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Ok, here is a rough guide. This might be confusing in areas where you might have taken a different route to get to the places I mention, but there might be a few clues if you can't seem to find that last hidden level. Also, I started numbering the stars along with the secrets, so it's not that consistent as far as numbering goes. Anyway, here it is for better or for worse:

1.1 - 1 secret 1 star.

It doesn't say secret area when you find it. I think it's the area with the star.

1.2 - 2 secrets 1 star

1st is high after 1st jewel. Star is low just before 2nd jewel. 2nd -just after multiple jumping pads and before checkpoint. -go far right at bottom.

1.3 -2 secrets - 2 stars before 1st jewel go up and left for secret, then go under water at right for star.

2nd is in the underwater section AFTER the water with the multiple flying things. Star is in very next water section.

Bonus Level Hint: Do entire top first then go left at bottom.

2.1 = 3 secrets 3 stars.
1st -Go down then left at beginning of level.

Star - Jump on the 4 yellow [bleep] to jump up high to the star. Don't kill them all or you'll have to abort to get the star.

2nd - After 4th jewel - go down where 2 and 2 platforms are for secret. Whatever the 3rd one is - it didn't state secret area, maybe it's the

2.2 = 4 secrets 3 stars - 1st - After 3rd jewel fall way down and clean up entire bottom area.
2nd - Right after 1st, drop down between urchins.

3rd - Right before 4th jewel, drop down again.

4th -go past exit door.

2.3 = 5 secrets 3 stars

1st - Drop down between moving platforms shortly after starting and before 1st jewel.

2nd-push platform down to raise up urchins and get them out of your way, then go get the secret.

3rd - Drop down after launching pads going up and checkpoint flag.

4th - after 3rd jewel go down platform and go left thru hole in wall.

5th -go past exit and up.

2.4 = 6 secrets 3 stars
1st - go down and left at beginning.

2nd - After 1st jewel. kill all blue [bleep] then go down and left.

3rd - kill all blue [bleep] again and go down and clean up.

4th - After next checkpoint go down next crevace.

5th - Go down next crevace too.

6th - After 5th jewel bounce up and go thru wall to left.

2.5 = jump on clam to [bleep]

Level 3 - double jumps begin,press space bar or up arrow twice to jump higher.

3.1 =5 secrets Star hidden in blue plant at first drop off before 1st jewel.

1st - Don't kill the first crab, use him to launch you to the platforms above, if you do kill him try double jumping from the first step on the
hill. It takes a few tries sometimes.

2nd - After 2nd crab, go behind the wall before you launch up.

EDIT: I was told this is actually the third crab! Oops.

3rd - Go straight up from the 2nd secret on the air platforms.

Star is in the very next section down at the bottom.

4th - Go up on the air platforms in the next section.

5th - double jump to ledge above final door.

Star is below to the right.

3.2 = 7 -2

1st - Up and left at very beginning.

2nd - Up and left from 3rd rope after 1st jewel.

3rd -Continue up and left again for star.

4th - Return to 3rd rope then go down to the bottom and left for a heart.

5th - Then continue on bottom to the right and go up for a star after the 2 crabs.

6th - After 2nd jewel, continue on bottom to right behind wall.

7th - go up 3 ropes then drop down from next single rope, [bleep] all the fatys and get the heart.

3.3 = 3 secrets -2 stars - I lost track of which one was the 2nd star so I hope you can follow this.

1st - above 1st set of crabs (2) get trophy.

Go up and left before 1st checkpoint for a star.

Go straight up from first checkpoint to air bubble platforms after you get the star on left and get the star on
the right.

2nd - After ropes with several crabs below, go up to platform with one rope - right before 4th jewel.

3rd - After 2nd rope and 3rd jewel go to bottom right.

4th - Before 4th jewel, after killing crabs at bottom, go up and right to platform.


3.4 = 5 secrets -5 stars 1st - grab rope and jump left for a heart.

2nd - Go up 2 horizontal ropes, go left then up and over the ledge.

3rd- just before the 2nd jewel and right after the horizontal ropes, go down and to the left where the 2 crabs

4th - After 2nd jewel, go down then jump to the air bubble platforms for a star.

5th - Then go down to the bottom and left past the crab and flowers.

Around the 3rd jewel:
6th - Go up either the rope and go right and up for a star or go across the bottom with the alternating fatys and flowers then go up and left for
the star on the tan/brown platforms.

7th - Just below the 4th jewel and checkpoint, go down and right onto the ledge.

8th - Go up the next air platforms for a star.

Level 4-1:

1. at the beginning before entering the castle jump up on the air bubble and enter the little room to the rightf

2. when you get to the four shells moving up and down get on the 3rd one up and double jump to the right

3. after these shells go straight to the left and jump on the rope and swing left and jump

4. from these ropes go back to the right to the checkpoint and jump on the air bubble and go left

5. keep to the right and drop down. wait for the plants to go down and go allt he way over to the right

6. go up the shells adn to the left to sponge pad double jump to air bubbles and go left through the wall

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Ask for help in the comments below!