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Overview: You play Samantha Swift, daring archaeologist, who is looking for rare artifacts for her museum. With some adversaries on her trail, will she survive her quest?

Finding Items: You find items like any other HOG but these are all hand drawn, cool, eh!  Not everyone will have the same list of items to find so not everything will be circled. Only tool (inventory) items will be circled.

Note: If you replay the game, even the items will have moved to different spots! The only items that don't move are inventory (tool) items, museum items, and hints.

Blue Items: Items listed in blue need tools to uncover them, in other words, you must find one of the other objects listed to uncover it. (If you played Hidden Expedition: Amazon you are familiar with this technique.)

Cursor: When your cursor turns blue with two small gears that means you have found the area needed to obtain the blue item.

Note: These areas are marked with a Blue X.

Hints: You start the level with three hints and can accumulate more by finding Zeus' lightning bolt(s).

Note: The ones I found (there may be more) are circled with in Green.

Scanner: Once you've found the scanner, you can click on a word it will show you the silhouette.

Puzzles: When your cursor turns green with a magnifying glass, there is a puzzle there. You may have to return to that area later to complete it.

Note: I've marked puzzles with a Yellow X.


Athens, Greece

Level 1

  1. use knife to cut vines.
  2. use shovel to dig up golden owl.
  3. place golden owl in the 2nd door (from left to right).
  4. exit to next level.


Level 2

  1. use the water jug on the rock.
  2. use the crowbar on the distant column.
  3. use the chisel on the huge slab five times.
  4. put the armor, helmet, and lance on Athena.
  5. go down the hole that appears.


Level 3 - Puzzle

  1. use brush on back wall.
  2. use axe on broken wall four times.
  3. exit to next level.

Lever Puzzle: once you find the levers in Level 4 you can complete this puzzle, also make note of the arrows beside the dead guy.

  1. put the levers in their places.
  2. place the 3 left levers down and the 2 right levers up.
  3. exit to next level.


Level 4

  1. use miners pickaxe on rocks.
  2. use key on the wall.
  3. exit to Level 3 and solve the puzzle.


Level 5 - Puzzle

  1. use the shovel on the dirt.
  2. place the wheel hub on the golden disc, this will open up a puzzle

Golden Disc Puzzle: make sure you've already placed the wheel hub on the disc.

  1. place the statuettes in their correct places on the three stones.
  2. turn each of the rings until the click firmly into place.
  3. go back to Apollo's room and see him move away from a door.
  4. exit to next level.


Level 6

  1. use scoop to dig through the coins.
  2. use key on locked chest.
  3. place sun pendent on the side of the chest.
  4. exit to next level.


Palatine Hill Excavation
Rome, Italy

Level 1

  1. collect all the items you can and then exit to Construction Site 2.
  2. use hammer on locked box.
  3. use chainsaw on tree by tent.
  4. exit to Construction Site 2.


Level 2

  1. use the magnifying glass on the wheel of the bulldozer.
  2. return to Construction Site 1.
  3. click on bulldozer and place the blue gear in the back, the red gear to the right, and the paperclip for a key.
  4. push the blue lever and then the red lever.
  5. exit to next level.


Level 3

  1. use the cane on the swinging lamp.
  2. use the saw on the board.
  3. click the curtain and assemble the statue, right click to get a rotate symbol.
  4. exit to next level.


Level 4

  1. use crowbar on boulder.
  2. attach the chains to the ceiling.
  3. place column in the chains.
  4. click battering ram to make it swing.
  5. exit through door and return here later.
  6. put your coins into the vase that the statue is pointing at.
  7. exit to next level.


Level 5

  1. use magnet on the upside down bowl.
  2. put the hook in the fishes mouth.
  3. use the fan on the dusty cloth.
  4. exit back to Level 4.


Level 6

  1. lets play dress up, place the sandle, mirror, earring, and necklace on the woman.
  2. place the helmet, shield , and sword on the man.
  3. use brush to dust away those cobwebs.
  4. place crown on woman.
  5. exit to next level.


Level 7

  • use hammer on the tile by the pool.
  • click on back well to get mural puzzle, place you mural pieces in the correct order to make a picture.
  • exit to next level.


Level 8

  1. place the rings according to color.
  2. flip the lever.


Outskirts of Peten Jungle
Tikal, Guatemala

Level 1

  1. use camera on bird.
  2. exit to Level 2 and return here later
  3. give the baseball to the boy.
  4. use the scoop on the limes.
  5. exit to Level 2 and return here later.
General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!