  • Place a floor repair kit over one of the cracks in the floor; the repair kit will remain on the floor next to the crack until the crack is repaired.


  • Place one of your adult friends on the crack where you placed the floor repair kit.
  • Continue to place your friend over the crack until the repair is completed; the crack will be gone and the floor repair kit will disappear when crack is repaired.
  • You'll need to purchase a minimum of 3 floor repair kits. One for each crack.
  • Repeat the steps above for each floor crack.
  • Additional floor repairs may need to be purchased to repair the floors again if your friends suffer an earthquake.

Fixing the Leaky Hose:

  • Purchase the all-American repair product...duct tape.
  • Place duct tape near the leaky hose at the back of the house.


  • Have one of your friends lower the water pressure in the house by washing hands, getting a drink, using the toilet or taking shower.
  • Take an adult friend and place them on top of the hose at the back of the house. Your little friend will repair the leaky hose while the water pressure is lowered.

Watering the Flowers (The leaky hose must be fixed first and the shed must be opened):

  • Place an adult friend above the flower box closest to the top of the scene outside the living room window. You should receive an action message of "Watering the flowers". This may take several attempts before receiving the message.


  • Your friend will fill a watering can full of water and water the window-box flowers.

Repairing the Outside Workshop Walls (Leaky Hose has to be repaired before repairing Workshop Walls):

  • Purchase the Wall Compound from the store.
  • Place the Wall Compound on top of the bucket near the hose at the right side of the house.
  • Place an adult friend on top of the Wall Compound (may need to attempt this several times) to mix the compound.


  • Your friend will walk to the Workshop and start to repair the walls...or maybe your friend will walk away...they do have short attention spans.


  • Repeatedly place your adult friend on top of the bucket until the walls are repaired. Should your friend walk away for too long the compound will dry and you'll have to purchase additional compound and start over repairing the walls.
  • You can place more than one adult on compound to expedite the repair process.
  • A pop-up window will appear when walls are repaired and the compound will disappear.

Bird Bath Repair:

  • Purchase the bird bath pump from the store.
  • Place the bird bath pump on top of the bird bath.


  • Place 2 adults on top of bird bath. Place 1 adult on top of bird bath...pause the game by pressing the space bar...then place the other adult on top of bird the space bar again to resume game...walla...bird bath repaired.


Oven Fires:

  • Place an adult or a child 14 or older in front of the burning oven (there will be smoke emitting from the stove) so they take notice of the fire. The action bar will indicate your friend is aware of the fire.
  • Transfer the adult who viewed the fire to the shed to pick up a fire extinguisher...your little friend will then extinguish the fire.

Clothes Dryer Fires (shed must be opened first):

  • Place an adult in front of the clothes dryer (there will be smoke emitting from the dryer) so they take notice of the fire. The action bar will indicate your friend is aware of the fire.
  • Transfer the adult who viewed the fire to the shed to pick up a fire extinguisher...your little friend will then extinguish the fire.

Leaky Kitchen or Bathroom Sink (shed must be opened first):

  • Place an adult in front of the leaking sink so they take note of the problem.
  • Transfer the adult to the back of the workshop and place in front of the red toolbox so they may pick up a wrench.


  • Your little friend will now repair the leaking sink.

Clogged Shower or Toilet:

  • Place an adult in front of the clog to take note of the problem.
  • Transfer the adult to the plungers in the laundry room between the closet and the table.


  • Your little friend will now repair the offending clog.

Removing Cob-webs:

  • Place a family member on the right side corner of the right sink to remove the cobwebs. If you do this several times and they don't remove any cobwebs, try again later as there may not be any cobwebs at the time.


HOUSEHOLD CHORES THAT CAN BE ASSIGNED TO A FAMILY MEMBER: These chores can be done by adults and children and will appear randomly multiple times throughout the game.

  • Pulling Weeds: keep the weeds pulled to keep your families happiness levels up. You may also avoid fines and may even win a monetary award for landscaping. You have to instruct your little friends to pull the weeds they will not pull the weeds on their own.
  • Taking out the garbage-flies will appear around trash can in the Kitchen. You can also select the trash can and the amount of garbage that is in the trash can will appear above the action task bar.
  • Picking up socks keeps your families happiness levels up. You have to instruct your little friends to pick up the socks; they will not pick up socks on their own.
  • Picking up wrappers keeps your families happiness levels up. You'll have to instruct your friends to pick up the wrappers; they will not pick up the wrappers on their own.
  • Putting the remote back on the living room coffee table so your friends can watch their favorite TV shows when they desire. Select your friends to pick up the remote as they will not do this on their own.
  • Washing the dishes aids in keeping your families happiness levels up.
  • Cleaning dirt smudges (they look like ink spots on the floors) aids in keeping your families happiness levels up. Instruct your little people to clean the dirt smudges as they will not do this on their own.


  • Purchase groceries from the store and place them on the Kitchen table...your little friends get sooo excited to see groceries in the house they drop whatever they're doing to peak at the groceries and to put them away.
    1. Top row of groceries in store are regular foods and equal 150 units in each category.
    2. Bottom row of groceries in store are the organic foods/higher quality and equal 250 units in each category.
    3. There is a special every day on one of the food categories. When you can afford it and there is space in the inventory stock up on the specials.
  • Keeping 1,000 units of groceries in the house helps keep your families happiness level up. Select the refrigerator, the door will open and the "food available" will show above the action task bar.
  • Allow 200 units of food for each family member per's not a bad idea to have extra on hand in case they through some food out or another emergency arises.
  • Your family will eat on their own throughout the day as long as there are groceries in the house.
  • For optimal "Fed" sustenance:
  • Have an adult prepare a meal by placing them on top of the kitchen table. The action bar should read "preparing a meal".
  • After the meal has been prepared, place each family member on top of the table and they will "sit down to a meal". The children seem to be the most sustained when sitting down to a meal. All family members are more sustained when they sit down to a meal than when they eat on their own. The men tend to need to eat more than the rest of the family...oh, how true to life!


  • Chance cards will appear randomly throughout the game via emails, someone at the door or a package at the door.
  • Each chance card will have either a positive or negative effect on the family.
  • Some chance cards give you a choice as to what action to take...such a package or leave a package alone. What you choose on the chance cards...sometimes it has a positive effect...sometimes a negative effect.


  • The grocery items are always the same and always available. The only change to the grocery items is "the sale" category will change daily.
  • The medicines are always available and can be purchased multiple times.
  • The Home Improvements and Career Room Upgrades are always the same and are available until the family has purchased the item. After the family has purchased the item it is no longer available.
  • The Home Improvements increase your family's happiness.
  • The Career Room Upgrades increase your family's happiness and boost the salaries if the upgraded room matches their job; they also advance in their careers faster.
  • The Varied Items change every 4 hours and can be returned if not used:
    1. Delicious and Various Candy: good for praising
    2. Salty candy: good for scolding
    3. Energy Drink: gives the selected family member an energy boost.
    4. Mega Chamomile extract: lowers the energy level of a selected family member. Best used when a family member is weak, it will help them to rest so they may recuperate a little faster.
    5. Pets (dog, cat, and turtle): they really don't do much.
    6. Encyclopedia: Will give the selected family member a random or changed like or dislike since they have accumulated more knowledge.
    7. Desensitization Kit: Changes a random like or dislike of the selected family member.
    8. Professional Magazines: Increases the selected family member's job rating and gives them an immediate monetary bonus if the magazine matches their profession.
    9. Children's Books: Increases happiness and builds a stronger parent-child bond. Also puts children to sleep at bedtime.
    10. Fragrances: Just makes your little friend smell better and you get a trophy if you purchase 2 and use them on your little people.
    11. Fruit: Will make a weak person slightly stronger; also good for praising.
    12. Clothes: Gives the selected family member a different outfit to wear if it's different than the one they currently have.
    13. Sunscreen: keeps them from getting burned if they're in the pool too long or lying in the hammock too long. Since they don't tend to stay in either place very long, it really isn't needed.
    14. Bottled weather: the bottled rain will make it rain, the bottled sunshine will make the sun shine used to receive some trophies.
    15. Anti-spam software: your family will no longer receive spam emails.
    16. DVD's: Increases happiness and builds stronger family bonds.
    17. Anti-bacterial hand gel: helps keep family members from becoming ill and increases their hygiene if they're not "not feeling so fresh".
    18. Towelette: Freshens your not "not feeling so fresh" family member.

Varied Household repair items: are included in the varied items which change every 4 hours.

  1. Floor repair kit: One repair kit is needed for each floor crack in the house. A minimum of three are needed; additional kits maybe needed if your family incurs an earthquake. You can only purchase one kit at a time from the store.
  2. Wall repair compound: Used to repair the Workshop Walls.
  3. Bird bath Pump: Used to repair the outdoor bird bath.
  4. Duct Tape: Used to repair the leaky hose.


  • Your little friends are bound to become ill from time to time; it's best to cure the illnesses as soon as you notice them as a prolonged illness will make your little friends weak and may spread the illness to other members of the family.
  • All medications are available at all times in the store.
  • Each medication is for one dose for the selected family member.
    1. Sore Throat - use the throat lozenges.
    2. Upset Stomach - use the pink peptic syrup.
    3. Headache - use the anti-inflammatory pill in the white bottle w/green label.
    4. Coughing - use the Antitussive syrup in the brown bottle.
    5. Itching - use the cortisone cream in the white tube.
    6. Sneezes - use the antihistamine in the white bottle.
    7. Hiccups - have your friend take a drink from the kitchen or bathroom sink.
    8. Doctor Consultation - will tell you if your little friend via email if he/she has an infection.
    9. Infections and persistent illnesses - cure them with the penicillin...if that doesn't work within about an hour try the Vancomycin. These antibiotics will tire your friend.
    10. Infertile couple - use the baby boost one time only on the family member that needs the baby boost...using the baby boost more than once on the same family member will cause the infertility to worsen instead of improve.


  • There are surprises regarding the highest pay for a profession...some of the professions start out making very little and end up paying high...the reverse is also true.
  • Home repairs and improvements are fun to play in the game but are not necessary at the beginning of the game. Having enough money for food and medications are necessary in continuing the game. Your little friends will shoot you emails asking for more food or improvements when they aren't actually needed.
  • There are 8 career levels the Master being the highest and beginner being the lowest.
  • Your friends can earn extra money several ways:
    1. The adults have careers which pay .24 percent of their salary every hour whether they're working or engaging in other activities. Nursing mothers still receive their salaries.
    2. Working on their careers and finishing a complete work cycle (indicated by jiggling coins and a pop-up that your friend earned some money) will give them a bonus of 1% above their salary. The completed work cycles accrue their career experience which facilitates faster promotions and increases in salaries. Who says it doesn't pay to be a work-aholic!
    3. Some chance cards will bring additional income to the family...the chance cards may also take some money out of the bank account.
    4. 10 percent interest on the money in the bank account is added to the family funds several times a day.
    5. Purchasing a using a professional magazine that matches their career will add an immediate bonus to their salary and add to their experience.
    6. Selling duplicate collectables on-line will add to the bank account. Each collectable can add $5-$50. (See collectables section for more information-there is a way to double each collectable amount.)
    7. Purchasing Career Room Upgrades will increase the salaries of your friend's careers that use that room for work. The upgrades will also facilitate career advancement faster.


  • There are 4 collectable categories with 12 items in each category to collect. All collectables are randomly placed outside at different times throughout the game:
    1. Picture Pieces: are found to the left of the house behind the workshop and between the shed and the workshop. These are usually rare pieces.
    2. Old Coins: Some are rare and some are not.
    3. Bugs: Appear after if has rained or while it's raining. Just because it's rained or is raining doesn't always mean there will be a bug. The bugs can be difficult to see in the lawn. Most bugs are rare.
    4. Nuts and Twigs: Some are rare and some aren't.
  • There is usually a chiming sound when a collectable is placed in the yard.
  • Duplicate collectables can be sold on-line.
  • Too double the on-line payment of a collectable- Place a family member on the the space bar to pause the game as the family member is bending another family member on the the space bar again to resume the game. Both family members will pick up the collectable (magic-that makes 2 collectables in one!) and sell it on-line. This may take some practice. For a real challenge try tripling the amount by placing 3 family members on a coin. **Disclaimer-not responsible for any family members interactions while doing so- such as embracing or playing train**
  • The collectables only need to be picked up to be put into the collection or to receive payment. Your friends don't actually have to sell them on line or put them in the collection chest. This comes in handy when there are more than one in the yard at a time.


  • The detail screen gives you all the pertinent information for each family member.
  • You can cycle through each family member by using the arrow buttons on each side of the character's picture.
  • You can access the needs of each family member by viewing their happiness, health, fed and energy needs.
  • You can also gain their age information from this screen.
  • You can monitor the adult's career progression from this screen.

Profession and Careers:

  • States the career your adult is in.
  • Level: states the career level your adult is currently in.
  • Salary: gives the daily salary amount for your adult.
  • Progress: gives a red bar indicating when your adult will receive their next promotion and salary increase. Each level progression in your adult's career will take longer to obtain.
  • Your adult friends will work in proportion to the amount you have them work while playing the game when your not playing the game, except when their sleeping, in proportion to the amount you have them work while playing the game.
  • Magazines from the store will give them a progress career boost along with an immediate bonus if the magazine matches their career station.
  • It can be challenging to get your adult friends to work initially. Place an adult friend on their career station...sometimes they'll shake their head and say "no". Place them back on their station and praise them with the hand, sweet candy (not salty) or fruit from the Varied Items department in the store.
  • Sometimes your little friends will run away and the action will state "stop your nagging"; place them back on their stations as many times as you desire to get them to work.


  • Gives a blue bar indicating how happy your family member is. The longer the blue bar, the happier they are. The happiness level can range from depressed to elated.
  • What makes your friends happy:
    1. Food in the refrigerator.
    2. A house that is picked up with no wrappers, socks or TV remote on the floor.
    3. The yard is free from weeds.
    4. Money in the bank.
    5. Having children.
    6. There is a distinct correlation between the health of the family members and their happiness. If they're healthy they're happier.
    7. House upgrades.
    8. Career promotions and making money.
    9. Selling collectables on line.
  • Should one of your friends become depressed, help them out of their funk by praising them often for any positive behavior you desire; even if it is picking up a collectable, purchase an inexpensive upgrade if possible and defiantly put food on the table to store in the refrigerator. Time will be the best healer for a depressed friend. Try not to scold a depressed family member.


  • Gives a blue bar indicating their health condition. The longer the blue bar the healthier they are.
  • Keeping food in the house and giving them medication promptly after they become ill appears to be the best preventatives for keeping your families healthy.
  • The bathroom upgrade also appears to keep your little friends healthier.
  • Should one of your friends become ill or very weak, treat them for their symptoms as soon as possible. The faster you respond to an illness, the less likely your little friends will become weak. Should your ill friend still remain ill after an hour of treating their symptoms...have a doctor consult to see if they have an infection and need to be treated with an antibiotic. Treat them with the penicillin first, then the vancomycin
  • Have an ill friend sit down to a meal several times and keep the fed bar up to slightly boost their health.
  • Using the chamomile drink works when they become ill as it lets them rest.
  • Vitamins and fruit from the varied items section of the store can also slightly boost their health.
  • Once one of your little friends becomes weak, it takes quite some time for their strength to greatly improve. Sometimes the best medicine is a good nights rest.

Fed bar:

  • Gives a blue bar indicating your friends hunger level.
  • Drop one of your adult friends or a child that is 14 or older on the Kitchen table to have them prepare a meal. Dropping your adults on the Kitchen table to prepare a meal is especially important when an adult has a career that works in the Kitchen...dropping one of these little friends anywhere else in the kitchen will probably cause them to start working on their career or some other action.
  • Your little friends tend to not eat meals without your assistance. Should you leave the game while one of them is preparing a meal...your little friend will stop preparing a meal.
  • After the meal has been prepared drag your family members onto the kitchen table one at a time and they will "sit down to a meal" which seems to sustain them for a much longer period of time and increases the "Fed" bar the fastest.
  • Your little people will eat on their own without your assistance as long as there is food in the house.


  • Should you be having difficulty keeping your friends full of energy during the day, check the version of Virtual Families that is installed on your computer; version 1.00.05 is the latest version and all distributors/portals received the upgrade as there were energy issues with the earlier version/s of the game.
  • Have your little friends take a nap or rest in the hammock should they get tired during the day or give them an energy drink from the store.
  • Let your little friends rest/sleep at least 6-8 continuous hours during the night cycle by quitting and exiting the game. You don't need to train them to go to bed using this method; they will sleep on their own. When they receive their 6-8 hours of continuous zzzzzzzzzzz's they will usually have enough energy for the following day. Opening up the game acts as an alarm clock and awakens all the families in the game.
  • Your little friends will be more tired during the evening hours than during the day when they are on a typical day/night cycle.


  • Your adult little friends need to have a baby naturally or through adoption (random chance card given in game) to pass the house onto the next generation in order for the game to continue. Should your adult friends not have a baby the game will end with that generation.
  • All adults can have children naturally or through adoption even if their desire for children is "no way" may take more persistence.
  • The adult family members can generally be persuaded to attempt to have a child by placing them together. Should they argue...try again...and again...and again...they will usually be persuaded to attempt to have a child.
  • When your little friends have attempted to have a baby, you'll know immediately if they have been successful as the mother will be carrying a baby.
  • There are 3 times in the game when your little friends can not have children.
    1. When your mother is nursing a baby, your adult friends can not have another child until the mother is no longer nursing.
    2. Your little friends have to wait awhile to try to have a baby when they have recently attempted to have a child was unsuccessful.
    3. When your adults are too old to have children at around age 50. As your adult friends age, it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to have a child.
  • Use the baby boost medication only one time on an adult to assist in baby making if they have been unsuccessful for a year or two. Using the baby boost more than once on an adult will decrease their chances of having a baby.
  • Nursing mothers can not work at their jobs; they are still receiving their daily income while nursing. They can receive additional income by selling duplicate collectables on line or by reading a professional magazine in their career field while nursing.
  • Mothers nurse until the child is 2 years old or about 4 hours of game play.
  • Nursing mothers can prepare meals; pick up wrappers, socks and weeds along with any other household chores they initiate.
  • Nursing mothers can extinguish fires and repair leaking sinks and clogged showers or toilets.
  • Nursing mothers will not make any of the house repairs.
  • The children will start having homework at age 14.
  • When children turn 14 they can do all the adult tasks except work and make babies.
  • Your children will leave around age 18 and will not return unless you choose them as the predecessor to inherit the house and bank account at which time they will be 20 or older.


  • Praise your little friends by using the praise glove. The most effective praising is giving them candy and fruit (from the varied items in the store only).
  • Praise the behaviors you most want your little friends to initiate on their own.
  • Praising the same behavior 2 times in a row will generally initiate a response from your little friend to "stop nagging" and they will also run away. You can place your little friend back into the action you desire.
  • Scold your friends for the behaviors you find most offensive or destructive.
  • Scold your friends by using the scolding glove or giving them the salted candy from the varied items in the store.


  • Have your hand curser in the most possible top left of the screen and press the mouse button several times (may take some practice). A red ball should eventually appear. You can place the red ball in many places on the scene. You can even bounce the ball up and down while waiting on your friends to complete some actions.



  • Most of your little friends will pass away on the bed in their 60's.
  • When one of your friends passes away, everyone in the house will go through a grieving process. You can gradually up their happiness by purchasing groceries or purchasing house upgrades from the store. Praising them with the hand, good candy and fruit from the Varied Items department of the store will also increase their happiness.
  • When one of your adult friends passes away, you have 2 options.
  • Keep playing the game with the people that remain in the house. Children will be able to survive if you have enough money for food and medicine. The children will not be as happy though.
  • You can start the New Generation by selecting the family tab and selecting the New Generation button. Choose 1 child that you'd like to inherit the house and the money in the bank account. A small child that is still at home will be an adult under the family tab. All the children will be adults whether adopted or natural birth will be in their 20's.



  • There are 101 trophies in the game.
  • Some trophies have a progress bar that let you know how many of the objectives of that trophy have been met.
  • The requirements for receiving most of the trophies are self explanatory. I've typed in bold and expounded on the trophies that are more difficult to acquire
    1. Gettin' paid - Earn $100.
    2. Bring home the bacon - You earned $1,000.
    3. Mind on my money - You earned $10,000.
    4. Trump this! - You earned $100,000
    5. An eventful week - You have encountered 10 email or house events.
    6. Never a dull moment - You have encountered 50 email or house events (easier to accomplish in later generations with a large family)
    7. Marry rich - You married someone with more than $200 in the bank.
    8. Marry for love - You married someone with less than $75 in the bank.
    9. A perfect match - You married someone with the same career.
    10. Oh, Baby - You had a baby.
    11. Oh, baby baby! - You had twins.
    12. Ohhhhh dear... - You had triplets
    13. Four is enough - You had 4 children
    14. No vacancy - You had 6 children (start making babies as soon as you get married and start making another baby after the mother quits nursing each a little luck from an adoption chance card/s may help)
    15. Boob tube - You praised someone who was turning off the TV. (watch your family members closely when they are in the living room while the TV is on.) You can turn the TV on and off with your curser should you desire.
    16. Care and feeding - You praised someone who was making a meal.
    17. Sleeping dragon - You praised someone who was practicing Kung Fu. (One of your little friends with a high energy level will exit through the back door and may start practicing Kung Fu. Giving one of your friends an energy drink may also initiate this action)
    18. Everything in its place - You praised someone who was cleaning the nightstand.
    19. Go-pher it! - You praised someone who was chasing gophers. (One of the children will dig a hole to China first; then sometime later will start playing in the yard. The child will start to giggle and make a "kiss smacking" sound. Praise them while they're kissing the gophers in the holes.)
    20. That funky smell - You praised someone who was throwing out rotten fish.
    21. Lotta latte - You praised someone for making a latte. (An adult will voluntarily enter the kitchen and go to the left of the sink to make coffee or a latte...praise them when the action indicates they're making a latte. The adults tend to make lattes first thing in the morning)
    22. 1,000 strokes - You praised someone who was brushing their hair.
    23. Fire stopper - You praised someone who was putting out a smoking oven.
    24. Praising good behavior - You praised all of the above 9 behaviors.
    25. Praising the praiser - You praised your little people 100 times.
    26. Sustenance - You spent $500 on food for your little people.
    27. Abundance - You spent $1,000 on food for your little people.
    28. Gluttony - You spent $5,000 on food for your little people.
    29. Preparedness - You filled the kitchen with 1,000 units of food.
    30. It's not a pyramid but...- You provided all 4 food groups in a 24 hour period.
    31. Nutrition snob - You provided all 4 food groups of organics.
    32. Coupon clipper - You saved $500 on food by finding discounts.
    33. A spoon full of sugar - You cured a symptom of someone who got sick.
    34. Not just a virus - You cured a serious infection in someone.
    35. Gravely ill - You cured a grave infection in someone.
    36. Hic - You helped someone cure hiccups. (have your little person with the hiccups take a drink from the kitchen or bathroom sink)
    37. Fish Tycoon - You got a fish tank.
    38. Plant Tycoon - You watered the plants in the window boxes. (The shed must be opened and the leaky hose an adult outside the living room windows on the right of the scene with the window boxes...the action will state watering flowers.)
    39. Dreaming Isola - You bought paintings for your house. (You can also receive this trophy if you receive the paintings through a chance card.)
    40. Staying cool in the pool - You have a pool.
    41. A fun house! - You have a pinball machine.
    42. Let's dance - You have the radio.
    43. Time to Q - You have a barbecue grill.
    44. Retail therapy - You bought every house upgrade.
    45. Trick - You gave 10 pieces of the nasty/salty candy to your little friends.
    46. Treat - You gave 10 pieces of yummy candy to your little friends.
    47. Lucky winner - You won a lottery scratch off.
    48. Two thumbs up - You watched 3 movies with your family.
    49. So like a rose - You purchased and used 2 perfumes.
    50. Weather dancer - You purchased and used 2 bottles of weather.
    51. Movin' on up - You got a promotion.
    52. Office overlord - One of your little friends mastered an office career.
    53. Cooking captain - One of your little friends mastered a kitchen career.
    54. Workshop warrior - One of your friends mastered a workshop career.
    55. Building for the future - You upgraded a career room in the house.
    56. The dream kitchen - You have a level 3 kitchen for your family to enjoy.
    57. Office of the future - You have a level 3 office for your family to enjoy.
    58. Workshop of wonders - You have a level 3 workshop for your family to enjoy.
    59. Start with the basics - You repaired the floor in the house.
    60. All the walls - You completed all of the exterior wall repairs (See section in walkthrough on repairing the Workshop walls)
    61. The shed - You managed to open the shed (Locate doorknob in sandbox, then find key under doormat)
    62. Splish, splash - You fixed the birdbath. (See walkthrough section of Bird bath repair)
    63. This old house - You completed all house repairs (See section of walkthrough on house repairs)
    64. Sticky situation - You removed a cobweb. (Place a family member on the right side of the right sink in the bathroom...if there are cobwebs they'll remove them.)
    65. Handyman - You have fixed 10 malfunctions in the house.
    66. Sock collector - You retrieved 10 socks in the house.
    67. The sock market - You retrieved 50 socks in the house.
    68. A perfect sock storm - You retrieved 100 socks in the house.
    69. Wrappers! - You disposed of 10 wrappers in the house.
    70. Wrap attack - You disposed of 50 wrappers in the house.
    71. The wrappers wrap-up: You disposed of 100 wrappers in the house.
    72. See spot? Run! - You cleaned 10 dirt smudges off the floor.
    73. Spotty behavior - You cleaned 50 dirt smudges off the floor.
    74. Sir spot-a-lot: You cleaned 100 dirt smudges off the floor.
    75. Weed picker - You pulled 10 weeds from the yard.
    76. Weed whacker - You pulled 50 weeds from the yard.
    77. Weed obliterator - You pulled 100 weeds from the yard.
    78. Spring cleaning - You made your house completely free of debris and dirt.
    79. Order in the yard - You got rid of every weed in the yard.
    80. A gleaming estate - Your home is spotless inside and out.
    81. Where is the remote? - You helped your friends recover the remote 5 times.
    82. Entomologist - You completed the collection of insects.
    83. Numismatist - You completed the collection of coins.
    84. Botanist - You completed the collection of nuts and twigs.
    85. Photo finish - You put together the antique photo.
    86. Master collector - You completed all 4 collections.
    87. Recycler - You sold 5 common collectibles online.
    88. Super recycler - You sold 15 common collectibles online.
    89. Monetizer - You sold 5 uncommon collectibles online.
    90. Super monetizer - You sold 15 uncommon collectibles online.
    91. Super seller - You sold 5 rare collectibles online.
    92. Super duper seller - You sold 15 rare collectibles online.
    93. Trophy collector - You collected all 11 collecting trophies.
    94. Starting out - One of your little friends achieved the age of 35.
    95. All the wheels turning - One of your little friends achieved the age of 45.
    96. Lessons of life - One of your little friends achieved the age of 50.
    97. Midlife - One of your little friends achieved the age of 60.
    98. Wise - One of your little friends achieved the age of 65.
    99. Overachiever - You earned 10 trophies.
    100. Unachievable - You earned 50 trophies.
    101. The impossible dream - You earned 100 trophies.

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