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You Uncle died and left you five islands and a business. Very shortly into the game you'll find out that he was murdered. Hustle through the 40 levels and solve his murder.

Accomplish your goals by buying, building, repairing and selling buildings, amenities, shops, materials and workers.
The Income bar shows how much money your buildings, shops and amenities are earning.
Current cash is exactly what it sounds like, your current cash.
Your goals will update themselves as you complete them.


Tips and Tricks:

  • The most important thing to remember when playing the game are your goals. Make sure you are working towards your goals and not just running around all willy-nilly on the island.
  • After you accomplish a goal, it may be beneficial to sell a building and earn fast cash to put towards the next goal. You'll need to do this a few times if you want to get all gold medals.
  • You can go back and play past levels. This is especially useful when purchasing blueprints. They can take a few minutes to build. Instead of wasting hard earned experience points to speed up the process, go back and replay a previous level. All cash and experience points you earn will be added to your total.
  • More easy money – rescue the drowning guests and be rewarded.


  • When on the Blueprints and Bonuses page, purchase the bonuses sooner rather than later. Just like in an RPG, build your levels early. When you get to use them later in the game, they really come in handy. Keep in mind, you can use them on levels you've already completed to get a better medal.
  • Shop at Costco not Walmart. At times in the game it pays to wait until you accumulated enough cash to buy a greater amount of materials.


  • Repair damages right away. You do not earn any money when a property is damaged.
  • Different strategies are needed on different levels, but one that seems to work well on all levels is upgrading each building or shop to 3 stars before moving to the next one. The more stars a building is, the more rent you collect.
  • Buy empty lots early. You can only buy them when they are for sale. If you miss it early you will have to wait until they are for sale again and that could kill your speed bonus and medal rank.
  • Build shops wisely. Remember "location, location, location" The shops only cover a certain area. Try to build them where they can cover the most buildings and amenities.
  • The best way to attract tourists is by adding amenities.
  • Buy your Uncle's house as soon as you reach 1 Million Dollars
  • If you get stuck and are not allowed to play level 40, you have to go back and play level 39 again.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!