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Have you ever looked at those bizarre headlines on the tabloids while you’re waiting in line at the supermarket?  Don’t be embarrassed, you know you have.  Well, while you’re glancing at them, and hoping no one is watching you do it, have you ever thought that you could write a better story than the ones on the front page?  Tabloid Tycoon gives you that chance.

Tabloid Tycoon is a new strategy game that gives you control over a tabloid newspaper.  You control everything from choosing the stories to assigning reporters and photographers.  You can hire and fire your staff, sabotage your competitors, even help write the stories.   It is your responsibility to publish a new paper every week.  If you get too carried away with those alien baby stories, you may find yourself being sued.  Write high quality stories and you’ll win fame and awards.

Colony of Robots Discovered in Iowa

As you begin Tabloid Tycoon, you first job will be to research leads.  Check out the ratings for each lead.  The colored diamonds beside each lead represent the difficulty of the story.  The order of difficulty from easiest to hardest is green, blue, purple, red then black. 

The % sign indicates the truth percentage of the lead.  A high percentage of truth lowers the likelihood that you will be sued when you publish the story. 

The A,B,C and D numbers represent the Amusement, Believability, Credibility and Drama of the story.  The higher these numbers, the better your tabloid will sell.  In order to increase these numbers, you will need to use skilled reporters.

Movie Star is Really an Alien Spy

Choose your reporters with care, their skill levels will impact how well your tabloid sells.  When assigning a reporter to a lead, try to match their skill level with the difficulty of the story.  An unskilled reporter will not do well with a black diamond lead.  The higher a reporters skills, the greater the A,B,C,D ratings for the story.  So, when hiring reporters, hire the skilled ones, even though they cost more money, it will benefit you in the long run.

You also have a freelance reporter in your office.  He usually has the best leads.  Every Monday, click on him, buy all there of his leads and assign good reporters to those stories.

Each day of the week, you will have the option to pursue other leads.  Don’t do it!  Develop four stories form the start and publish those.  Select the photo that raises the A,B,C, D and % ratings the most.

Rebel Penguins Attack the Eiffel Tower

When you start, your paper will be small.  You will only be able to publish four stories per issue.  As you make money you will be able to increase the size of your paper.  Do this as soon as possible!  The more stories you can publish, the more papers you will sell.  Beginning with your first issues, raise the price of your paper to about $3.00.  As your paper grows, increase this price even more.

Be sure to check out the store as well.  There are items you will need to purchase in order to hire the better reporters and photographers.

Gamer Cheats at Tabloid Tycoon

What better way to excel in the tabloid industry than to cheat a little?  At the main office screen, press CTRL + SHIFT + C to bring up the command console.  You can then type in the following cheat codes.

To Add Leads:  dumpster dive
Fame Set To 0:  walk of shame
Fame Set To 100: walk of fame
Gives $100,000: they're here
Gives $1,000,000: they're back
Gives $10,000,000: they're gone
Gives 20 Lawsuits: instant litigation
Gives Max Fame and Public Perception, $10,000,000, All Items, Max Company And Newspaper Upgrades, And More Leads: cheating is wrong
Gives One Reporter and Photographer That Cost $100 Per Week And Have 10 In All Of Their Stats: super staff
Public Perception Set To -50: lose face
Public Perception Set To 50: spin doctor

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!