The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 iOS

Count on our Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 Walkthrough for the iPad, to guide you through this fast-paced time management game. Use our step-by-step solutions to all the main levels as well as the newest levels from The 12 Labours, The Joy of Geb, and the Hope of Isis in order to achieve your expert time ratings and save Ancient Egypt.

The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 iOS Version is yet another great game in The Timebuilders franchise.  Free to play with in-app purchases, the goal is to not buy anything, right? The Pyramid Rising 2 section is basically the same as the first version.  In addition, there are 3 other sections. The 12 Labours costs scarabs to play and consists of 15 new levels. The Joy of Geb is free and consists of 34 new levels. The Hope of Isis is free but is not finished. Currently there are 14 released levels and a new level is released every day or so. Ultimately Hope of Isis will consist of 30 new levels.

Golden Scarabs are the coin in this game.  Golden Scarabs are awarded based on your finishing time. Gold time gets you 25, silver gets you 150, and bronze gets you 5 scarabs. If you replay a level and improve your time, you will get the difference in scarabs. For example, if you originally had a bronze time and now get a gold time, you will receive 20 scarabs. 

Golden Scarabs are also available in the store.

Golden Scarabs will buy bonuses at the beginning of a level to make it easier to finish.  You can also halt time at the end of a level if you are close in time.  You will get 30 seconds put pack on the clock with a cost of 125 scarabs.  Sometimes this is better than buying a bonus because 1) it's actually cheaper and 2) you won't lose scarabs from purchasing a level that you end up messing up.


  • At the beginning of each level you are given the options to pick one of 3 bonuses at a cost.
  • Please note it is NOT necessary to pick a bonus. You can X out of the menu and move on. So save your golden scarabs for later levels.
  • I advise trying the level without a bonus first and then restarting with the one you want.
  • If you restart or replay a level you will lose those points that you have already spent.

Nomads are dressed in red. You need to give them gold to get past them.

Traders are blockiing the path or in the market and are dressed in blue. To get past the traders, you are given two options: Give him gold for stone or stone for gold. Until you do so you will not be able to pass.

Trees: To get joy in this game, you will plant fruit trees. You will not get joy until the fruit appears, therefore you need to plant early enough for that to happen as it does take some time. Once you have joy, the rents will comes faster.  You can pick the fruit for gold but you will lose the faster rents.

Housing: To fully upgrade any housing, it will cost 4 times the initial building amount.

Camels cost 2000 gold and get you past crocodiles.  In addition, you will get greater quantities out of mines or gold deposits and be able to make larger amounts of stone at the quarry.

Elephants cost 4000 gold, whether or not you have a camel or not.  You will get even great quantities available.