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  • Condiments are your friends! Early in the game, using these will help you build a bit of money faster. So buy these up. But be careful what you put them on, the wrong condiment on the wrong burger can leave the customer angry.

  • Certain recipes get larger bonuses for certain condiments. If a burger says it goes well with ketchup, you will get more money for putting some on. If it has two or even three symbols for ketchup, the bonuses get even bigger!

  • Once you build up some money, buy extra plates. This will really help staying organized while you're running through all the ingredients. You can have up to 5 plates.

  • Remember, right clicking will put a piece back on the belt it came from. You can do this even after you place it down on one of your plates and pick it up again. Do this to get at pieces far back without using up your plates.

  • Wait until later to start upgrading the jukebox and the air conditioner. It's nice to have the customers waiting longer, but they are expensive and are only really useful later on, when the game starts getting harder.

  • Make sure you're using all the conveyer belts. It gets very hard at the end of a level and you only have one conveyer belt full of pieces you can't reach. Spreading out a bit will help prevent this.

  • Buy coffee! Running around faster will help you in every situation. So invest in a good coffee machine to keep you on the go.

  • The burger boxes are only helpful if you are in a very tight spot. Don't rely on these, because it can throw you off, and they just use up money. But if you have enough plates, then they shouldn't be a problem. But it's always nice to keep at least one on hand, just in case.

  • You don't have to wait until you pick up a burger piece to click on the next one you need. You will automatically run from spot to spot in the order that you clicked. So click as fast as you want! But be careful, clicking too fast might mess you up.

  • The burger toaster is a great thing to have, but upgrade it quickly. You make extra money with every burger you sell, but the first toaster you get is very slow and it can slow down your line if you aren't careful. So upgrade it to level two and three soon. Those toast a lot faster.

  • Don't forget about the items you put on the plates. If you suddenly find yourself stuck, and your plates are full, it takes a long time to get yourself organized again.

  • Keep a variety of items on the plates. They are close to the customer, and sometimes you'll have everything they want right there ready for you to take!

  • The secret sauce is very expensive, but people love it! If you find the best way to use it, you can make a LOT of money!

  • Finally, playing this game tends to make a person hungry. If you take a break to munch on a delicious burger yourself, watch your cholesterol intake. A healthy level of cholesterol is good for the whole body!

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!