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Overview: You play Mata Hari who is France's secret agent out to prove Germany's treachery. 

Gameplay: There are various modes of play from hidden objects, using objects to perform a task, and mini games.

  • Secret Drawer - Mata Hari will receive her messages through the secret drawer.
  • Messages - these are on the right side inside the drawer.
  • Contacts - these are in the red book inside the drawer.
  • Dresser - refer to your contacts to see what kind of woman the men like and dress her accordingly.

Game Modes: You can choose easy mode or hard mode, I played and wrote the guide on hard mode.

Objectives: In the bottom, left corner you can click the objectives button to see what you need to do to complete the level.  Underneath the objectives is Mata Hari's current ranking.

Finding Objects: You must collect the objects in the bottom, right corner. These will only be silhouettes.  Hover your mouse over them to see their names.

Pink Objects: Items highlighted in pink cannot be picked up right away, you need to do something else to get them.

Cursor: You're cursor will change to a hand with a magnifying glass when you can zoom in and a hand with a wrench when you can perform a task.

Puzzles: To start a puzzle, drag the item to the puzzle icon below the items.

  1. Skip Puzzle - You can click this to skip a puzzle.
  2. Puzzle Pieces - The number of pieces indicate how many puzzles you need to solve.  They will turn gold when solved.



Level 1

  1. check messages
  2. read contacts
  3. dress Mata Hari (see picture)


Level 2

  1. check messages
  2. go to headquarters
  3. use arrows to move about the room and find objects
  4. use the wire on the wall where the sparks are
  5. use tape on the wire
  6. click on the yellow part of the filing cabinet in the first room and get a puzzle
  7. drag card to puzzle piece and get a puzzle
  8. use the card (after its punched) on the machine you fixed
  9. take the bag and return to the hotel
  10. check your messages and get another puzzle



Filing Cabinet Puzzle

  1. starting with the yellow file, click the green on and on the yellow files
  2. place the green one where the red on is and so on until they are all in place
  3. once you get the last file make note of the sequence

Card - Punch Puzzle

  1. use the punch on the card so it matches the picture from the file

Encryption Puzzle

  1. connect the rotors (dark ones) by tracing them like a maze, you cannot go backwards
  2. these have to be connected in the right order
  3. they can only go in straight lines, including diagonal

Level 3

  1. check your messages and get a decoder puzzle
  2. after you get the message click the book and read about our suspect
  3. go to his house
  4. place the 4 pipes into the box in the first room and get a puzzle
  5. go back to the hotel and dress her according to the updated file
  6. return to Major Williams
  7. zoom in on bridge in first room
  8. place statue on bridge and take tokens
  9. use tokens on table (you can see a checkers/chess board underneath) in first room and get a puzzle
  10. go back to hotel and use the encryption machine






Decoder Puzzle

  1. you have to use the small arrows above the lights to change the number
  2. each time you add or subtract it will change the color
  3. your goal to is to match the color on the right side
  4. once you think you've matched it click confirm to get the message
  5. if you are wrong the columns tell you where your error is
  6. the up error = the number of lights which need to be brighter (+)
  7. the down error = the number of lights which need to be darker (-)
  8. these puzzles are random

Pipe Puzzle

  1. you have to figure out what order the pipes go in
  2. note the gold balls on the pipe
  3. gold balls on the pipe go before gold balls on the handle

Token Puzzle

  1. you have to add the numbers to the board so the columns both down and across equal the numbers on the top and left
  2. all the columns must equal 39
  3. the order of the columns is random
  4. you have to place white/red tiles on the white spots and black /yellow tiles on the black spots

Level 4

  1. check your messages (use the decoder)
  2. click the book and use the magnifying glass to find the items on Felix
  3. go to Felix's house
  4. put all the planes in a row on the shelf in the first room
  5. take the bottle that appears below the planes when a book moves
  6. zoom in on the shelves in the second room and place the glasses in the empty one
  7. take the bottle from inside the door that opens
  8. talk to Felix
  9. after you find the note, click on the newspapers (second room) and pick the newspaper listed on the note
  10. remember that the date will come before the month
  11. go to the first room and use the key on the box (German symbols)
  12. drag the box (German symbols) onto a puzzle piece and get a puzzle







German Symbols Puzzle

  1. you have to get the roosters to where the eagles are and vice versa
  2. they cannot jump each other
  3. sorry, no video for this puzzle I couldn't solve it and used the skip option

Level 5

  1. use the dustpan on the fireplace in the second room
  2. place the scrolls into the vase in the first room and take the map of Europe
  3. drag the map of Europe onto a puzzle piece
  4. once you solve the puzzle you will arrive in Spain
  5. zoom in on the dresser in the second room and click on the boxes in the order they were on the note (tucked in door of first room) and get Mercury
  6. click on the planetarium with Mercury on the table in the second room and get a puzzle
  7. return to your hotel
  8. send your message to Felix

Map Puzzle

  1. use the coordinates you got from the fireplace (43 3; 358 12) to find the right spot on the map
  2. it won't be the exact coordinates but when you get in the area you will see a green star
  3. click to get the note, you're off to Spain!Planetarium


  1. put the planets in the right order
  2. Sun (already in place), Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Level 6

  1. get the message
  2. dress appropriately for the butler
  3. talk to butler
  4. start in the second room and take the samovar (very large item on left side of table, you can't miss it - I forgot to take a screenshot before I picked it up)
  5. use the samovar on the coffee cup in the first room and take it
  6. use the cup (steam) on the gun cabinet glass in the first room and you'll get three numbers (I had 2 - 6 - 3)
  7. go into the second room and do the same thing (4 - 5 - 1)
  8. now use the key and unlock them in order by number (this will require you to switch back and forth between rooms)
  9. the picture will swing open to reveal a safe
  10. click on the safe to get a puzzle
  11. take the map piece and talk to the butler again
  12. go back to the smoking room and find the cellar
  13. zoom in the lamp in the first room
  14. remove the screws with the screwdriver
  15. turn the lamp to reveal a secret door
  16. use the key on the door
  17. use the lighter on the open doorway
  18. use the lighter to light the lamp in the back, left corner
  19. use the crowbar on the jugs/boxes underneath the meat in the second room
  20. click the corner for a puzzle
  21. return to hotel and send message









Safe Puzzle

  1. notice the numbers in the corner, this is the start of the safe combination
  2. you need to rotate the dials so it reads from top to bottom and left to right 1, 2, 3, 4 ... etc.
  3. there is no video for this puzzle since I find these near impossible to solve

Bottle Puzzle

  1. place the bottles so they cast a shadow on the box
  2. use the outlines to judge how big the shadow should be
  3. use the up/down arrows to move the bottle closer/further
  4. use the right/left arrows to move the lamp to see the shadow

Level 07

  1. get message and go to Spain
  2. use knife on wall in second room
  3. use hammer on knife to reveal the secret passage
  4. click the door to get a puzzle
  5. put the filter on the lamp and take the film
  6. drag the film to a puzzle piece
  7. this is a simple puzzle, just rub the orange all over the film
  8. use the flashlight under the cot in the second room and take the key
  9. use the key on the carving on the front of the desk in the first room and get a puzzle





Magnet Puzzle

  1. you have to move the magnets to the others corner (swap them)
  2. when one moves the other one will also in the opposite direction
  3. do not touch the walls
  4. you have to do three of these puzzles
  5. warning: if it hits the wall it may cause you to jump!

Pentagram Puzzle

  1. place the German symbols in each ray
  2. mark they way they move one each second click
  3. the symbol will move to one of the opposite rays

Level 8

  1. get your message and go to the office
  2. drag the nose/mouth pictures to the puzzle piece
  3. using the arrows make a sketch of the man in the upper, left corner
  4. now click 3B on the drawers in the first room, click again to read about the suspect
  5. return to hotel and check your contacts
  6. dress accordingly
  7. go to Switzerland
  8. use the trowel on the green potted plant in the first room and get key
  9. click on the picture by the window in the second room
  10. use key on safe and get handkerchief
  11. drag handkerchief to the puzzle piece and get puzzle
  12. use the scissors and click the butterfly until the map piece is revealed and take it
  13. return to hotel and send your message







Level 9

  1. decode message
  2. go to Felix house and avoid his butler
  3. use the rag, newspaper, twig, vodka, and matches in the trash can in third room (bathroom)
  4. listen to butler and Felix
  5. the safe will be open next to the sink, use the key on it and get map piece
  6. go to Major Williams house
  7. go to second room and click on painting (left wall) with glass
  8. using the glass hover it over the painting as seen in the picture by the Major's hand, click on them as you find them to reveal the word ELSIE
  9. click on the safe that appears behind the picture
  10. rotate the dials until it reads ELSIE and take the map piece
  11. return to hotel and send message





Level 10

  1. get message
  2. go to Spain
  3. in the first room use the three banderilla's on nails on top of the door
  4. use the cable on the radio on the floor after the door opens and get the code
  5. use the code on the left most bookshelf, second shelf down
  6. click on the books in order of the code - the numbers are on the binding (16, 18, 21)
  7. take the piece of map
  8. go to the cellar and listen in on Christobald
  9. return to hotel and send message



Level 11

  1. get message
  2. check contacts
  3. dress accordingly
  4. go to Switzerland
  5. zoom in on statue by door in first room
  6. place hot water, sugar cubes, and rose petals in the bottle in her right hand
  7. place the raisins in the cup in her left hand
  8. use elevator
  9. talk to Elsie
  10. use the axe near the wires
  11. place spool and rope on left side of machine
  12. use scissors on spool/rope
  13. use scissors on rope again (left side)
  14. use scissors on Elsies's ropes
  15. talk to Elsie and get map piece







Level 12

  1. use oil on mining car wheels and track behind it
  2. use shovel on mining car
  3. use shovel on gates
  4. click on new area to enter
  5. use battery and speakers on radio
  6. talk to Elsie
  7. place eagle and cross on right locker

Note: I never found a use for the wrench





Level 13

  1. find portrait
  2. talk to Elsie
  3. as Elsie make a sketch of the man
  4. dress accordingly
  5. place the three medals underneath the large eagle in first room
  6. enter new room
  7. use glove on mouse and get a puzzle
  8. place apple on wires by bell (upper, left near ceiling) in second room
  9. place mouse on apple
  10. the drawer will open, take map piece
  11. use glove on elevator door in second room







Mouse Puzzle

  1. you need to box in the mouse
  2. click on a circle to turn it red
  3. once you go the mouse will move
  4. he always goes UP
  5. puzzles are random

Level 14

  1. find paper and burn it in the fireplace in second room
  2. send message
  3. as Mata Hari go to second room and pick up what you can
  4. talk to the Colonel and agree to play a game with him
  5. once you win get the last map piece
  6. put the wheel and handle on the safe in the first room and get the disc
  7. return to hotel
  8. put the map back together (jigsaw)
  9. rotate the map so you can read it
  10. go to office

Colonel Puzzle

  1. the object is to get five in a row
  2. use the up/down arrows to move your ships and block the enemies




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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!