Northern Tale 2

Consult our Northern Tale 2 Walkthrough when you find yourself stumped by one of the many challenging levels found in this fast-paced time management game. Use our detailed instructions paired with video solutions to each and every level to help guide you to that coveted three-star rating as you help Ragnar defeat the evil witch Gesta once more.

Welcome to our Northern Tale 2 Walkthrough, where you'll find video solutions of each and every level as well as written instructions to help guide you to that coveted three-star rating. Help the Viking King, Ragnar, defeat the evil witch Gesta once and for all and restore his great kingdom to its former glory in this exciting time management game!

General Information and Hints


As you start the game you are given 3 options, Normal, Multiclick, and No time.  You can have a game in progress in each mode under the same player profile but you cannot switch mid-game. 

Normal mode requires your workers to return to their home if carrying resources before clicking again.  This is the hardest level of gameplay.

Multiclick allows you to queue up moves but you can only do so with accessible areas with the correct number of resources available.

No time is relaxed with no time limits.  You have the ability to queue up moves.  When you finish a level you will be given 3 stars so that you can play the bonus levels.

Options Menu:  It is possible to turn off the character's voices if you find the comments and grunting tedious.  It is recommended to keep the sound turned on so you can hear resources appearing on stumps and berries popping.  You can also turn off the tips. 

Information for each location will show when you hover your cursor over it with cost or income.  If you click on the item and it is not accessible or you do not have enough resources, you will receive information on what you are lacking (a path, certain resources, certain buildings)

Colored circles will also show upon hovering your cursor.  Red circles indicate you can't get the resource or build/upgrade the building.  Blue circles means you can get the resources or building but you have no worker available.  Green circles means you have the workers and are good to go. 

In addition to colored circles, buildings have crossed axes on them.  If the axes are gray, you need resources.  If colored, you have enough.  You will also see a star over the axes, which shows you quickly how many stars you have.

Timer:  The timer bar is on the left.  The timer starts on clicking so you can hover your cursor and plan your moves first.  Besides the little lines for  time limits, the bar is colored.  If it is blue you are still in 3-star time.  If it is flashing blue and yellow, you are very close to the end of 3-star time.  If it is yellow, you are in 2-star time and if red 1-star time.  Gameplay will end if you run out of time.

Top Bar:  Quantities of resources available and inside ( ) you get the buildings' production.  It's limited to 20 units until warehouses are built. Each cycle lasts 10 seconds.  With the warehouse built, 1 star takes 1 second off the cycle time and 2 stars takes a total of 2 seconds off.  You will see little bars.


  • Food:  Available from the road (2 units), stumps (2 units), berries (3 units), fish (4 units), and farms. 
  • Ore:  Available from the road (2 units), stumps (2 units), wood blocks (3 units), huge wood blocks (5 units), mines, and workshops.
  • Gold:  Available from the road (2 units), stumps (2 units), gold nuggets (3 units), gold mines, and gold shafts.
  • Stumps renew every 30 seconds.  Berries renew in about 40 seconds.

Warehouses - 1 star warehouse allow you to have 25 units on hand plus decreases the cycle time by 1 second.  A 2 star warehouse allow 30 units on hand plus decreases the cycle time by another second. 


Available along the bottom.  If the bar fills up, it does not give you credit for any time you spend waiting. 

  • Vikings run faster (speed) - All characters move at double speed for 20 seconds.
  • Vikings work faster
  • Freezes timer for 15 seconds (freeze time) - Timer is stopped for 15 seconds.
  • Doubles your buildings' production (x2) - Doubles resources from buildings only for 20 seconds or 2 cycles.  Production amounts on the top bar will not show a change.
  • +1 Viking for 20 seconds (extra workers)
  • +1 to picked resources for 20 seconds (extra resources) - Wait to click until the worker is close to entering the camp
  • Respawns resources on stumps (respawn) - Collect all of them and click for instant resources
  • Random number of resources as a gift - It can be any of the three and it's usually +8

Not a bonus and entirely optional but the Power Stone causes the bonus bar to move 20-25% faster.


There are 8 hidden achievements on the Awards list.

  • Persistent--Click on the Yetis twice without talking to Rollo Level 19
  • He hasn't come back - Click on the thumb in level 27
  • Nice try - Send a Viking to try to pick up the hammer  on Bonus Level 1 before rescuing Rollo
  • 3 minutes played without using bonuses
  • Wake up? You haven't clicked for 30 seconds!
  • You've clicked an achievement! Click on the achievement pop up
  • All hamsters found!  Find three of them on different levels hiding in barrels, behind shields
  • Warehouse stocked to the roof! (Twice upgraded warehouse with 30 of each resource type)