TV Farm 2

Our TV Farm 2 Walkthrough will ease the suffering of time management fans in search of those elusive gold times. Powered by our detailed instructions and video solutions to each and every level, you'll have no problem getting your farm in tip top shape and winning the ultimate prize... Your very own farm.

Welcome to the TV Farm 2 Walkthrough.  Here you will find hints, step-by-step instructions, and video solutions so that you can achieve gold times on all levels.  Enjoy.

Information and Hints

Each level's opening screen gives you the objectives for the level and the amount of time you are allowed to achieve golden time.  In addition, just below this is a list of products you have available to start the level.  Production strategy starts right from the first moment.  Hit the green check mark to start.  On some levels, you will receive a tutorial.  If you wish to skip it, you can do so.

I recommend immediately hitting the question mark button at the top.  Although it says it's a hint, it does not give you anything specific so it's not "cheating."  However, it is extremely helpful because you will find a description of the buildings that are available, the current level for each, whether they need to be built, and the inputs and output for each building.  Take the time to see what's there and start producing higher value items for your starting stock right away.

TV Farm 2 Gameplay

Top bar:

Timer:  Elapsed time is shown.  Once you pass the gold time, the time is no longer shown.

The timer stops whenever you look at a menu, hints, warehouse screen, or helicopter screen--so take advantage of that.

Gears:  Options menu.

Question mark:  Hints

Workers:  Shows number available to work over total number.  You need one worker to run or build each factory. 

Warehouse Caseload:  Number of items in the warehouse over total capacity.  You will get a big screaming red exclamation point when the warehouse is full.

Plant patches:  All levels have the patches in the same place and all patches cost $10 to buy if not available at the start of the level.

Helicopter:  The helicopter is available to purchase items at a much higher price that producing them.   Most times these are items that aren't available to produce but sometimes it can offer a shortcut.  Check it out early in the level to see what's available.  You will start with one slot and can upgrade to 3 as you earn tech points.

Warehouse:  Count and sell your items here.  Clicking on the one arrow button will load the truck one at a time.  The 3 arrow button will place all items up to the truck's capacity on the truck.  The green check will send the truck on it's way.  The red X will close the screen.  Clicking on the items in the truck will reduce the quantity by one.  You will be able to upgrade warehouse capacity, truck capacity, truck speed, and numbers of trucks as you collect tech points.

Item counter:  Just to the right of the warehouse, you will see a tiny box which will show you a small icon of the product and the number in the warehouse.  This keeps you from having to enter the warehouse to keep track of numbers, but if you need to plan go to the warehouse screen so you can stop the timer.


Unbuilt buildings will show a sign for what they make.  Unfortunately built buildings do not show this sign, which is why the Hints screen can be so handy.

Buildable or upgradable buildings will show a small sign with a dollar amount and green arrow for cost but only when the building is not producing.  Clicking on this will send a worker to build.  Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what level the building is without hovering your cursor over it.

Hovering the cursor will show you the inputs, output, and level of the building.  The building level indicates the quantity available to produce.

Bottom bar:

Plant seeds:  Type and cost per plant.  The seed selected will show next to your cursor.  You can click and drag along the plant beds to plant and to harvest.  To change seeds, just click on another.  Right click to remove the seeds. 


Objectives:  The counter will show progress to the goal.  Selling or converting an item will still count toward the goal. 

Hire Worker:  At the bottom right, you can hire workers that increase in cost for each additional worker. 

Store and Tech Points

You can buy upgrades in the store.  

Each island has its own truck so I just upgraded speed on the first 4 islands.  On the 5th island, I did upgrade the slot and extra truck.

Repeating levels will earn additional tech points so if you want an upgrade, just replay the last level.