Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies

Our Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies Walkthrough is ready to guide you, the princess, in a journey to discover the truth to save your family as you face down an unknown foe and his ferocious flora. Do you have what it takes to win this next installment of the Spirits of Mystery games? It will be no problem with our guide to help see you through this intoxicating new hidden-object puzzle adventure!

Living a life full of lies has finally come to an end in this latest edition of the favored series Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies. Long held secrets can no longer be contained, not if you want the royal family to continue.

Look to our Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies Walkthrough, which is brimming with helpful info,  and tips, as well as colorful screenshots, mini games and hidden object area solutions to guide you to revelation and the truth of who you really are! Have no fear the truth will set you free!