Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love

Our Unfinished Tales Illicit Love Walkthrough is the perfect guide to help escort you through Thumbelina's adventures across the Floral Kingdom as she searches for a way to rescue her prince and stop the evil Raven Queen from marrying the man of her dreams! No CGG guide would be complete without our helpful step-by-step game instructions, custom screenshots, and solutions to each and every puzzle you'll encounter while playing Unfinished Tales Illicit Love. So whether you're stuck on a single puzzle or you just want the comfort of having a ready resource available, we hope you enjoy our Unfinished Tales Illicit Love Walkthrough.

Thanks for joining us at the Unfinished Tales Illicit Love Walkthrough. Here you will find everything you need to play this remarkably beautiful hidden object game. We've made sure to include plenty of screenshots clearly marking all key objects and detailed instructions so you'll be able to help Thumbelina as she journeys across the Floral Kingdom in search of a way to save her prince and stop the evil Raven Queen. We hope you enjoy our Unfinished Tales Illicit Love Walkthrough.


Title Screen

Opening Story: 

In Unfinished Tales Illicit Love,  Thumbelina had finally found the man of her dreams. But, on the day of her wedding, an unwelcome wedding crasher ruined it all! The Raven Queen arrived with her wicked minions and destroyed the wedding, kidnapped her guests, and claimed the prince for herself saying that he promised to marry her first! The nerve! Now, Thumbelina must find a way to rescue her prince and stop the evil Raven Queen before it's too late! Can you help Thumbelina on her journey across the Floral Kingdom? With our Unfinished Tales Illicit Love Walkthrough you can!

General Tips for Playing Unfinished Tales Illicit Love

Difficulty Settings - There are three difficulty settings in this game, casual, advanced, and hardcore. 

Magnifying Glass Icon - When your cursor turns into a magnifying glass, it means you can zoom in on an area to get a closer look. 

Hints - Hints can be found in the lower right hand corner once you pick up the magic mirror. Click here if you're stuck. Just remember, these take time to charge before you can use it again.  

Inventory - Your inventory can be found at the bottom of the screen. Just hover your mouse over that area to bring it up. 

Hand Cursor - When your cursor turns into a hand, it means you can pick up an item and add it to your inventory.

Gears Cursor - When you see your cursor change into gears, it means you can use an item in your inventory here. 

Map - Click on the map icon in the lower left corner to see the areas you have already opened. Click on an area to fast travel to it. 

Skip - During mini-games, if you are having trouble or maybe you just don't feel like solving it, you can click on the skip button.

Information - In mini-games if you need further explanation of what you are supposed to do, click this button. 

Reset - If you've made a mistake during a mini-game and need to start over, click on the reset button. 

Hidden Object Scenes - Hidden Object Areas will sparkle. Objects in white are in plain sight. Objects in yellow are hidden and require and extra step for you to find it. . 

Arrow Pointers - These will appear when you are able to move to another screen. Click on it to move. 

And that's the basics for playing Unfinished Tales Illicit Love! Good luck! And we hope you enjoy our Unfinished Tales Illicit Love Walkthrough