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You'll be hired by the mayor of five cities to build, rebuild and bring happiness to their cities.
You'll need to manage your time, materials and workers in order to progress through 24 challenging levels.


Tips and Tricks:

• The levels are timed. If you're not sure of you next move, pause the game while you are thinking.

• Deadlines can be turned off. If you are stuck, turn off the deadline (in options) solve the level then replay it with the deadline. Sandbox mode is also helpful for this purpose.

• Just like in real life, it's important to maintain your properties. Throughout the game buildings will randomly become damaged. To prevent this, purchase an inspection license.

• After a property has been upgraded, do another inspection or it may become damaged again.

• One strategy is to wait to build until you have the inspection license. You'll have some down time while your money accumulates, but it sometimes pays off in the end by not having to spend time, money and materials on repairs.


• Time if of the essence. Time is money. Pick the cliché that you like best, but try to find ways to save time. The clock doesn't stop running while you read tutorials. The more workers you hire, the faster buildings/demolition can be completed allowing you to earn more money and move on to the next job.

• When you can, build multiple small houses. They cost less to build and will earn you money right away.

• What is happiness to you David? (Vanilla Sky, anyone…anyone) On most levels you need to reach a level oh happiness. You can click on any building or blueprint to see what will make the residents happy.


• Don't get hung up on semantics. When a goals lists “18 buildings” keep in mind that a park is considered a building.

• Do you want to live next to a rundown building or a lot full of ruble? Well neither do the people in the cities you are working in. It brings down their happiness level. Try to have enough money to do demolition and cleanup immediately after.

• Residents pay more rent when they are happy.

• You can click multiple times and queue moves. For example. If you want to train 3 workers, you don't have to wait until worker 1 has been trained. Click multiple times and workers 2 and 3 will get trained automatically.

• Try, try again. You may have the right size and number of buildings, but did you build them or upgrade in the right order? Try again and change the order of operations.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!