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Game modes
  • Adventure - The objective of the game is to complete 55 stages by removing all orange pegs on each stage.
  • Quick Play - Players can free select any of the 55 stages that they have completed in Adventure.
  • Duel - Players compete head to head against a computer or human opponent.
  • Challenge - There are 75 challenges with a variety of difficulty levels. These challenges range from very easy to very difficult.

Game characters

Peggle offers 10 different playable characters each with their own special power-up that one can use by hitting green-colored pegs. Below is a detailed listing of the characters and their abilities:

Character Name Species Special Ability Description
Bjorn Unicorn "Super Guide" Displays a line telling the player which direction the ball will bounce after hitting a peg or the wall.
Jimmy Lightning Beaver "Multiball" Another ball is generated from the green peg.
Kat Tut Cat "Pyramid" Attaches an ancient pyramid to the free ball bucket, making it easier to catch for a free ball.
Splork Alien "Space Blast" Lights up all pegs in a close radius of the green peg.
Claude Lobster "Flippers" Generates claw-like flippers at the bottom of the playing field for one to use, which simulates pinball.
Renfield Pumpkin Pumpkin "SpookyBall" The ball drops in from the top of the screen after falling out the bottom.
Tula Flower "Flower Power" Lights up 20% of the remaining orange pegs. The pegs selected are the closest to the green peg hit.
Warren Rabbit "Lucky Spin" Causes the player to spin a wheel. The wheel contains any power from other characters, a free ball, triple score for two turns, or the "magic hat", which follows the ball and lights up any pegs it touches for two turns.
Lord Cinderbottom Dragon "Fireball" Turns the ball into a fireball that passes through and destroys all pegs it touches.
Master Hu Owl "Zen Ball" Nudges your shot to improve its quality.


Scoring points in Peggle is done in three ways. Firstly by simply hitting the pegs, secondly through bonuses referred to as "Style Points" which are awarded in addition to the points accumulated for hitting pegs and thirdly in the form of completion bonuses once a level or challenge is completed.

Peg Scoring

Points are awarded for each peg that is hit during a single ball shot, starting at 10pts for a blue peg and 100pts for an orange peg. The point total awarded for each ball is calculated by multiplying the quantity of pegs hit by the tally of points for each peg hit. For example, if 5 blue pegs (10 points each for a total of 50 points) and 2 orange pegs (100 points each for a total of 200 points) are hit, the point total for that ball would be 7x(50+200)=1750 points. Cumulative progress during a single shot is indicated using the "Ball-o-meter" on the left hand side of the screen which lights up in blue/green, purple and yellow as your points total rises beyond 25,000, 75,000 and 125,000 points respectively. A free ball is awarded as each milestone is passed.

As the level progresses, the "fever-meter" on the right hand side of the screen gradually fills up and this increases the points value of each peg by a factor of 2, 3, 5 or 10.

The purple peg usually provides a point bonus equivalent to 5 times the value of an orange peg, although this can increase in some circumstances.

Green pegs can affect the peg scoring process when the character-based power-up results in the ability to hit additional pegs, such as "Renfield" when the cumulative total remains as the ball drops down the screen for the second (or possibly third) time.

Style Points

Style points are earned for specific acts during a ball shot and these are added to your peg score after each ball shot is completed. There are many different style points opportunities, some common to all characters and some character specific.

The common style points include:

Act Points Description
Long Shot 25,000 Awarded when the ball bounces from a non-blue peg to another non-blue peg that are a reasonable distance apart.
Super Long Shot 50,000 Like a long shot but over a greater distance.
Orange Attack 50,000 Awarded when hitting enough orange pegs in one shot to completely fill one of the score multiplier stages.
Extreme Slide 50,000 Awarded when the ball slides along a series of more than 13 square pegs in a single slide.
Free Ball Skills! 5,000 Awarded when the ball enters the bucket after striking a single peg.
Mad Skillz 25,000 Awarded when a player makes 5 shots that score skill points in a row.
Crazy Mad Skillz 100,000 Awarded when a player makes 10 shots that score skill points in a row.
Lucky Bounce 25,000 Awarded when a "lucky bounce" off the side of the Free Ball Bucket causes the ball to subsequently enter the bucket and earn a free ball.
Kick the Bucket 25,000 Awarded when a ball bounces off the side of the Free Ball Bucket and hits the final orange peg on the board.

A Character specific style point bonus of 25,000 points can be earned for hitting both green pegs in a single ball shot, a circumstance which is possible on some but not all levels - typically in the challenge and quick play levels rather than in adventure or duel mode.

A 10,000 point bonus is also awarded when the ball enters the bucket to earn a free ball while a ball-oriented power-up is enabled (eg. Magic Hat or Fireball, but not Super Guide or Flippers).

A 100,000 point bonus is awarded if you get both multiballs in the free ball bucket during the same turn. If you hit both multiballs (and have a total of 3 balls in play) you will get another 100,000 points if you get the third ball in the bucket too.

Completion Bonus

When the player completes a level, the ball falls into one of five bonus slots at the bottom of the screen. These slots normally offer 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000 points. Clearing all of the pegs in a level causes all of the slots to offer the maximum award. Additional bonuses are tallied as well, such as the "Cool Clear" bonus and 10,000 points for each unused ball. These bonuses are summed together in a "Fever Bonus", which is then added to the player's total score for the level.

Saving a green peg for the last shot that clears the board significantly increases the player's Fever Bonus.

Tips and Tricks

Sometimes if you fire it into an area with lots of orange pegs, it bounces out. Try bouncing the ball off another area INTO the populated section. It will be going slower and at a better angle to hit more pegs.

It can be frustrating waiting for the perfect moment for your shot. If you click the right mouse button time will speed up and you get the pegs where you want them faster.

Early in levels, try and go for orange pegs higher up because gravity will help your ball take out more pegs the higher up you fire.

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General Information

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