Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club

Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club Walkthrough takes you on an exciting journey through this charming hidden object adventure game. With custom screenshots, video solutions to puzzles, and detailed instructions for each chapter, you'll have no problem completing Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club.

Welcome to the [b]Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club Walkthrough![/b] Join millionaire heiress and trouble-maker Kira Robertson in this steampunk-era adventure on her quest for the mythical Snark. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to piece together the clues and follow the trail through new worlds and portals. [b]General Tips[/b] [i]Walkthrough[/i] – This walkthrough features screenshots from throughout the game detailing hidden object locations, item interactions and puzzle solutions. Hidden objects are highlighted with orange rings. Red squares indicate areas of the scene that are to be interacted with – zoom in for a close up or use an inventory item. [i]Objects[/i] – Hidden objects are located throughout the scene to piece together inventory items, noted in bold print. The pieces for the inventory items located in a particular scene are shown at the bottom of the screen – those shaded in red require additional action such as opening something to locate the item or are located in a subsequent scene. Once all pieces of an inventory item have been located it is available to use in the scene. [i]Cursor[/i] – Green sparkle arrows indicate the ability to walk to another location while blue sparkle arrows are used for transportation through a portal. If the cursor sparkles over an object it can be interacted with. A magnifying glass indicates a close up of the object can be viewed. When a gear appears next to the cursor that indicates you need to use an inventory item to interact with the object. [i]Puzzles[/i] – Puzzles can be skipped after one minute if you are unable to find the solution - the skip button will automatically turn green when the waiting time has passed. Some puzzles and actions require details from throughout the scene so it is helpful to make notes of numbers and objects as you go. [i]Help[/i] – Hints are available throughout the game by clicking on the green question mark at the bottom right of the screen. Once a hint is used, it will reset in a short time and be available to use again.