The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2

Our TimeBuilders Pyramid Rising 2 Walkthrough features hints, tips, and tricks for each of the levels in this challenging and entertaining time management game. We've also included video solutions for each level so you can see exactly how to achieve gold level every time. Can you save the kingdom of Egypt from a cataclysmic ending? With our TimeBuilders Walkthrough, you'll have no problem.

[b]The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2[/b] is yet another great game in The Timebuilders franchise. [b]The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 Walkthrough[/b] provides video solutions for gold times on all levels. As in the previous games in this series, this game has its own unique twist. Returning are the priests to collect rent and negotiate with traders, workers to build and clear the road, camels and elephants to upgrade your workers, and the buildings of the bank, market, quarry, and port. But the new things add the extras to make this game different from its predecessors. The walkthrough itself. We posted the videos first and are going to now work on the step-by-step instructions. I only used bonuses when I absolutely needed them. If after playing a level, you are still having difficulty, just replay with a bonus and you should be fine. I kind of liked the challenge of not using the bonuses. Bonuses: At the beginning of each level you are given the options to pick one of 3 bonuses at a cost. Please note it is NOT necessary to pick a bonus. You can X out of the menu and move on. So save your golden scarabs for later levels. I advise trying the level without a bonus first and then restarting with the one you want. If you restart or replay a level you will lose those points that you have already spent. Golden Scarabs are awarded based on your finishing time. Gold time gets you 15, silver gets you 10, and bronze gets you 5 scarabs. If you replay a level and improve your time, you will get the difference in scarabs. For example, if you originally had a bronze time and now get a gold time, you will receive 10 scarabs. Nomads: An old standby, there are dressed in red. You need to give them gold to get past them. Traders: In the past, these fellows only appeared at the market, but now they are in the paths dressed in blue. To get past the traders, you are given two options: Give him gold for stone or stone for gold. Until you do so you will not be able to pass. Trees: To get joy in this game, you will plant fruit trees. Interestingly you can pick the fruit to get gold, but if you do you will lose the speed bonus you get with rents. You will not get joy until the fruit appears, therefore you need to plant early enough for that to happen as it does take some time. Housing: To fully upgrade any housing, it will cost 4 times the initial building amount.