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  • When using the frying pan, just hold down the spacebar instead of rapidly pressing it. The game automatically repeats the swinging motion.
  • Beware of death from above! Some enemies are smart and will jump off ladders and monkey bars to attack you from above!
  • When it looks like there's no way to get somewhere... try anyway. Some levels employ the use of fake rock and fake dirt to fool you! Sneaky, sneaky...
  • Always try to get all the collectibles on every level so you can unlock cool flair for your quilt!
  • The frying pan can deflect projectiles like harpoons! Swing away!
  • Some 'tricky' levels will give a clue as to how to solve them in their level name.
  • Bonus levels aren't required to be beaten to pass the game, but some bonus levels may have souvenirs, so if you want to unlock all the flair, play the bonus levels too!
  • Hint: In the campaign mode the enemies will only seek and do harm to the 'active' granny.

    If you are using hardware that is below minimum spec (video cards that don't support DirectX 8.1 or higher) you may be able to play the game, but not without a few glitches. If you are ever playing and the whole screen goes black, try switching your screensize from windowed to fullscreen (or vice versa). We don't recommend or support playing the game on hardware that is below minimum spec, but this workaround should alleviate some problems if you try it.

    These levels have had several questions asked about them on the forums. We gathered the best forum help here and when no help was provided we offer some of our own!

    QUILT 1 (Warsaw Cat Show)
    Level 14 - "Cat-a-pult"
    Having trouble getting the kitties into the meow goal?

    This level isn't called 'Cat-a-pult' for nothing. See what happens when you go off the spring to the left side of the meow goal when kitties are following you...

    Level 16 - "Frosty Felines"
    How do I get the souvenir and kitty on the left side middle and bottom?

    When in doubt, dig and look for false tiles! We wouldn't ever put something where you can't reach it!

    Level 18 - "Stack 'Em Up"
    In case you're still stuck here's what you do. When the game starts each Granny is next to a box. Have each granny push her box to the middle of the screen. Then send each granny to one of the transporters on the bottom right/left sides of screens and have them each push a box off of the brick ledge at the top of the screen. If you lined up the boxes correctly, the top boxes should fall down on the boxes below. So you should have four boxes in the middle of the screen. This allows you to cross the gap between the two ledges where the moving platform takes you. The other box gets pushed off the ledge until you push it into the square hole in the sand ledge

    Level 20 - "Bombing Bricks"
    How do I get those last souvenirs on the right side?

    First rescue all the cats in the level and a hidden ladder will appear for you to reach the last two remaining collectibles.

    Level 23 - "Bridge Buildin'"
    Having trouble getting the key back to the locked door before the key timer runs out?

    This problem usually arises because the player is trying to use the elevator to get back up to the locked door. This just isn't possible after navigating the bridges. Instead, take the transporter under the last bridge, it leads right to the locked door. Work out how the first bridges open and close, and switch quickly between the two grannies.

    QUILT 2 (Meow Aid Concert)
    Level 4 - "Roadblock"
    Confused as to how to turn in the kitties at the blocked meow gate?

    This is easy - ignore the crates while getting all the kitties. When you have all the kitties, go to the bottom floor and dig UNDER the crates. This makes them fall off screen and reappear where they started. Wait till the hole fills in. Get the kitties home. Go get the last souvenirs and enter the exit flower.

    Level 9 - "The Doors"
    To avoid getting stuck on this level , do not let Margaret enter any teleporters until all cages have been released. Let Granny do the teleporting and Margaret do the other stuff.

    Level 13 - "Stack and Pack"
    This level requires the player to close the 'hole' at the bottom of the level. Margaret is best for doing this because she can navigate down to the bridge button fairly easily. Now you just need to use Granny to put all the crates into position while Margaret keeps the bridge closed. The conveyors will do most of the work for you, but you'll need to use the kitty carrier and teleporter to keep all your cats together!

    Note: Don't let any of the crates fall off the level or you'll need to restart!

    Level 19 - "Excavation"
    Which path should you dig to release all the kitties on the left side?

    Use the jackhammer on the rock tiles below where the jackhammer spawns--these tiles look like concrete with graffiti on it.

    Level 20 - "Lock & Key"
    Mini walk-thru: First I go get the kitties on the lower decks on the left side, and the frying pan. I then go to the middle part at hit two dogs and collect kitties and turn a switch. Then I dig through to beyond the middle part locked door and jump down to the right part lower level. I make sure all agents are at the right side before jumping. I hurry to dig three holes and wait for the agents to fall in. Then I unlock the middle part door and go get the frying pan. I return and smash the agents and collect the key and unlock the top lock in the right side, get that key and unlock the second lock on the right side. Then I go get the frying pan and knocks the agents and the dog on the right side down and collect all kitties left on the right side and finally go get the top key on the right side to unlock the lower locked door on the left side and get kitties and key to unlock the top locked door on the left side. Then I go to the meow goal, go get the frying pan and go to the exit flower on the lower right side smashing any agents coming my way in the process. Good luck!

    Level 22 - "Down Under"
    Having trouble figuring out where to place the bomb to rescue the kitties on the left side?

    Truthfully, the bomb is a bit of a red herring. To beat this level all you need to do is dig down to the left side while holding the watering can so you can activate the vine. The bomb isn't really necessary.

    QUILT 3 (Egypt)
    Level 25 - "Sekhmet's maze"

    Entire screen black? See the work-arounds section above.

    QUILT 4 (Vegas)
    Level 5 - "Clap On..."

    Entire screen black? See the work-arounds section above.

    Level 17 - "Dark Alleys"
    Entire screen black? See the work-arounds section above.

    Level 19 - "Waterfall"
    A good idea is to first water all the vines with the watering can. This will make navigating the level much easier if you take care of this in the beginning. Watch out for the magician, he fires if you stand within reach for too long.

    Level 21 - "In the vent"
    Having trouble with the magicians and dogs near the third (left most) entrance?

    With the Granny positioned at the top of the first ladder, have the Kamila blow the whistle. Then take Granny quickly through to all the cats before the dogs respawn! Granny can dig down once on the third platform, but you may need to quickly dig one last hole for the last dog, so be careful!

    QUILT 5 (Cruise Ship)
    Level 9 - "Yellow Submarine"
    Having trouble with the Divers and harpoons?

    From the tips section above: The Frying Pan can be used to deflect harpoon shots!

    Level 12- "Run Aground"
    By utilizing the bridge you can get access to the Jackhammer. The jackhammer makes getting from the upper area to the lower area a cinch. If you accidentally dig somewhere you shouldn't and you leave kitties stranded, try grabbing the umbrella as it can be used to 'umbrella jump' small distances.

    Level 14 - "Hand in Hand"
    Having trouble figuring out how to get that kitty in the upper right?

    This one, you have to use both grannies and the crate! Get one Granny on top of the crate, and the other pushes. As the top granny starts to fall off, stop, move her backwards on the crate, and keep pushing, until you get to the cat.

    Level 15 - "Below Deck"
    Having trouble figuring out the lower right side and how to get your kitties back to the meow goal?

    Lower right level: Push the crate into the hole under the teleporter and jump in the teleporter. Dig under the two crates (they fall down through a tunnel) enter the transporter. Push the last crate right over the ledge and onto the two standing already, so the bridge pops out. Push the last crate so you can use it to block the middle transporter and get to the transporter on the left.

    Level 16 - "Kitty Rescue"
    File this level under 'easier than it looks.' Just use Granny to collect all the cats and grab the frying pan near the top to dispatch any pesky mice that might be holding any cats behind. Then wait at the top near the column that leads to the meow gate. With the top bridge closed position yourself so you and the kitties are right over the meow goal. Now switch to Margaret and have her push the crate off the elevator button and step off it. Granny and all the kitties will fall directly onto the meow gate and you won't need to mess with any of the other elevator buttons!

    Level 19 - "Crate Scott"
    Mini-walk-thru: Push crate to left till it drops. Go after 2nd cage switch in middle (Two levels above meow) Get the 3rd cage switch on top left. (Note: make sure you have as many kittens with you as you can reach) Go back down and get 4th cage switch on bottom left. Go back up, then all the way to the right and drop down. Go up ladder and get 5th cage switch on right. Go back to left and push crate next to the 3 crates there (under the cage switch) to make it 4 crates. Then go to meow and deposit ALL the kittens. You will then get a blue ladder to go get the last cage switch and it will reveal the exit flower.

    Level 24 - "Snowflakes"
    This one is difficult just due to the number of enemies. Just make sure that when Granny drops down off her starting ledge that the dog is on the complete other side, so you have enough time to dig a hole for it. Then beating the level is a simple matter of keeping yourself "weaponized" to deal with all the enemies. A good idea is to sweep through this level from the top down, so any kitties that go wandering off will be on lower levels as you sweep down. Frying pans are your friends!

    Level 25 - "Lost Luggage"
    This level just requires a little study. Basically, the buttons open doors to more buttons and eventually will open the door that leads to the left side. Just pay attention to which way the conveyors are going and trace a path from the button you need to the crate you will need to use. If you can't get a crate to a button, you have two options: use a granny to hold down the button or flip one of the conveyor switches to change the conveyor's direction thus making it possible for a crate to go there.

    QUILT 6 (Cannery HQ)
    Level 13 - "Hold the Lift"
    Having trouble getting to the locked door in time enough to use the key?

    Just like the level title says, 'Hold the Lift.' Use one character to hold the lift and the other granny has enough time to use the key.

    Bonus level 16 - "Helper Mice"
    We've gotten a lot of requests about this one, so I'll just go ahead and say that the title "Helper Mice" is a clue. With both grannies standing on the bridge buttons to keep the bridge extended, watch what happens as the mice walk back and forth... you'll need a few kittens following you to see what I mean.

    Level 18 - "Balancing Act"
    The beginning of this level is made easier by realizing there are small dirt patches in strategic locations that allow you access to more of the level than is obvious. Specifically to your first cage unlock (look to the right side of the level). Basically search everywhere for cage switches and counter-balances. The idea of the levels is that each counter balance used below helps create a bridge to another cage switch above, which unlocks another balance or cage switch. It's completely normal to have pockets of bouncing cats (cats stuck bouncing on spring tiles) as you gain access to various parts of the level. By then end of the level all the counter-balances above will be level (creating a bridge) and the kitty carrier will be unlocked from its cage allowing you to run around and pick up all the bouncing cats!

    Level 22 - "The Triad"
    Having trouble getting the kitty on the left side over to the meow gate?

    Once you get the crate to the bottom, push it over to the mound then go back up and jump on the crate and over the other side...

    Level 24 - "Finding Foote"
    Mini-walk-thru: Kamila gets Granny out by working the blue buttons in the right side. Granny then goes through the doors in the lowest corridor, Kamila working the buttons. Granny goes to stand on the yellow button. Margaret gets out and goes to get Kamila by the elevator. One goes to the blue button and the other goes through the door and onto the bridge Granny's working and go to the door switches and gets all the kitties and the last cage switch. Granny gets off the yellow button but stays on the floor she is on. The one on the bridge gets off it and onto a lower floor and pick up kittens there and go down to Granny. The third gets the kittens on the top floor and the kittens in the right side (they were caged). The third granny gets to the other two by the top floor and then one granny gets onto the blue button, and other granny into the pit and over on the other side by springers and to the other side and stand on yellow button. The third granny gets all the kitties and stands in the middle of the bridge and the second granny gets of the yellow button and the third granny gets into the pit and rescues the kittens. The first granny then go to the exit flower. THIS should get you through!

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!