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This game combines puzzle action and strategy along with a cast of characters. You need to help Lewis earn enough money to get medicine for his sick hamster. Lewis has taken a job at Spendmoore, and between his nasty boss and the impatient shoppers, he’s got his hands full.

You need to fill the shoppers’ carts (no empty squares) to make your quota, and making super quota would be even better. Getting a full cart will get you twice the amount of money and filling a cart with the same color will get you three times the amount of money. The items have to fit in your cart, so be careful how you position them to allow for other items. Click your left mouse button to grab and drag an item to your cart. Sometimes, you will need to use your right mouse button to rotate items. Don’t let items fall off the conveyor belt into the trash, and don’t let the shoppers become impatient and leave.


Impatient customers: Give them candy.

Fitting items in the cart: If you need to rearrange items, or need an item for another cart, you can take items out of a cart and put them back on the conveyor belt.

Invisible items: It has not been established whether there is a glitch or not, but if it looks as if there is nothing on the conveyor belt, try clicking several times to see if the items appear.

Customer wishes: If you see a bubble appear over a customer’s head with a specific item in it, give the customer what he or she wants, and you will get lots more money.

Thumbs up lights: When you get enough credit, especially when you fulfill wishes, the green bars with the "thumbs up" light up. When these are lit under a cart, click on them and the cart will get bigger. The trick is, if you make your cart bigger then it takes away thumbs up credits for sweets and other things to keep customers happy and to fill carts.

Ads: Ads can be great. You just click on the lit thumbs up under the ad, and the customers will have more wishes, so you can get more money by fulfilling them. However, the thing the customer wishes for might not be on the belt, so be careful.

Stopping the belt: You can only do this on some of the days at work on a level, not all of them. The belt will have a thumbs up by it that gets lit when you can use it, then you click on the little stop signs that show up. There are three of them, so you can stop the belt three times.

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!