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Overview: You start the game with a "Once Upon A Time..." tale. It's about an ancient magic book that is the most powerful of its kind. You will then find yourself in a storage room. This is the tutorial room. My guide will start after this room.

How to Play: If you played games like Azada before, you'll know how these work. You need to find objects to solve puzzles.

  1. Sparkles - if the area sparkles there is something to be found or done.
  2. Paper - you will need to find sheets of paper with instructions on them.
  3. Puzzles - each area has a puzzle you must solve to continue.
  4. Items - click on items in your inventory to read about them.


Wizard Tower

  1. zoom in on the Bush on the right side and find Water
  2. use the Water on the Fire and get Key
  3. use Key on the Chest and get Scroll
  4. click on Rocks and get another Key
  5. click on the Brick and get a Quill
  6. come the Quilland the Scroll
  7. click on Scroll
  8. use Key on Door
  9. EXIT


Wizard Study

  1. click on the Box and get your first Puzzle
  2. solve the Puzzle and take the Scroll
  3. take the Quill and combine it with the Scroll
  4. click the Scroll
  5. click the Painting
  6. EXIT


Sequence Puzzle - rotate the dials so they are in sensible sequence, this one is like a clock, so move the hands so they are rotated counter clockwise


Wizard Lab

  1. click the Box on the wall to get a new Puzzle
  2. solve the Puzzle and take the Lantern
  3. take the Red and Blue Potion Bottles
  4. take the Paper from the Book
  5. take the Glass Bottle from the Floor
  6. take the Scroll from the Basket
  7. click on the Paper and read it
  8. put the Red Potion in the Pot and then the Blue Potion
  9. click the Scroll
  10. use the Glass Bottle to get the Potion
  11. combine the Potion and the Lantern
  12. combine the Candle and the Lantern
  13. set the Lantern on the Pedestal
  14. remove the Lantern
  15. EXIT


Slider Puzzle - move the blocks around until you can slide the one at the back out


Wizard Study

  1. use the Lantern on the Pedestal
  2. take Fairy Dust from the Doorway
  3. EXIT


Wizard Lab

  1. use Fairy Dust on Portal
  2. EXIT



  1. click the Door on the Structure to the right and get a Jigsaw Puzzle
  2. solve the Puzzle and get Scroll
  3. click Door on Column to the left and get a Gold Gem
  4. take the Paper and read it
  5. pick up the Green, Yellow and Blue Gems
  6. pick up the 4 Rocks
  7. place the Gems in the Slots according to the piece of paper
  8. solution: red, green, blue, and yellow
  9. use the Stones on the Fire (use the same solution as above)
  10. EXIT


Jigsaw Puzzle - right click a piece to rotate it and match them to the picture.


Puzzle House

  1. click on the Gargoyle's Mouth and get Paper
  2. read the Paper and answer the questions
  3. pick up 3 Rocks
  4. use 3 Rocks on Metal Base
  5. takeOil from opening in the wall
  6. use Oil on Lever and Lock
  7. click on the Combination Lock and insert the answer to the questions
  8. pull the Lever
  9. EXIT


Great Hall

  1. click on each Head and answer the question correction
  2. see screenshot for solution
  3. EXIT



  1. click the Bullseye for a Slider Puzzle
  2. solve the Puzzle and get Scroll
  3. pick up Heart, White Triangle, and Red Gem
  4. move each Lever and pick up Green Triangle
  5. move each Lever again and pick up Red Triangle
  6. move Lever 1 and Lever 3 and pick up Blue Triangle
  7. place the Triangle's in the Triangle Puzzle according to color (blue is placed last)
  8. click Scroll
  9. pick up Hourglass, Quill,and Sun
  10. click the Round Slots in the back to determine what should be placed in them
  11. see screenshots for solution
  12. EXIT



Compass Room

  1. open the Drawer and take the Paper
  2. zoom in on the Mirror and write down the Numbers (they are backwards)
  3. pick up the 3 Rocks and place them on the Metal Base
  4. click on the Left Compass and put in the Combination
  5. read the Paper click
  6. each Compass and turn the hands according to the paper
  7. solution: West is South; South is North; North is East; East is West
  8. EXIT


Cavern 2

  1. take Knife and use it on Ropes
  2. click the loose Brick on the left Column to get the Scroll
  3. click the Box in the back to get another Jigsaw Puzzlewhich will give you Fairy Dust
  4. use the Fairy Dust on the 6 Columns
  5. click the Head on the First Column and answer his questions three times
  6. click the Heads on the Second Column and answer their three questions (each)
  7. click the Scroll
  8. EXIT



Fairy Garden Entrance

  1. click on the Trap Door to the right and get a Sequence Puzzle
  2. solve the Puzzle and get a Trap Door
  3. EXIT


Trap Door

  1. click on the Mirror and get a Matching Puzzle
  2. solve the Puzzle and get a piece of Paper with some scrambled words
  3. solution: Fire Is The Word
  4. click on the Box on the middle bookshelf and get a Word Puzzle
  5. using the Clue from the Mirror spell out the FIRE
  6. solve the Puzzle and get a Key
  7. pressthe Buttons on the Front Panel until they are all down
  8. solve the Puzzle and get a Magnet
  9. take the Rope
  10. take the Small and Large Sticks
  11. combine the Large Stick and Rope and Magnet
  12. EXIT


Fairy Garden Entrance

  1. pick up the piece of Paper
  2. read the Paper
  3. collect the Red, Yellow, and Orange Gems
  4. collect the Vase
  5. place the Vase on the Rune in the middle
  6. collect the Glass Bottles
  7. collect the Green Leaf
  8. Note: if your inventory gets full, place the Orange and Red Gem (not the yellow) into the Round Disc on the back wall to free up some room
  9. use the Magnetic Fishing Rod on Left Water and get Knife
  10. use Magnetic Fishing Rod on Right Water and get a Box
  11. use Key on Box and get a Blue Gem
  12. if you haven't done so already, place the Orange Gem, Red Gem, Blue Gem and Yellow Gem in the Round Disc on the back wall (in that order)
  13. use Knife on Tree Branch
  14. use Knife on Thorny Bush
  15. use Knife on Small Stick and get Scroll
  16. place the Tree Branch, Leaves and Red Potion in the Vase
  17. click the Scroll
  18. use the Glass Bottle on Vase to collect the Strength Potion
  19. click the Strength Potion and move the Rock
  20. EXIT


Fairy Garden

  1. take the piece of Paper and read it
  2. exit to Fairy Garden Entrance and use the Bottle to get more Strength Potion
  3. come back and use Potion on Rock and get Scroll
  4. take the Bottle
  5. take the Bucket and place it on the Well
  6. take the Rope and use it on the Well
  7. click the Bucket twice and get a Skeleton
  8. use the Scroll on the Skeleton and get a Knife
  9. use the Knife on the Bush and get Bottle
  10. use Bottle on the Colored Water
  11. pour the Colored Water into the Fountains according to the paper
  12. solution: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green - from left to right
  13. EXIT


Fairy Hut

  1. click Block on back wall to get a Jigsaw Puzzle
  2. solve Puzzle and get a Gold Symbol
  3. collect Handle
  4. collect Hammer Head
  5. collect Key
  6. use Key on Cupboard and get Handle
  7. combine Wood Handle and Hammer Head
  8. use Hammer on Crate and get another Symbol
  9. combine the Silver Handle and both Symbols
  10. use the Magic Wand to change the color of the Fires to match the color on their bases
  11. EXIT



Fairy Study

  1. collect 4 Books
  2. collect Torch
  3. collect Crystal Ball
  4. collect Pen
  5. collect Green Bottle
  6. collect Note off wall
  7. read the Note, while its of no help, it is funny!
  8. open the Far Left Cupboard and take Blue Vase and Doorknob
  9. close the Cupboards
  10. replace the Torch in the empty spot on the Wall
  11. place the Books on the various Bookshelves (see screenshot)
  12. place Pen in Inkwell
  13. place Doorknob on Middle Cupboards
  14. open Cupboards and take Candle
  15. use Candle on Candle Holder on table
  16. place the Green Bottle in the open Cupboard and close it
  17. place the Blue Vase on the Table between the ink well and the candle holder
  18. open the Right Cupboard and take the Scroll
  19. open the Left Cupboard and take the Stone
  20. place the Stone on the Portal
  21. click the Scroll
  22. EXIT


Wood Cabin

  1. collect Matches
  2. shut window
  3. collect Green Bottle
  4. pour contents of Green Bottle on Stove
  5. use Matches on Stove
  6. click the Thermostat (above the bed) to get a Slider Puzzle
  7. solve the Puzzle and get a doorway beside the bed that reveals the Code
  8. use the Letters = Numbers on the Wall to get the answer
  9. solution: 7-1-1
  10. use the Code on the Safe and get Key
  11. use Key on top Cupboard and take all 3 Books
  12. pile the Books in order on top of the Metal Plate
  13. solution: Yellow, Brown, Blue
  14. EXIT



Ice Room

  1. collect4 Blocks of Ice
  2. take Gold Pot and Gold Triangle
  3. use 4 Blocks to build a Step under Hammer and take it and the Staglamite
  4. use Hammer on Right Wall
  5. combine Hammer and Staglamite
  6. put Ice in Gold Pot
  7. exit to Wood Cabin
  8. use Gold Pot on Stove
  9. combine the Gold Pot (with water) with Triangle
  10. return to Ice Room
  11. hold Triangle over Vent and then remove Frozen Triangle
  12. repeat this process three times
  13. place Frozen Triangles in Triangular Puzzle in wall
  14. look at the Codes on the Right Wall to solve the Puzzle
  15. solution: triangle, plus, square, 8, octagon, triangle
  16. EXIT



Ice Hall

  1. click on Gold Pedestal on left side and get Jigsaw Puzzle
  2. solve Puzzle and pick up the Chunk of Ice that appears
  3. put Ice in Gold Pot
  4. exit to Wood Cabin
  5. use Gold Pot on Stove
  6. return to Ice Hall
  7. take Wood Beam and place it under Metal Rod
  8. pour Water into it Wood Beam
  9. take more ice and repeat above process
  10. take Metal Rod
  11. click on the Word Puzzle in the center and use the Symbols on the ice for the answer
  12. solution: click all the O's
  13. place Metal Rod on Mechanism
  14. pull Lever
  15. EXIT




Underground Ice Cavern

  1. take the 4 Snowballs
  2. use Snowballs on Right Scale
  3. take Knife that appears in Frozen Fireplace
  4. return to Wood Cabin
  5. use Knife on Stove
  6. return to Ice Cavern
  7. use Knife on Pillar and pick up Frozen Hammer
  8. return to Wood Cabin
  9. use Hammer on Stove
  10. return to Ice Cavern
  11. use Hammer on Pillar several times
  12. use Hammer on Frozen Chest and get a Sequence Puzzle
  13. solve the Puzzle and get a Gold Rake
  14. place Gold Rake on Pillar
  15. use Hammer on Pillar
  16. use Hammer on Ice Shards
  17. EXIT




  1. collect Snowman's Eyes, Nose, and Arms (sticks)
  2. collect Hammer from pile of rocks
  3. use Hammer on Boulder next to snowman
  4. use Boulder to block Vent
  5. put Snowman's Eyes, Nose, Arms in place
  6. click the Chest that appears and get a Combination Puzzle
  7. look at the Pillars for the answer
  8. solution: 2-3-5
  9. take the Scroll and click on it
  10. EXIT

Machine Island

  1. collect the6 Strange Objects scattered around the island
  2. pick up the Hammer
  3. combine the Faucet, Bow,L Shaped Items
  4. combine Firestarter with Plank
  5. use Lit Plank on Fire Pit and then use Billows
  6. place Iron Rod over Fire and use Hammer on it
  7. use Iron Rod on Boards on tree and take Gear
  8. place Gear on Machine
  9. pull Levers until they are in the correct sequence
  10. solution: forward, forward, back, back, forward
  11. EXIT



  1. click the Box in front and get a Slider Puzzle
  2. solve the Puzzle and the first trap will disappear
  3. click the Barrel to the right and get the Rock
  4. cut the Rope to the left with the Rock
  5. push the Red Buttons in the right sequence
  6. solution: the right side should all be pressed (green) and the left, middle on should be pressed
  7. EXIT




  1. take the Chain, Coal, and Plank
  2. attach the Chain to the Machine
  3. turn the Knob above it
  4. put the Coal below the Machine
  5. exit to Machine Island
  6. use Plank on Fire
  7. return to Boiler Room
  8. use Lit Plank to light Coal
  9. turn the other Knob
  10. click the Gold Button that appears
  11. EXIT



  1. pick up the variousTools
  2. take the Key and use it on the Vault and press the Button
  3. pick up the Pipes and use them to stop the steam
  4. turn the Knob on the bottom of the Machine and get another Tool
  5. place Tools in the Cabinet
  6. open the Cabinet Door and press the Button
  7. exit to Boiler Room
  8. make a note of the Symbols above the Elevator
  9. return to Workroom
  10. zoom in on the Hidden Compartment and get a Puzzle
  11. place the Spring on the left side
  12. now use the Code you found above the elevator and copy it
  13. take the Spring
  14. exit to Boiler Room



Boiler Room

  1. place Spring on Robot
  2. press the Left Elevator Button then the Right Elevator Button
  3. EXIT


Machine Room

  1. click the Right Cupboard and get a Jigsaw Puzzle
  2. solve the Puzzle and get Matches
  3. open the Middle Cupboard and get Coal
  4. place Coal inBoiler and light with Matches
  5. get Key and use it on Left Cupboard and take Bucket
  6. use Bucket on Water
  7. use Water to fill Boiler on left side
  8. click on the Gauge on the left and get a Sequence Puzzle
  9. solve the Puzzle and push the Button
  10. pull the Lever
  11. push the Button to move the Dial tothe Left (I)
  12. pull the Lever
  13. move the Dial to the Right (III)
  14. pull the Lever
  15. zoom in on the Middle Machine
  16. use the Right and Left Arrows to keep the Indicator in the Green
  17. EXIT





  1. click on Pan and get Handle
  2. find 3 Planks and fix the Bridge
  3. collect the 7 Bells and hang on the Railing
  4. ring the Bells in the correct order (see screenshot)
  5. place the Handle on the Mechanism to the right
  6. turn the Handle several times
  7. click Trolly Car and get a Slider Puzzle
  8. solve Puzzle and enter Trolly Car
  9. EXIT



Rock Room

  1. push the Button the Right Boulder to turn Rock
  2. push the Gold Buttonand get a Jigsaw Puzzle
  3. solve the Puzzle and take the Gem that appears
  4. push the Button again to turn the Rock and get another Puzzle
  5. keep doing this process until you have collect all 5 Gems
  6. solution to question/answer puzzle: wisdom
  7. place the 5 Gems in the Left Boulder
  8. take the Magic Book






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General Information

Ask for help in the comments below!