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General Tips

- Clicking the right mouse can swap out the current ball you're shooting with the one next in line.

- If you see a glowing ball, it contains a bonus. To get to the bonus, you must make the ball explode by completing the chain or through a chain reaction.

- Once you see a bonus, you can activate it with a ball of any color. However, you must aim accurately otherwise you might insert a ball of the wrong color in the middle of a chain and make your ultimate goal more difficult.

- This game has the added twist of having to catch falling items. Catch as many gems and coins as you can so you can upgrade your bonus powers and purchase more lives.

Combo Tip

It can be tempting to just go for eliminating trios as fast as possible. However, you'll score much higher if you take the time to setup combos for yourself later on. The best way to do this is at the start of the level (or whenever you are not crunched for time) by creating as many pairs as you can. Whenever you see a single ball and you get a ball of that color, shoot it next to it. Resist the temptation to pop the trio. Once you have many pairs distributed throughout the chain, the board is much easier to clear and you'll see you'll get much higher combos. And that leads to unlocking better bonuses. And if you get in trouble at the end you'll already have pairs setup instead of a bunch of singles.

Bonus Balls!

You can upgrade the power of your bonuses by catching gems and coins. Warning, gentlemen, you may feel a little uncomfortable reading this section.


Freezes your balls. Ouch. And if you hit your frozen balls, they explode. Double ouch.


Destroys nearby balls with explosive fire.


Activates a cross hair for accuracy and increases the rate of fire.


Repaints the balls it hits with the color of the bonus (not the ball you shoot with).


Destroys several random balls with lightening.


Pushes the chain backward.


Temporarily stops the chain.


Destroys several balls of the same color.
Super Bonus


Connects balls of the same color.


Pops the first 10 balls. I think this is a meteor.


Temporarily stops all the balls behind this bonus. I'm not clear what this is supposed to be. Cheese? A sponge? Gold?

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!