The Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage

The Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage Walkthrough includes more than 20 detailed video solutions to some of the most challenging puzzles in the game as well as over 100 screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to beat the game. Can you solve the mystery of Cinderstone Orphanage and save the children?

General Information

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Objective: To discover what happened at the orphanage and to save the children and the preceptress from whatever evil has imprisoned them in their ghostly states.

General Tips to Play the Game

- There are two different play modes that you can choose from.
- Regular - For people who want the hint button to recharge faster and sparkle hints throughout the game at areas you need to examine.
- Advanced - For anyone who wants an extra challenge. The hint button charges slower and there are no sparkle hints to help you along the way.

- Your Inventory - Any object you collect will be placed in your inventory at the bottom of your screen.
- Your Journal - Any crucial information will be stored here. You can access it by clicking on it. There are two tabs, story and docs. The docs area will store important information. The story area will store the video clips so you can watch them again if you want. If you're stuck and don't know what to do, it's a good idea to consult your journal for clues.
- The Hint Button - Found in the lower right corner, the hint button will help you if you get stuck or can't find an object.
- Hand cursor - When your cursor turns into a hand, this means you can pick up an object. Just click on the object to add it to your inventory.
- Magnifying Glass - When your cursor turns into a magnifying glass, this means that you can zoom in closer to an area or object. Just click to zoom in.
- Sparkles - These indicate a hidden object area for you to play.
- Skip Button - during any puzzle, if you get stuck, you can wait until the skip button charges all the way and then use it to skip the puzzle.
- The Nexus - all the super powers you gain during the game will be stored here. To use a power, just click on the nexus and then click on the item you want to use it on. It will automatically select the right power for the object you click on.

Chapter 1: The Preceptress

- Welcome to Agency of Anomalies Cinderstone Orphanage!
- To begin, click on the sparkles that indicate a hidden object scene.


- Find all the objects hidden in the scene. Red objects indicate an extra step before you can find the object.
- Once you've found all the listed items, you need to take the GAFF.


- Click on the front door of the orphanage.
- Do you see the GLOWING HANDLE? Take it.
- Click on the window on the right of the orphanage.
- Use the GAFF on the window to break the glass so you can enter the orphanage.
- Enter the orphanage.


- Listen to the spirit of the preceptress in the cut scene. You need to find her books before you can help her and the children.
- One of the books is on the desk. Take VOLUME 9.
- Click on the drawer in the desk to zoom in on it.
- See the PATTERNED TILE beneath the desk? Take it.
- Click on the door ahead to zoom in on it.
- Use the GLOWING HANDLE on the door.
- This will activate a puzzle that you'll need to solve.
- The goal of this puzzle is to slide each of the handles so that they stay in the middle.
- I've made a video so you can see exactly how I did it:

- Once you have completed the puzzle, go through the door.


- On the floor in front of you, there are two items.
- Take the SECRET MATERIAL and watch the cut scene
- Then take SWITCH HANDLE.
- Click on the trapdoor to zoom in on it.
- Now, you need to put the PATTERNED TILE on the floor to start another puzzle.
- The goal for this puzzle is to put the tiles together correctly so they form the right pattern. Just click on two tiles to swap them.
- See the screenshot below that I took to see what the final image should look like.


- Once you have solved the puzzle, you need to go through the trapdoor.


- You'll find yourself in a room with a strange device.
- Click on the device in the back to zoom in.
- Take VOLUME 4 that's just sitting there.
- Now, put the SWITCH HANDLE on the device and click on it.
- This will turn all the lights on in the orphanage... much better!
- Now go back one screen and then forward through the door.
- There's a hidden object scene to play! Click on the sparkles to access it.
- This scene is a little different than what you're used to. Here, you need to put all the objects back into the scene where they belong!
- See the video I made for exactly how to do it.

- Once you've placed everything correctly, you will receive the SCREWDRIVER.
- Now go back outside the orphanage and head to the left.


- Click on those suspicious looking crates in front of you.
- Perhaps there's something for you to find? There is! Take VOLUME 6.
- Now, go back inside the orphanage to the library.


- Click on that stuck drawer in the desk to zoom in on it.
- Use the SCREWDRIVER from your inventory to pry it open.
- Score! Take the SECRET MATERIAL and VOLUME 3.


- You now have all the volumes, so click on the bookcase to zoom in.
- Put VOLUMES 3, 4, 6, and 9 on the shelf.
- You've now earned the ABILITY TO ENLARGE OBJECTS... so take it! Woohoo!

Chapter 2: Philip


- You may have noticed the axe on the typewriter... but it was too small to use... not anymore!
- Click on the nexus and then click on the axe to enlarge it. Presto! One large AXE served up special order.
- Take the AXE.
- Now go through the door and move to the next room.


- Time to break stuff! Use the AXE on the door that's boarded up. You'll need to use it 3 times before it breaks.
- Go through the door, you mighty lumberjack, you...


- There's a NOTE KEY hanging on the wall on the left. Take that.
- There's also some SCISSORS on the floor... you can always use scissors. Just don't run with them. Fine... do it... you rebel.
- See the cannon on the stage? What's the use of a small cannon... let's make that bigger.
- Click on the nexus and then click on the cannon to enlarge it.
- That's better... now let's blow stuff up. Click on the CANNON to blow a hole through the wall.
- Go admire your handiwork and go through the wall.
- A hidden object scene! Let's play it!


- Find all the items in the list. Fine don't... see if I care...
- Once you've finally decided to find all the objects, to find the red object, click on the clock weight and then the CUCKOO. Not me... the bird...
- You're also going to need that WRENCH on the shelf. Grab that.
- When you're done go through the door on the right.


- Hmmmm someone didn't clean up their toys... MINE!
- Take the BLUE TOY CAR.... what? They're all spirits now... they won't even notice.
- Let's see what other loot we can find... let's click on the box by the window... Ohhhhh YELLOW KEYS. MINE!
- I also really like that drum... but it's a tad too small. Click on the nexus and click on the DRUM to enlarge it. Now it's my size! Take it.
- Let's see what else we can find... go to the right.


- Click by the door to zoom in. Take the BALL BEARING... not sure what we can do with that... but it's loot.
- Now click on the clock on the left. Hmmm what to do... I know! Let's take it apart... Use that WRENCH you have on the bolt and take off the cover.
- Why does it always have to be gears??? Seriously enough with the gears... alright... fine... use the nexus to enlarge the gears...
- Take the GEARS... but do it grudgingly.
- Go down one screen.


- Oh great. Another door. Let's click on it. Again, let's take things apart... Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove all the screws... that will really screw with them... haha... I crack myself up.
- Well... at least we don't have to drag these darn GEARS around for too long... Use the GEARS on the panel to start a puzzle.
- You need to place the GEARS on the right pins in order to solve this one... what are the right pins? Fine... here's a video... how good am I to you?

- Once you're done watching my fancy video, and you've completed the puzzle... go through the door.


- Hey mom what's for dinner? Looks delicious... what's this KEY for on the counter? I'll just take that... for safekeeping...(MINE!)
- Let's let in some air... what? Oh you're gross... I did no such thing. I just want that ICICLE... click on the window, then click on the ICICLE to make it fall... then take the ICICLE. We can make snow cones later with it.
- Let's go through the cupboards. Click on them to zoom in. Darn string! You're no match for my SCISSORS! And just for that, I'm taking this GLASS CLEANSER.
- Now, let's get out of here... go down 4 times and through the door head of you.
- Another Hidden Object Scene! Let's play it! Me first!
- Ok, this is another "put the objects back in their place" scene. Think you can handle it?
- Fine, I'll let you copy off of mine... take a look.

- Once you're done... you're going to get a TOY FISHING POLE. Lucky you. I'm pretty sure mine is better though...


-  Let's take a closer look now at the back door. Hey! I'm being mature about this... I expect the same from you!
- Insert the KEY into the door in the back...
- Once the door is open, go through it.


- This room looks promising! We've got some BLUE KEYS on the desk and a MACHINE PART 3 on the floor.
- Bookshelf... right... there's always something in the bookshelf. Let's take a closer look. That 4th book looks suspicious... click on it.
- Yes, what did I tell you? There's some PART OF MUSIC SHEET in there... take that.
- Now, what else? What's that box on the floor on the left? Let's look at it. Looks just right for a BALL BEARING. Use that on it and it will start a puzzle.
- The goal of this puzzle is to move the ball through the maze. Here's what you need to know... holes are bad... they will eat your ball. You need to touch the  ball to the colored crystal in the maze to get it to go away... get it?
- Fine... here's a video of how to do it...

- After all that ball moving, you'd think you would get some sort of grand prize right? Nope... just a lousy PART OF RECIPE...
-Once you're done crying, go down one screen.


- Ohhh lockers... maybe someone is shoved inside one? Let's find out... Click to take a closer look. Hmmm the lockers... are locked. Imagine that. Let's try our keys... Use the NOTE KEY on the blue locker... Is there money, treasure, and kid shoved in his locker... no. Just a GUITAR. Take it for your trouble and go.
- Seriously go... back to the dining room.


- No... there's no time for tea... click on the desk behind the table to take a closer look. More keys... good thing we have BLUE KEYS and YELLOW KEYS to use.
- This is going to start a puzzle. Yes, another one... you're playing a hidden object adventure game... they have puzzles... and hidden objects... in an adventure. Never mind...
- To solve this puzzle, you need to put each of the key halves in the right spot. Sort of like that perfection game you played as a kid.... except you're not timed. You know... pop goes perfection? Some of you have no idea what I'm saying right now do you... fine, watch the video.

- Once you're done, take the METRONOME... really? A metronome? Because we all have those lying around our house? Can I borrow your metronome? Sure, I keep mine in the kitchen drawer in case I ever need to measure my groovy beats. Whatever.
- Go back outside the orphanage with your metronome.


- Another Hidden object game! Let's play it. Hopefully there's something better than a metronome in here.
- Oh there are toys under this tree! Find all the hidden objects.
- There's a broken stool and a stool leg piece... what can we do... oh look at that... we made a stool. Yay.
- When you're done, take the DRUMSTICKS... which are much better than a metronome.
- Go to the left.


- Hmmmm a statue of an angel with a French horn... what should we do? Let's take it! We can at least put the metronome to good use... no I will not give it a rest!
- Look at the statue... and attack the rope holding the HORN with your SCISSORS. You are now the proud owner of a HORN... after you take it that is.
- OK, we have all of Philip's instruments now... so let's go make some beautiful music together... go to the room with the piano.


- There it is... a perfect blend of ebony and ivory... click on the piano to take a closer look... before I start singing.
- Let's put every musical item we have including the METRONOME on the bench there... so that would be the DRUMSTICKS, HORN, DRUM, GUITAR, and the METRONOME.
- I know you always wanted to be in a band... but you need to abandon these musical items and instead pick up the X-RAY VISION ABILITY. There now... don't you feel better?
- Let's go back to the kitchen now and get you a cupcake...

Chapter 3: Robert


- Oh... sorry I ate all the cupcakes... guess you're just going to have to use your X-RAY VISION on the door there... maybe there are more in the next room! Use the X-RAY VISION in the NEXUS to see through the lock...
- OK... we just need to open this door. Use your TOY FISHING POLE on that bit of broken glass at the top of the door to open the door and let's see what in the next room.... probably pizza... and cake.
- Oh.... it's just another hidden object scene... I guess we should play it.
- It's another put the object back in its place scene... I was really still hoping for cake...
- Well... here's how to do it...

- When you're done... you get DILUTED ACID... that's not cake at all... that's the opposite of cake.


- What else can we take? Well there's a RAG on the right... and oh joy the other PART OF RECIPE and a PAPER CLIP. Click on the recipe part first. Then take the PAPER CLIP... then take the PART OF RECIPE that falls... why couldn't you just take all of it at once? Because that would have been too easy.
- Now, go down twice and then over to the right.


- Let's take a look at that painting in the corner... well... it must be the maid's day off because that painting is filthy.
- Use the GLASS CLEANER and then wash it with the RAG... from now on we'll call you Rosie... you know... from the Jetsons? How old are you again???
- Use your super power X-Ray vision on the painting and take the SECRET MATERIAL before I cry...
- Go down twice.


- Let's look at the cupboard... hmmm locked... well... let's use our handy dandy PAPER CLIP on that lock to start a puzzle.
- How good are you at picking locks? You're about to find out... you need to raise each cylinder to the correct position using nothing but a paper clip. Nice... next stop we're taking this show to Vegas...
- But oh no... your secret was leaked and now here's a video on YouTube showing exactly how to do this...

- When you're done mourning your chance at stardom... take the BEAKER and then play that hidden object scene.


- Why do people keep breaking things around here? I mean really? No respect... let's fix that broken cup by putting the broken cup piece on it... no glue needed... it just magically comes together.
- Then for our efforts, let's take the MATCHES... 
- I feel like cooking something so let's go to the Kitchen.


- So let's get cooking! Click on the stove to zoom in.
- Remember the 2 PART OF RECIPES we found earlier. Now would be a good time to pull those out Martha Stewart....
- Once you have them tacked on the wall nicely, let's turn the gas on by clicking on the knob.
- Then light the gas with the MATCHES... this really isn't rocket science you know...
- Grab the BEAKER and place it on the burner and then pour the DILUTED ACID in the BEAKER to boil it.
- Ouch! It's way too hot to handle... kind of like me... so cool it off with that ICICLE before taking the CONCENTRATED ACID.
- Go down one screen and then to the right.


- Let's melt something with that acid... but what to melt... oh yeah how about that door?
- Click on the door to zoom in and then use the CONCENTRATED ACID on the door to melt it away and clear the path.
- Go through the door.
- Oh joy! Another hidden object scene... wonder what we'll find here... play it to find out.


- Find all the objects in the scene.
- To get the valve, you'll need to use the hand dandy wrench to unscrew it from the pipe.
- Then I'm feeling the need to freshen up a bit... maybe pluck my unibrow so grab the TWEEZERS.
- Go to the left.


- Click on that board over there to knock it over.
- Ohhhh a KNIFE HANDLE. Take it!
- Then use your super powers to shrink all that stuff in front of you.
- Go back to the kitchen.


- I bet we can find some use for that knife Chuck Norris left in the cupboard.
- Use the KNIFE HANDLE on the blade and take the KNIFE.
- Go back to where you just shrank that pot in the greenhouse area.


- We're going on a jungle adventure now... use your KNIFE on the vines on the door a few times to cut them down.
- Don't forget to grab the MACHINE PART 1 that falls conveniently to the ground in front of you.


- Once you're finished slashing the vines to pieces, click on the keypad on the right to zoom in.
- Use your super x-ray powers to see why the pad isn't working.
- WEEDS! Why did it have to be weeds... fine, you can use the TWEEZERS to pull out the weeds... but I don't that's very sanitary.
- Once you're done pruning, a puzzle will start... it's not hard... if you can't figure it out, I was nice enough to make a video for you...

- Once you're done and the door is open... what do you think? Go through the door Einstein.


- You're not going to like this, but you have to click on that rat with wings... I mean the pigeon to make it fly away.
- Then take the YELLOW TOY CAR.
- Go left.


- Oh look a birdhouse. The perfect place to leave your keys lying around. Click on it to zoom in and take that GEAR KEY.
- Now head over the bridge and then forward one more screen until you get to the gate.


- Ohhhhhh Dad's going to be mad you left his tools out again... grab that HACKSAW on the left before you get grounded.
- Go down twice and then forward toward the gazebo.


- See that bird fountain on the left... click on it... it looks like the tin man has left his OIL CAN... grab it... you'll need it later. I won't tell anyone.
- Now let's get rid of that annoying barrier to the gazebo. Take out the HACKSAW and use it three times on the boards blocking your way.
- Oh look... another hidden object scene... this one's another one of those put the objects back where they belong... see the video I made for help.

- Once you're done, you'll get a BROOM.
- Now go down 4 times until you get back to the greenhouse.


- Click on that cabinet in front of you to zoom in.
- Locked... good thing we have a GEAR KEY. Use it to start a puzzle.
- This puzzle is long but fairly simple... at least I thought so... all you have to do is match items that are alike.
- Here's a video to help you if you get stuck.

- Once you're done, you'll receive the TOY CAR PARTS. Just what I always wanted...
- Now go back to the pantry... there's another hidden object scene for you to play... here's help.

- Once you're done, you'll receive the CRACKERS... stale crackers... delicious.


- Next... do you see that ICE PICK embedded in the shelf over there... we need that.
- Use the OIL CAN for some strange reason and this will let you pry the ICE PICK out.
- Now go back to the birdhouse area.


- It's feeding time... Click on the birdhouse to zoom in and use the CRACKERS on the birdhouse to feed the birds... feed the birds... toppins a bag... no? Not getting it? What did you watch as a child? C-Span?
- Once the birds are gone, you can click on the ground where they were to zoom in.


- Hmmmm there's something under all that snow... let's use the BROOM to sweep away the snow and see what's there.
- It's a BROKEN TOY CAR... who didn't see that coming?
- Head over to the gazebo now.


- Click on the fountain area again... Now that we have an ICE PICK we can get that car...
- Use the ICE PICK on the car and then take the ICE TOY CAR.
- An icy toy car... well we can't do much with that, so let's go back to the kitchen and see what we can do. 


- Time to cook again. Click on the stove to zoom in. Turn on the gas again by clicking on the knob.
- Light the gas with the MATCHES.
- Now, let's melt that ICE TOY CAR on the burner.
- When it's all melted... take the GREEN TOY CAR.
- Now go back to the greenhouse with your toys.


-See those boards on the ground? Click on them to zoom in.
- Put all your toy cars on the boards. That means the YELLOW TOY CAR, the BLUE TOY CAR, the GREEN TOY CAR, and the BROKEN TOY CAR.
- Let's fix the broken toy car by using the TOY CAR PARTS on the red car.
- Take the PENKNIFE that pops out... not sure this was an appropriate children's toy... but oh well..
- When you're done celebrating... play the hidden object scene in front of you.


- Find the objects in the scene. To get the wooden board, you need to scrape off all that green moss with the knife.
- Then it's time to grab the wrench... ahhhh what would a hidden object adventure game be without a wrench thrown in somewhere?
- Go left and the go straight.


- See that rope dangling there... are you going to let it go to waste? I didn't think so...
- Use the PENKIFE on the rope to take it.
- Go to the left.


- I spy with my little eye... a PIPE! But how can we get it? The WRENCH of course.
- Use the WRENCH on the swing to get the PIPE.
- Go to the gazebo and play the hidden object game... it's another one of those put the object back so here's a video for help.

- You'll receive the SCOOP NET when you are victorious.


- Feel like collecting some cans! Of course you do! Grab those cans hanging from the gazebo by using the PENKNIFE on them... you'll receive some TIN CANS.
- Go down twice.


-Let's snag that tug boat that's in the frozen river shall we? We can always use a tugboat I'm sure...
- Use the SCOOP NET on the tugboat to pull it to shore... what's this? The tugboat has loot!
- Grab the DOVECOTE KEY and the BLURRY PICTURE for your efforts.
- Now go left, and then over the bridge. Don't get excited... we're not going to grandmother's house... and there won't be any candy for you...


- Oh how sad... there's a scarecrow on the ground... I told you not to take the oil can from the tin man... now he's pissed and took it out on his friend...
- Sigh... I suppose we should help him... Use the PIPE, then the ROPE, then the TIN CANS on the scarecrow.
- Then let's have some fun and use your new power of Telekinesis on the scarecrow... for what you ask? Scaring that crow in the tree of course! Did you see his face!? No?
- Grab the MACHINE PART 4 and go forward.


- Another lock... but we have the key for this one now... use the DOVECOTE KEY on the lock to open the gate.


- I'd really like to get up into that building... oh well there's a ladder on the ground... hmmm what to do...
- Use your Telekinesis Ability on the ladder.
- Go into the dovecote... no it's not a fancy coat for a bird... it's a building... go in it.


- Ewwww gross... that better be snow... uggg... grab those feathers in the corner and get out of there.
- Go back to the greenhouse and play the hidden object scene there.


- Find all the objects in the scene.
- How to find the bumblebee? Where do bees like to hang out? Flowers... that's right! Click on the flower on the left and he'll fall right out.
- Once you're done, don't forget to grab the BOWSTRING on the bottom shelf.
- Go back to the dining room and play the hidden object scene there now.


- You know the drill by now... find the items in the scene.
- Fix the snowman by replacing his middle.
- Grab the PLIERS on the right. There, that wasn't so hard now was it?
- Return to the Dovecote... that sounds like a bad sequel doesn't it?


- Let's cut through that wire with our new PLIERS.
- Grab the PART OF MUSIC SHEET, a MACHINE PART 2, and the EMPTY CAGE. Be good... or I'll put you in that!
- Now go back to the room with the piano. I know it's a long walk... suck it up.


- Click on the stand on the piano to zoom in.
- Use the 2 PARTS OF MUSIC SHEETS on the stand. This is going to start a puzzle.
- This one is a pain in the butt... you have to click on the arrows to move patterns and try to match the music sheet...
- Here's a video of how I did it... it took forever... enjoy.


- Once you're finally done with that puzzle.... and that one might be the worst one in the game... you're going to want to use your Telekinesis power on the moon that's hanging.
- Take the BOW.
- Go back outside the orphanage and head to the left.


- Click on those crates again to zoom in... Arrows!
- Use the FEATHERS, the BOW, and the BOWSTRING on the arrows to create an ARCHERY SET.
- Don't forget to take it.


- Now, click on the tree house above to zoom in.
- Use the ARCHERY SET on the tree house to start a puzzle.
- This is basically a memory game. You need to shoot the planks in the order that they highlight.
- Here's a video on how to do it.

- Go into the tree house.

Chapter 4: The Twins

- There's a hidden object scene ahead... go play it.


- This one was one of my favorites in the game because of all the animals... gotta catch them all! To get the whale, just grab the sewing needle and patch up poor baby beluga.
- When you're done, grab the ALTIMETER on the floor... I know... what kind of game would it be without an ALTIMETER?


- Now, use your special powers of Telekinesis on the shutters ahead to form a bridge so you can get into the second story of the orphanage.
- Go forward when you're done.


- There's nothing to really do in this room yet so go forward through the open door.
- Click on the window on the left to zoom in and then use your Telekinesis ability again on the boards to move them.
- Now you can get into that room... so do it... go into the room already.


- Let's look at the stool in the corner with the squirrel in the wheel.
- Take the CAGED SQUIRREL and then before you leave, look at the poster on the wall where the cage was.
- Click on it to pull it down a little... what do we have here? A PART OF CODE. Awesome.
- Go back to the tree house now.


- Let's give the boys back there pet shall we? Place the CAGED SQUIRREL next to the birdcage.
- Once you do that, you'll see the CAGE HOOK fall. Take it. We'll need that later.
- Go forward.


-What's that thing in the corner there on the left... looks like something where I can put my ALTIMETER to use...
- Click on it to zoom in and then use the ALTIMETER on the fuse in the upper right there.


- Yup, that one's working... let's take it. But first you need to pull out the fuse with the CAGE HOOK. Then take the FUSE.


- Now let's look at that box on the rocking chair on the right.
- Use the FUSE we just found on the device to start a puzzle.
- For this puzzle, you need to click on the wires connecting the fuses to activate them. But you have to activate the right ones depending on the shapes in the fuses which will tell you how many connections you need to make.
- OK... this one can be a little tricky, so I made you a video to help if you get stuck... I'm just nice like that.

- Once you're done, go through the door on the right.


- Oops... looks like the roof caved in over here... let's move that out of the way, shall we?
- Use your Telekinesis superpower on the chunk of roof to move it.


- Now, what do we have here... let's take a closer look at what was under there...
- Yup, there's something there alright... a hedgehog... but we can't do anything about him yet... what we can do is snag that PART OF CODE in the lower left.
- Now, go back to that artsy room with the easel where you found the squirrel.


- Let's look at that drawer in the corner... looks like some kind of code is needed... good thing we have 2 PART OF CODE to use!
- Use both PARTS OF CODE on the drawer... then see that scribble on the left of the drawer? That's the key... press Triangle, 6, and 8 to open the drawer.
- Oh look at that... HEDGEHOG FOOD... take that and let's go back and feed that little hedgehog... you remember where he is right? Back in the room with the roof collapsed... the one we were just in? Do I have to do everything here?


- Let's zoom in on the rubble pile again. There he is!
- Put the EMPTY CAGE down first. Then put the HEDGEHOG FOOD in the cage and you'll convince the poor little guy to come out and be friends.
- Take the CAGED HEDGEHOG back to the tree house so you can give him to the twins.


- Put the CAGED HEDGEHOG on the ground right up front... this will make that ball roll away, revealing the RUBBER GLOVE.
- Snag the glove and go back to the hallway where the electric current was on. Can you guess what we need to do?


- Did you guess? Click on that switch over there to zoom in... then let's turn that off without getting zapped... Use the RUBBER GLOVE on the switch. Electricity gone!
- Now let's see what's in that room shall we? Go through the door on the right.


- Oh... a cute bunny... ignore him for now... we can't do anything with him yet.
- Snag the SECRET MATERIAL behind the mirror.
- Then let's see what those planks are hiding... sneaky thing planks... they always are hiding something.
- Use your Telekinesis power to move them out of the way.


- Oh a first aid kit! Spectacular. Open it and take the BANDAGE and the LEAF KEY.
- That LEAF KEY looks awfully familiar... let's go back to the lockers. Yes, I know... they are all the way on the first floor of the orphanage... sorry... exercise is good for you.


- Take a closer look at the lockers so we can see the symbols on them... hmmmm a leaf locker... and we have a LEAF KEY... you do the math....
- Once you open the locker with your LEAF KEY... grab that BASKET on the floor.
- Now, let's go back to the bathroom and the bunny.


- First thing... it looks like Thumper there hurt his paw... so let's BANDAGE him up.
- There... all better. Now let's grab him and put him in the BASKET and take him back to the twins where they can love him and squeeze him and name him George.


- Back at the tree house, put the RABBIT on top of the hedgehog cage.
- Hurray! You get the Restoration Ability now! 

Chapter 5: Julia

- Let's go put that Restoration power to work right away... wasn't there something broken lying around here? Yes! Go back to the bathroom.


- See that broken vase like thing on the counter on the right. Use your Restoration power and fix it.
- Take the MACHINE PAERT 5. Awesome...
- Now... what else can we fix? Go back one screen and let's look at that door at the end of the hall on the right.


- The key has broken off in the lock... hmmmmm can we fix it? Yes we can! Use your Restoration power on the broken key to fix it.
- Now all that's left to do it click on the key and go through the open door.
- Play the hidden object scene.


- You know the drill... find all the items. To find the atlas, you need to move that picture of Africa in the book over to the map on the shelf.
- Now... let's take that BRUSH.


- You're in some kind of library, but there's nothing good to read here. Grab the PALETTE on the floor... anyhow else think that looks like a bowl and not a palette?? Or is it just me? Oh well.
- Go through the door on the left.


- Isn't this a pretty room... must have been Julia's. Let's look around... How about those pillows...
- Click on them to zoom in and then click on the top pillow... Eureka! How was anyone supposed to sleep here with this BRUSH KEY just lying there. Take it...
- Hmmm another key... yes, you guessed it. We have to walk all the way back downstairs to the lockers again to open that last one.


- Julia's locker is the last one on  the left with the brush symbol on it. Use the BRUSH KEY to open it.
- Take the YELLOW PAINT and the PICTURE PIECES on the bottom and the GLASS at the top.
- Now go back to the bathroom upstairs.


- That tub is full of water.... let's grab some. Use the GLASS on the tub. It will make a GLASS FILLED WITH WATER.... imagine that. Don't forget to pick it up from the shelf before you go back to the tree house.
- Play the hidden object scene in the tree house.


- Find the items... to get the stained glass.... use that glass flower on the stained glass on the left to complete it. Then let's grab that SCAPEL so we can go cut things.
- Go back to the library and play the hidden object scene there.


- Find all the objects yada yada yada... grab the piece of the star on the desk and use it on the rest of the star that's hanging from the shelf on the right.
- Grab that VASE PIECE 1 in the cabinet before you go.


- OK, well we got that SCAPEL and haven't cut anything yet so let's look at the wall right there.
- Use the SCAPEL on the wallpaper and you'll get the CANVAS.
- Go back to Julia's bedroom on the left.


- Let's take a look at that dresser on the left. Click on the drawer to open it and then click to look closer.
- Looks like some kind of journal... but it's burned... hmmmm... this calls for the job of your Restoration ability. Use that on it to make it complete once again.
- Now open it and place the PICTURE PIECES on the page to start a puzzle.


- This puzzle is pretty simple except for the fact that you're not going to use all the pieces. Take a look at the screenshot above... it's easier if you pay attention to the pieces I didn't use... that should help you solve the puzzle.
- Once you're done... take that DOLL IMAGE.


- What else? Let's take a look at the pillow again... wasn't there some seams that needed cutting? Yes there were.... use the SCAPEL on the pillow and grab the BLUE PAINT.
- Now let's go back to the art room and paint something pretty.


- Click on the easel to zoom in. You have a bunch of objects that are going to help you paint a pretty picture... use the BLUE PAINT and the YELLOW PAINT... the BRUSH and the CANVAS... the BLURRY PICTURE and the DOLL PICTURE and finally the GLASS FILLED WITH WATER and the PALETTE.
- This is going to start a fun puzzle that's going to require you to recreate Julia's doll... it's a bit involved so take a look at the video I did for help.


- Once you've made Julia her doll, she'll be nice enough to give you her power... which is the coolest of them all... and the one I wish I could have. The ability to make any picture REAL... think of the possibilities... I'm hungry... let me just draw a pizza and call it a day... I'm thirsty, one milk shake coming up... of course I would have to work on my drawing skills. I'm not sure if stick figures count as art.
- Anyhow... grab that BRIDGE PAINTING on the floor too before you leave.
- Let's go back to that room where the roof was collapsed.

Chapter 6: The Doctor


- We need to get across somehow... this seems like the perfect opportunity for you to use your new power...
- Take out the BRIDGE PAINTING and place it on the floor near the chasm. Now use your ability on it and presto! You have a bridge to help you get to the next area.
- Go over the bridge.
- Play that hidden object scene... it's another put the objects back in the right place so here's a video for you...

- Once you're done, you'll receive the PIECE OF PLAQUE.
- Now go through the door on the left.


- A CROWBAR... of course... I knew this game was missing something. Grab that will you?
- Take a closer look at the shelf... there's a PENCIL stuck there... grab that.
- Go back one screen.


- We're going to need to get in that door on the right... click to take a closer look at it and then use your CROWBAR on the door to open it... well that was easy.
- Go through the now open door.


- Oh another staple! A SLEDGEHAMMER... but it's broken... Oh wait, I know just what to do... use your Restoration power on the SLEDGEHAMMER... all better! Grab that.
- Go back one and then through the door on the left again.


- That wall looks a little crumbly.... let's break it down. Use the SLEDEHAMMER on the wall a few times and then go through the door to the boy's room.
- Play the hidden object scene.


- You're a pro at this by now... find all the objects. To get nine, you need to grab the single die and bring it over to the other dice.
- Then when you are done, grab that BOX KEY by the hat.


- Take the DRAWING PAPER on the floor.
- Go back one screen.


- There's a box on that desk in front of you... didn't you just get a BOX KEY? You did... use it on the box to open it.
- Grab the PAINTED VASE PIECES and then walk back one screen.


- That desk on the left looks interesting... let's take a closer look... hmmmm shreds of paper... don't we have those?
- Use the PAINTED VASE PIECES you just picked up on the desk to start a puzzle.


- This one's pretty easy... just put the puzzle back together... see the screenshot I took above for the answer.
- Take the MAGAZINE PAGE when you're done and then go through the door on the right.


- Take a look at that tray on the bed there... see anything we can use? Looks like a good place to draw something...
- Let's take out the PENCIL, the DRAWING PAPER, and that MAGAZINE PAGE you just found and see what we can make.


- Let's draw that vase, shall we? Just click on the correct dots to draw the vase... you can peek at mine if you get stuck... just check the screenshot above.
- The second part of the puzzle is a little harder... so I took video of it... check it out below if you need help.

- Once you complete the puzzle, you'll have a picture of a vase... we can't do much with that so use your superpower and make the vase real... take the VASE PIECE 3.


- So we're walking around with two vases now, which can get a little awkward... let's find someplace to put them ok?
- Click on the cupboard in the back of the room to zoom in.
- More vases! Oh except for that broken one... but we can fix that... use the Restoration ability on the broken vase.
- Perfect... now let's place the two VASE PIECES we are carrying around on the shelf to start a puzzle.


- This one is fairly simply... you just need to put the vases in the correct spot... the pieces of ripped paper on the sides give you a hint as to what the correct order is... but take a look above for the right answer if you need it...
- When you're done, grab that CLOCK KEY... this game sure has a lot of keys in it doesn't it?


- Well we have a CLOCK KEY and there's a clock right in front of us... could it be that easy? Yup... use the CLOCK KEY on the clock to open it.
- Grab the MAP, the TILES, and the PIECE OF PLAQUE... lol I had to giggle at that one... you piece of plaque you...
- When you're done laughing, go back one screen and play the hidden object scene. It's another one that might require a video to solve it so here you go...

- When you're done, you'll be the lucky owner of an OVERLAY PIECE 1.... oh goodie.
- Now, go back to the boy's room and play the hidden object game there.


- Find all the items.... to get the full pencil case you just need to grab the pencil on  the right and put it into the pencil holder.
- Once you're done, grab the HAMMER and go back to the library.
- Play the hidden object scene there...


- Find all the objects... to get the photo... grab the photo on the desk and place it on the framed photo on the right.
- When you're done, grab the PART OF MACHINE 6.
- Head to the left into Julia's room.


- OK, we knew there was something under that run over there but we couldn't do anything about it before... but that's before we had the HAMMER.
- Use the HAMMER to get rid of the nails.
- Then, take the TILES and the OVERLAY PIECE 5.
- Head back to the boy's room and play the hidden object game there...


- Find all the objects... to get the place... just grab the wings on the shelf and place them on the plane on the left.
- Then just grab the PIECE OF PLAQUE before you go... hahaha... that's still making me laugh.


- OK, let's look at that poster on the wall now... click on it and then zoom in.
- Now, put the 2 TILES on the board to start a puzzle.


- This one is pretty easy... just place the tiles in the right place in order to create the picture of the plane. See the screenshot I took above for help.
- Take the OVERLAY PIECE 4.
- Go back to the tree house... there's a hidden object scene there to play... go play it.


- Find all the objects... to get the scissors just grab the one half over to the other.
- Then take the OVERLAY PIECE handing from the buggy.
- Go down one screen.


- There's a secret material on the ground on the left by the tree... grab that.
- Go back to the front of the orphanage.


- See that device on the right side of the door? Click on that to zoom in... now's the time to take out your 3 PIECES OF PLAQUE... teeheee...
- Use them to start a puzzle...
- This one is tricky so if you get stuck... take a look at what I did on the video below.

- Once you're done, you'll get the OVERLAY PIECE 2.
- There's also a hidden object scene for you to play now.


- Find the items. To get the doll, grab the arm and drag it to the doll on the ground.
- Then grab the COAL TONGS before you're done.
- Go back down the trapdoor to the basement and the big machine.


- What do you think it behind that door? Let's find out... Click on it to zoom in... then place all the OVERLAY PIECES 1-5 on the door to start a puzzle.
- You need to spin the rings to get the right colors aligned. See the video below for help.

- Once the door is open, go through it...


- Well... this is weird... don't mind me... I'm just going to snag that KEY that's hanging on the right.
- Now, go back to the front entrance outside the orphanage.


- Click on that area to the right of the door again... a keyhole... use the KEY there to reveal a FIREBALL. Awesome! Just what I always wanted...


- And, how do you carry a FIREBALL... very carefully with your COAL TONGS of course...
- Go back to the basement once you've grabbed the FIREBALL.


- Time to make this machine work again... You have 6 MACHINE PARTS. They all need to go on the machine in the appropriate area... check the screenshot above for exactly where to place each piece.


- Once you have all the pieces together, let's start this baby... place the FIREBALL in the middle and then press the button in the front...
- This will start your last puzzle... and it's pretty challenging... here's a video...

- And... imagine that... you just beat the game! Who would have thought? Congratulations! I'm so proud...

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