Super Granny 6

Super Granny 6 Walkthrough provides a complete walkthrough to the most challenging Super Granny game yet. Our walkthrough provides detailed instructions and/or video solutions for all of the most difficult levels and screenshots for every level. This is a must have to get through the game while picking up all of the collectibles available in the game.

Welcome to the Super Granny 6 Walkthrough and all the help you may need.  Over time, the Super Granny games have developed a fairly significant fan base.  In this edition, new challenges abound. The goal of the game is to move Granny around the screen retrieving her lost kitties and picking up collectibles while avoiding baddies who are walking around trying to get you. You need to return all the kitties through the meow gate. Once the kitties all go through the gate, an exit flower will appear that Granny needs to go through. 

  • Each level of the walkthrough (after the tutorial) will have either screenshots or video solutions. 
  • The videos do not always show the whole level; sometimes it is just the parts that are hard to do.
  • The walkthrough assumes you want to get all of the collectibles.
  • Blue stars on the screenshots are where the exit flowers will appear.
  • Black squares are areas where you will need to dig.
  • Red ovals are fake dirt and fake rock; if you step on them you will fall through.