PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality

Our Puppet Show The Price of Immortality Walkthrough is the best accoutrement to guide you as you uncover the ghoulish mysteries of Immortale, France. Look to our easy-to-follow instructions, color customized screen shots, and hidden objects and mini game solutions to help you scoop the story and reveal the secrets of this deadly town. Once world renowned for its life-like puppetry, this town is quickly becoming known as the place where journalists come to die. Is super-star reporter Enrique Torres the latest victim? Who is to blame, some magical force, the puppets or the locals? Harness your courage and expose the story of a lifetime or meet your demise in this hair-raising and creepy hidden objects game!

Our Puppet Show The Price of Immortality Walkthrough will heighten your gameplay with custom marked screen shots, mini game and hidden object solutions and detailed instructions. Using our six chapters of multi-colored graphics and easy to follow information you will find out what’s really going on in this once quaint town of Immortale, France.

Be careful as you unfold the mystery of what happened to your best friend Enrique and expose the towns’ sinister secrets of murder, mystery and intrigue. Find out once and for all who is to blame for the murder of several journalists who came to town but never left. Was it the locals, some magical force or even the puppets that Immortale is world renowned for? Is this a scoop of a lifetime or your final assignment? Refer to our guide to help you stay alive and solve the mystery in this ghoulishly exciting hidden objects extravaganza. 

We hope you enjoy our Puppet Show The Price of Immortality Walkthrough!

PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality Walkthrough