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This guide was compiled using comments found on various forums including Sanlot Games and Big Fish Games.

Make sure you have the latest DirectX drivers.  I updated mine and now I have the light around Granny.

Stand on the very edge of the drop down and it will let you dig in front of you.  Be careful, take just one step at a time from right to left and turn to dig.

Level 5 Jungle Bungle.

It takes patience, but you can get through it. Start with the vines on each end first. They are the easiest to get up and then you can gather the kitties without too much difficulty, the rest it just takes a little patience and timing. 

Basement Level 6 Masterlock Unlocked

 First go down the ladder and unlock the locks going over to the bat

Then unlock the top left clocks. This will allow you to get to the locks on the right without going all the way around.

Work from bat to bat

From purse to purse

The fire guys will not go down the ladders so watch them and you might be able to avoid them.

Level 9: Unstable Ground

Climb down that ladder just above the last kittie, don't go off that single piece of dirt, but stand on the edge and dig it and then turn around and dig again drop down to get that last cat and tomato.

Stand on a little piece of ground and dig to your right. Be careful that you don't fall thru the fall through.

Level 10 Unpaid Power Bill

When you’ve got all kitties "except two", go to the upper carrying cage and press down on the ladder. Then go to the teleporter on the left side.

Level 12: Crates Away

Dig down to the switch directly below the plant on the second level. Only flip this switch for the third block. Switch the other blocks to collect items on the way and then put them back in the original position.

For the forth block, dig all the way to the bottom, work your way to the right and back up through the middle. Do not take the transporter. As you are coming up through the middle from bottom to top, the second switch you come to will drop the forth block when you flip it if you have left all the rest in their original positions (except for the ones you need to flip to actually drop boxes).

Now all of the doors are open and you can collect everything. Remember, the key is to put any flipped switches back in their original positions, except for the ones that actually cause the blocks to fall.

For level 13 Granny's got fans. 

Get the bonuses first, then float all the way to the top.

The other fan will float you all the way to the other fan, then let it blow you over to where you are just above the torch.

The torch can also get rid of the enemy.

Level 24 Dig Granny Dig

Break the Seal, first use the torch to destroy the walls on the top two left and right hand levels.  Use the ladder to get up to the top and swing across. Drop down to the bottom level, lower box and dig under the box until it drops down onto the brick wall.  Dig the ground above and behind the box, and push it along the wall until it drops down onto the bottom wall, go down the ladder and push it into the hole.  Go back to the top and repeat with the other box.  Drop down, dig and let the box fall onto the grass.  The box will fall onto the edge of the grass but you should have enough room to drop down and push it a couple of times but not too far as you still have to be able to dig above and behind the box and drop down.  Once you have the second box in place any cats that have fallen into the space will pop up. Repeat this on the other side. Collect kitties and tomatoes, use the bomb to blow a hole above the Meow hole, drop down put the kitties in and use the teleporter to get to the exit flower.

Level 25 Basement

Grab the blow torch and go to the ladder on the left side. Climb to the top and then walk all the way over until you hit the lint. Torch it and drop down to the ladder below. Go down and into the teleporter.

After you teleport:

Climb up the ladder and torch the carrot man. Don't go up the first ladder. Walk past it till you hit lint, torch it. Then go up the second ladder and torch the concrete. If there is time left, go back down the ladder, then back up the first one. Torch the lint and grab the marble. Then just go around that side collecting cats and marbles.

It's the same for the right side, just in reverse.

Tip: Don't forget to flip the switches! It took me ten full minutes to figure out why I couldn't move the cubes. And the switches and conveyers are like an X. The right goes to the left and the left goes to the right. I hope that didn't totally confuse. Just take a minute when you first go into the level to map it out with your finger and/or eyes. That helped me. I hope this helps you.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!