Rush for Gold: Alaska

Our Rush for Gold: Alaska Walkthrough is your guide to braving the wilds of this untamed territory as you explore new frontiers hoping to strike it rich. We've collected only the best video solutions as well as all the helpful tips and information you'll need to take home a three-star rating on each and every level so you'll have no problem restoring the town and saving your family from their financial worries.

Welcome to our Rush for Gold: Alaska Walkthrough, a comprehensive guide filled with helpful tips and video solutions of each and every level demonstrating how to achieve those hard-to-reach expert times. 

Title Screen

Opening Story:

In Rush for Gold: Alaska, after the family business went under and your father's heart attack, you knew you had to do something to support your loved ones. So, you head off toward Alaska in hopes of hitting it rich, or at least get enough money to stop the creditors from calling. The action starts immediately as you arrive in town and get a chance to show off your management skills. You are soon asked to become the mayor's assistant and are tasked with reviving this mountain town. Do you have what it takes to fix up the town and make enough money to send home to your folks? With out Rush for Gold: Alaska Walkthrough, it won't be a problem.

General Tips for Rush for Gold: Alaska

Tasks - These are found at the bottom left of your screen. Stay focused and work as quickly as possible to achieve them. Remember that time won't start until you click your mouse, so take this time to gather your thoughts and formulate a strategy.

Resources - If you're new to resource management games, it's all about collecting resources. Collect resources like wood, gold, and food in order to accomplish your tasks. The amount of resources you collect will show in the top middle of your screen.

Workers - Workers live in the main office building and will do your bidding by collecting resources and repairing and building structures. You can hire more workers in the main office building. You'll need food in order to do this.

Build - To build a structure, click on the plot where the structure goes and if you have enough resources, your worker will get to work building it.

Menu - The menu button is located in the bottom right of your screen. Click on the gears to adjust your settings or to quit the game.

Stars - Stars in Rush for Gold Alaska aren't just a trophy to show off your skills. They can be used to purchase upgrades and decorations for the town. You can repeat a level in order to earn stars. To spend stars, you must be in the town mode. Click on the menu on the right in order to see the available upgrades.

Speed Boost - As you play a level, you'll see a bar i the middle of your screen that displays a boot. Once it's charges, you can click on it to make your workers move faster.

Exploreable Areas - There are areas on certain levels that will sparkle. You'll need to send your character over to explore them by clicking on it. Sometimes you'll find interesting items or plots of land, other times you'll find nothing.

And those are the basics for playing Rush for Gold: Alaska. Special thanks to Sipason for the videos. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our Rush for Gold: Alaska Walkthrough!