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~ The first recipe you buy is Prime Rib(American-55 tokens.) You won't be able to buy this until the 5th or 6th level. Save your tokens for these more expensive recipes. Next, buy the New York Steak. Lastly, buy the Great American BBQ.

~ Soon the iced tea machine will become available. Between each level, spend half of your tokens to upgrade the efficiency and cost. This will get a lot more money and will make getting expert very easy. Once the soup kettle is available, do the same thing with alternating the upgrades.

~ When the Farmer's Market is available, start upgrading the vegetables first. Once they are upgraded 50%, move on to alternating the upgrades between poultry and beef. Spend half of your tokens each time. When these are 50%, finish up vegetables. After, alternate on beef, poultry and pork. After these are 75%, go to cheese, tomatoes and rice and alternate. The last things you upgrade is wine.

~ When Chinese food is available, buy the Peking Duck first, then move on to the House Special Fried Rice, and last, Imperial Lobster.

~ When Italian food is available, buy the Supreme Combo Pizza first. When you have enough tokens, buy the Lobster Ravioli, and finally the Linguine Pescatore.

~ The Mexican recipes to buy are Carne Asada first, then chimichanga, then Combo Mexicano.

~ The French recipe to buy 1st is Pork Cassoulet. Next buy the Scallops and Truffles. Finally buy the Foie Gras with Filet Mignon.

~ The main songs to buy in the juke box are Livin La vida Salsa, With or Without Yolk, and Stoveway to Heaven.

~ You will need one of each category(3 token, 6 token and 10 token) dessert. These are backup if the jukebox won't work for impatient customers.

A few last minute tips:

~ Serve the most expensive orders first. The more patience they have left, the more they will pay.

~ Serve the rockstar and Italian Maestro first:they are the most impatient.

~ When chaining, click on the most expensive order last to get the biggest bonus.
If you follow these tips, you will not get stuck, get expert on every level, and finish with the best ending. I did this and finished with $386,000 and the best ending. Happy playing!

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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!