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Overview: In the second game of the series, Robinson Crusoe and Friday find themselves somewhere in the Caribbean affected by voodoo magic! Can you break the curse?

Island Map: Located in the upper, left corner, it will show you where you are and where you're going!

Inventory: Items used throughout the game to proceed further. It shows the number of inventory items in that location.

Tasks: What you need to accomplish in this scene. Items in blue represent items that can only be found by performing another action first.

Hidden Objects: Hidden objects vary for every player; therefore I will only circle items that are added to inventory.

Hints: These are unlimited, but have to refill when you use one.



 "So The Curse Is Real?"

1.       examine the door – click the ?

2.       examine the owl

3.       find 4 rodents


4.       feed the owl the rodents

5.       make note of his "hoots"

6.       examine the door again

7.       to knock on the door, repeat the sound of the owl's "hoots" (the number varies per game)

8.       enter

9.       find 10 flies or bees

10.   find the hidden objects

11.   examine the spring on the jack-in-the-box toy

12.   find a replacement spring


13.   crank the jack-in-the-box toy to distract the monkey

14.   quick look at the monkey's cards

15.   choose the card it asks for in blue under tasks

Black Spots

1.       follow the tutorial on black spots

Chapter I

"Men of Low Morals"

1.       find 11 kitchenware items


2.       take the corn


3.       place the corn on the stick the right pirate is holding

4.       examine the watch – puzzle

·         solve the puzzle by placing the symbols in the right order

·         example: baby, child, adult, old man


5.       you can test the black spot now, or later


1.       find the hidden black spots

2.       examine the chest – puzzle

·         match the colors on all sides


3.       examine the boat

4.       help the captain find 14 head coverings


5.       take the lipstick


6.       use the lipstick on the captains cheek

7.       examine the pin box – puzzle

·         rotate the pins until they for a "man"


Chapter II

Cursed Creatures

1.       the animals are cursed too!

2.       pair the animals up by sound


The Feather Sword Master

1.       find 12 rats


2.       find a watermelon and a feather


3.       place the watermelon in the dummies hat

4.       use the feather on the pirates nose to make her sneeze

5.       examine the bookshelf – puzzle

·         arrange the books in the proper order

·         arrange them from tallest to smallest

·         top shelf = blue, middle shelf = red, bottom shelf = green

Top of the Mountain

1.       examine the door – puzzle

·         click a wood square

·         now click in any direction to light up the whole row

·         you must highlight all the squares to solve the puzzle


2.       enter the door

3.       challenge – puzzle

·         the pirate offers a challenge

·         there are 10 challenges

·         a new object will appear

·         click the object

·         if you click the wrong object, the challenge stars over


Chapter III

The Hanged Pirate

1.       find 10 eggs


2.       find 3 acorns


3.       place 2 of the acorns in empty holes and 1 acorn in the hanging rope

4.       fix the signs that say "voo" and "doo" by clicking on them

5.       touch the woodpecker and make note of how many times he pecks

6.       examine the tree and click on the lock – puzzle

·         rotate the inner circle to change the numbers

·         rotate the outer circle to scroll through the three boxes

·         your answer must add up to the number of woodpecker knocks

·         example: V I I = 7


1.       examine the well

2.       find 10 masquerade masks




3.       find the magnet and the cup


4.       give the magnet to the pirate

5.       click on his hand as many times as necessary for him to find the correct item

6.       use the cup to catch the falling water drops

Top of the Mountain

1.       use your telescope to scour the area

2.       find the wardrobe on the beach


3.       read the letter

4.       find the key

5.       use the key to open the wardrobe

6.       find the 32 pirate parts

7.       you will find many items within the cupboard and side table

8.       assemble the pirate in the correct order (may vary)

9.       start with the pelvis, spinal cord, and head

10.    take the black spot

Chapter IV


1.       examine the trees

2.       find 13 fireflies


3.       find the shovel, horse head, and wings


4.       place the horse head and wings on the horse statue

5.       examine the left hole

6.       give the pirate woman the shovel

7.       get ready to catch the item listed in blue

8.       this make take a few tries as you have to catch it mid-air


1.       examine the water

2.       find 8 bones


3.       examine the symbols – puzzle

·         rotate the symbols so they answer the number to the right

·         solution: pentagon asterisk parenthesis square minus triangle parenthesis

4.       turn the ships wheel until you see the French flag

Top of the Mountain

1.       examine the trees near the middle

2.       find 12 frogs


3.       open the drawer

4.       put the coins in order of 351

5.       take the tarot card from the drawer

6.       move the bone lever to the left of the pirate

7.       find the lizards poo

8.       place the lizards poo in the pirates drink

9.       remove the pirates mask

10.   take the pirates gold tooth

11.   find the sharks tooth


12.   use both teeth to unlock the dog

Chapter V


1.       examine the well

2.       go down and enter the door

3.       find 12 sweets

4.       find the crown

5.       place the crown on the stone to the left of the bride

6.       examine the mannequin head – puzzle

·         listen to the bride and write everything down

·         you must recreate the mannequin head to look like her beloved

·         green eyes

·         scar over right eye

·         handlebar mustache

·         long hair

·         red bandana

·         earrings in both ears

·         short beard

The Striker

1.       find 10 seafood

2.       examine the 2 baskets by the pirates feet

3.       combine the 2 sea shells and 3 snails

4.       examine the seagull

5.       take the stick

6.       click the frog

7.       quickly put the stick in the seagulls mouth

8.       take the wet rope

9.       use the wet rope on the "energy" plant above the dog

Top of the Mountain

1.       examine the footprints in the sand

2.       find 10 vegetables and fruits

3.       take the pinchers

4.       get a piece of hot coal

5.       use the hot coal on the pirates leg

6.       open the doors – puzzle

·         swap the bottle around until they make a pirates flag

·         you will only use three of the bottles

Chapter VI


1.       examine the hut

2.       find 11 meat


3.       examine the coffin

4.       make note of what it says: Shakespeare 51:3

5.       examine the books in the lower, right corner

6.       choose Will Shakespeare

7.       go to page 51 and read line 3

8.       find the book by Plato

9.       go to page 145

10.   take the wooden star

11.   place the wooden start in the coffin

12.   turn the circle 4 times

13.   examine the shelf behind the pirate

14.   click on the 3 of a kind



1.       examine the locked chest – puzzle

·         rotate the levers until all the colors are the same

·         I chose green – see screenshot for placement of levers

·         you will have to turn them more than once


Village of Abandoned Ships

1.       examine the hut on the right

2.       find 10 snails and slugs


3.       examine the dagger in the onions

4.       rotate the onions to create a "snowman"


5.       examine the cupboards with the cups – puzzle

·         match the cups with what the animal/bird eats

·         line the up in the correct order

·         the animals/birds go on top

·         the food they eat goes below


Chapter VII

The Gunner

1.       find 12 letters


2.       take the saw


3.       examine the cabinet – puzzle

·         arrange the soldiers in the correct order

·         take the scrolls


4.       examine the picture frame

5.       put the scrolls in the picture frame one by one

6.       when the tiny pirate starts to whistle grab the saw

7.       saw off his leg – no worries, its wooden!


1.       examine the door in the back – puzzle

·         click anywhere to start

·         click the numbers from lowest to highest in 75 seconds

·         if you make a mistake or time runs out you start over


2.       find all the percentages


3.       examine the pirates medallion – puzzle

·         rearrange the pieces to form a jester


4.       examine the gift boxes – puzzle

·         rearrange the pieces to create a blacksmith

·         use the key in the key hole


Village of Abandoned Ships

1.       examine the left hut

2.       find 10 bats


3.       examine the papers on the stool beside the pirate – puzzle

·         put them in order so that when played back the cheetah runs


4.       examine the jewelry box on the piano – puzzle

·         open the lid

·         push the two buttons on the left to win the match

·         the top button attacks

·         the bottom button backs away

·         you need to be the first to score 9 points to win

Chapter VIII

The Powder Monkey

1.       find (shoot) 10 bottles


2.       examine the turtles – puzzle

·         time to race!

·         use the right/left mouse buttons to turn/move the turtle

3.       examine the rug – puzzle

·         use the need and thread to color in the picture

·         you have to use the correct colors


Village of Abandoned Ships

1.       examine the hut, second from the right – puzzle

·         trace the lines without crossing over another

·         use the key in you inventory to open the door


2.       find 13 green eyed imps


3.       take the coin the pirate is flipping

4.       click on the grog maker – puzzle

·         insert the coin

·         click on the glowing button fast!

5.       take the coin again – puzzle

·         quickly click on the blat cats!

·         there are 3 under the table and 2 at the bar

Chapter IX

The Cannibals

1.       find 12 toy ships


2.       examine the skeleton hanging in the back – puzzle

·         turn the wheel left to lift the skeleton

·         examine the chest

·         move the piece from one side of the board to the board to the chest



1.       examine the small hut to the right

2.       find 11 razors and scissors


3.       examine the monkey – puzzle

·         choose the correct hair shape

·         now use the scissors to cut the monkey's hair

·         you have to get 5 stars to complete the task

4.       examine the cactus – puzzle

·         shape it like a dog

Village of Abandoned Ships

1.       examine the last house on the left

2.       find 10 magnifying glasses


3.       find the magnet

4.       use the magnet on the compass

5.       find the quill

6.       hand it to the pirate

7.       examine the pirates drawing

8.       find the 3 items it shows you


Chapter X

The Cave

1.       receive the map

2.       click the "back" button

The Cannibals

1.       find 11 opposites



1.       find 2 objects that create the items the pirate names


Men of Low Morals

1.       find 12 seagull dung



1.       fix the marriage box – puzzle

·         use the sliders to dress them in appropriate attire


Village of Abandoned Ships

1.       go to the house on the left

2.       click on the globe – puzzle

·         place the animals in their proper habitats

·         click the inner wheel to turn the animals

·         click the outer wheel to turn the scenes

·         when the animal and scene are lined up at the very top use the up arrow to place it inside

·         continue until all the animals are in the correct places


3.       examine the lower house

4.       take the IQ test – puzzle

·         six

·         the right

·         friday

·         second

·         B

·         mary

·         dog

·         C

·         once upon a time...

Chapter XI

The Cave

1.       find your way through the cave

2.       go right

3.       go right again and click on the door – puzzle

·         push the buttons in the correct order

·         enter door


4.        pick up the 2 legs

5.       click the ball and pull it down

6.       before the door closes use a leg to prop it open

7.       repeat again

8.       enter

9.       examine the lemur – puzzle

·         spell out the answer in the stones

·         solution: moon

10.   enter

11.   go left

12.   click the chest – puzzle

·         scroll through the items

·         the three items in the middle must line up

·         solution: scroll, ink, quill

13.   use the axe on the vines

14.   go left

15.   click on the skull rock

16.   open the doors – puzzle

·         move the colored gem out where the arrow is

·         rotate the block left and right by click on the arrows or the board

17.   enter the mouth

18.   enter the ship – exit quickly!

19.   examine the left hole in the ship

20.   use the stone to break it open

21.   examine the right hole in the ship

22.   find 10 mandragoras – look for green leaves


23.   find the turnip, radish, and onion


24.   feed them to the raccoon

25.   when the raccoon cries, take his tears


1.       time to play a card game

2.       pick any cards, he will always win

3.       while he is thinking about his cards use the potion – in inventory – and pour it into his bottle

To be continued...

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!