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Spore Creature Creator Guide

Advanced Controls in Build Mode

- To make a spine vertibra part thick or thin, click on the part and use the mouse's scroll wheel.

- To copy a part: Click on a part and then hold the "alt" key while dragging it. Watch the video "Build Mode" for a demonstration.

- To break limbs apart: Hold control and select a limb that you don't want, and then pull it off the body. Really advanced: to make longer limbs, after you break it a part, hold alt to copy the partial limb that you didn't delete, and then hold control and it will snap on to an available joint. Watch the video "Build Mode" for a demonstration.

- Watch the Paint Mode video to learn advanced painting techniques

- Watch the Test Drive video to learn how to create an avatar and email images and video of your Spore Creatures.

Check out these tutorials:

View step by step instructions on how to use some of our coolest features!

Build Mode
Find out how to use controls in Spore Creature Creator's build mode.
Paint Mode
Learn about how to paint your creature.
Test Drive
Share your creature with a postcard, an animated GIF, or a Youtube movie.

Spore Creature Creator Pro-Tips

1. Use Hearbear ears for really expressive eyebrows!

2. To create a realistic looking creature, look at a reference picture at the same time.

3. Jellybutton makes a great flowerpot, shirtcuff, or if nested, robot style retractable arm.

4. Narrow one or two vertices where you're sticking the legs. This will help them integrate with the body better.

5. Nest Overhear ear parts to create alien looking antennae.

6. Attach an arm, remove the hands, then remove all segments but one (using the control key) to make nubby, cartoonlike arms or legs.


The Basics

Q: How much do the physical capabilities of your creature influence their effectiveness in combat during the tribal, and civilization stages?

A: In tribe stage physical abilities still directly influence your creature's success. For example, a high stealth ability can mean the difference between success or failure in an ambush. Meanwhile, the use of tools begins to play a larger role in the success of the species.

In civilization stage, your creature will develop more sophisticated technology. Here, the emphasis is more on strategic use of modern advancements rather than physical abilities.

The evolutionary path you choose has ramifications on the future of your species. Your actions will earn your species a trait which in turn gives it certain special abilities that will aide it in the next stage of its advancement and beyond.

Q: How can I drag and drop a PNG file into my game? It's running in full screen mode.

A: Once your game has loaded, click the Options, then Settings buttons. Under Graphics Settings, uncheck fullscreen mode. In windowed mode, drag and drop a PNG file directly into build mode.

Q: I'm having some problems viewing the website. What browsers are supported?

IE 6, IE7, Safari, and Firefox.

Q: Why can't I see other people's creatures in the Sporepedia in game?

A: The Sporepedia in the Spore Creature Creator game allows you to see your own creatures, as well as Maxis made creatures. To see other people's creations in your ingame Sporepedia, drag and drop PNGs of their creations into build mode. Then click the green checkmark to return to the Sporepedia.

Once the core game ships, you'll be able to browse through other people's creations in your ingame Sporepedia if you have registered, are logged in, and have content sharing enabled.

Q: How do I share my creations with others?

You can share using these methods:

  • Email a postcard of your creature using Test Drive mode
  • Send the PNG of your creature to a friend through email
  • Search for your creature on our website Sporepedia and send your friend a link to your creations detail view.

Q: The creations I've made aren't appearing online. How can I make these visible on the website?

A: Once you've logged in and created a creature, you will need to publish your creations to show them to others. Select the creature you want to share in The Sporepedia and click on the 'share' button at the bottom of the Sporepedia to publish your creature.

Q: Can I trade creatures between the DS and PC versions?

A: No. The DS and PC games are tailored quite differently, for the best game experience on each platform.

General Information

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