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Usually the goal in each level is to find the exit, which is an energy portal Super Cow uses to go from one level to the next. There are broken portals here and there, so you have to find the correct one. If you find it, there is a little sound effect to let you know. All the enemies and Supercow are 3D, and they look kind of silly (especially Supercow and the dogs). Some enemies you have to jump on more than once to beat them.

The levels in Supercow are HUGE! You can get lost exploring them, so luckily pointing hands tell you where to go. Sometimes they tell you to go in multiple directions. Almost every level has secret areas to find. Sometimes you have to jump on enemies heads to get high enough to access them. One cool aspect is that Supercow can walk on clouds though she sinks through in a few seconds unless she keeps jumping. One bad thing is that sometimes you have to restart a level, like 7-1 where you have to kill all the enemies to pass, but if you get stuck at the exit's area without killing an enemy earlier you can't get back to him to finish.

Supercow gets harder as you go, because there are pits with pointy sticks and fire that can kill Supercow instantly, and some enemies are hard to jump on without getting hurt by them. Luckily you can get many lives and drink milk and eat fruit from fruit trees to regain health.

Secrets discovered so far:
the one at the left of the start, above the shack
the cave ledge above the deja mushroom you spring up to
the other cave ledge further right like that one
the flat meadow at the top of the tall elevator
and the waterfall and the end near the exit

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!